I HAVE A BROTHER!! Harry Styles

A 13 year old girl finds out she has an older brother and an older sister.. Read to find out more about the adventure who the siblings she found.. ����


4. chapter 4

Riley POV

"What the hell,this place is huge" I exclaimed

" language" Lian yelled

" Liam let her be, she's going to be 14" harry said frustrated

" if u don't tell her,who would HARRY"

" my mum and me, leave her alone" harry screamed

" fine" Lian said in defeat in a sad tone

----//with harry ---------

" what was that for " I asked quietly

" I had enough of his "language, your old enough for me"

" Haz he's still one of the oldest in the group after zayn left "

" Riles are u ok " he asked genuinely

" yea, I'm fine.. just treat people nicely please especially your bandmates as well as Friends " I said kindly and left for him to think on what I siam just said to him

Harry POV

I was pondering on what my Sister had just told me.. Mum said something exact similar to that.. I think their right.. I am going to apologise to Liam..

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