I HAVE A BROTHER!! Harry Styles

A 13 year old girl finds out she has an older brother and an older sister.. Read to find out more about the adventure who the siblings she found.. ����


1. Chapter 1

Riley POV


I woke up with my room turned upside down. I was wondering who would do such a thing.

Well sorry I didn't introduce myself. My name is Riley but I don't know my real surname. I am 13 years old and I am in grade 7.. Yea i know aren't you supposed to be in year 8 but nope my parents forced the school for me to redo grade 6. So yea..I am 5'5 and I live in California.. I was born on June 1st 2002.




"iM COMING" I shouted

I ran down the stairs and nearly tripped over a step but I regained my balance and stood straight.. When I stood up my dad was there and he slapped me.. He walked away while smirking and my mouth was an O shape.:

I have had enough so when the door closed that meant the house was clear.. So I went to my parents room and saw a file sticking out of mom's pillow. I pulled it out and found my birth certificate that says:

Name: Riley Jade Styles

Date of birth: February 1st 2002

Parents: Anne cox and Desmond Styles

Siblings: Gemma Styles and Harry Styles

Born : Cheshire,England

I was shocked and I quickly hid it in and ran to my room found my laptop and typed in Harry Style.. He's a singer in a band called one direction.. I found out that they have a concert her tomorrow.. I got a ticket and all I have to do is wait for tomorrow..


Thank you guys.. Hope you enjoyed it .. It's my first book so comment and like it.. See ya I'll be updating the 2nd chapter by the 10th of April 2016!!

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