I HAVE A BROTHER!! Harry Styles

A 13 year old girl finds out she has an older brother and an older sister.. Read to find out more about the adventure who the siblings she found.. ����


2. chapter 2

Harry POV




UGH.. Oh I hello my name is Harry Edward Styles.. I was chasing Louis as he stole my phone.. Hahaha I know it's dumb chasing him for my phone but hey I was playing Fifa on it sooo..

Well I am 17 years, I have only one older sister .. I love dining and today we have a concert in California..



I can't believe today's the concert.. I am nervous and scared.. Well nervous cause I am gonna be seeing my brother after 13 years.. Scared as I was thinking if a way of sneaking out.,


I sighed In relief when I heard the door slam and a car leaving I grabbed my stuff licked the house door and got a cab to go to the concert..

* 29 minutes later"

I arrived at the arena and I jumped out and I nearly got deaf.

The concert started and I think it was zany who was singing and apparently it was.. Then from the corner of my eye I saw Liam stare at me with a thinking a face and then tapped Louis on the shoulder and pointed at me.. Louis was confused then he saw me and stares for a while then tapped Niall and he did the same as Liam and Louis.. After that the tapped Zayn and they all stared at then Louis went over to a security..


There was a girl and me,Liam,Niall and Zayn stared as we saw a girl version of harry.. Harry saw us staring at a girl but instead of him being curious he just shrugged with no emotion.. What's going on that boys head.. I went over to a security guard and asked him if he could get that girl we were staring at( except Harry).

Riley POV

When the concert was over a security guard came over and asked me to follow him and I did but my heart was thumping as I was nervous as hell.. Will he likened? Will he believe me ? While all these questions were roaming in my head I didn't realise that we were at the boys dressing room.

The security guard knocked on the door and we got a reply to come in .. The door opened to see a messed up room and it's worse than my room when it was hit by a tornado.

" Hi love, my name is Liam, these 4 other lads are Harry, Louis,Zayn" he said while pointing to the mm .. They said hi while I waved and smiled .. Louis and the other boys excluding Harry stared at me then Harry and that went for about 2 minutes and I had enough so I said " WHAT ARE YOU GUYS STARING AT ME AND HARRY FOR" they all blushed and said " it's because you two look alike but you are a girl version of him..

Harry and me stared at each other and they were absolutely right..

Harry POV

OMG!! They are right. Me and Riley took a step forward and stared at each other for a second jumped back a bit.

" so Riley when's your birthday" Liam asked

" um.. It's on February 1st according to my birth certificate "

"Wait that's the same day as Harry's" Louis shouted

The others were shocked.

"wait how old are you" Harry asked

"Going to be 14" 

" How were you born on February 1st then" 

" I dont know that, but the thing is I ran away from home and my foster  parents didn't care as they went on a business trip for 6 years" she said quietly with a tear sliding down and I quickly swooped it up with my thumb.. She stared at me for a second..

"Harry by any chance could of call you're mom for a second and asked her if she had another daughter in 2002" she asked quietly

"yea sure"



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Well that's chapter 2.. Chapter 3 will be out soon.. 👑 sorry Harry girls..




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