You Never Know

Macy was just an ordinary girl, and she was living a happy life. After a tragic event, her world crumbled down. When she returns to school after a year, she notices a new student.


3. The Cold Shoulder

At the end of the day as we all got on the bus to go home, Kai walked past me like I didn't exist. When we got off at our house, he walked ahead and burst into the house.

"Kai, stop being such a douche." I growled.

"A douche?! A douche. Really? Ok." He shouted and went to his room.

His bedroom door slammed. Mom walked into the living room.

"Is everything okay?"

"Me and Kai just got into a little fight. It's nothing." I said.

"I know you're lying. Go talk to him and work this thing out. " Mom said.

I sighed deeply. "Okay."

As I walked down the hall, I looked at all the pictures of Kai and I when we were younger. We were always close, always hugging. I knocked on his door.

"Go away."

"Please, talk to me." I said.

He opened his door. "What?"

"I didn't mean to bring that up. I just really like him. I mean, I haven't seen anybody but you, mom, and the nurses for a whole year. I'm so excited to have a friend." I said.

He sighed. "I just miss dad." I said, a tear rolling down my cheek.

"Me too. But fighting isn't going to help mom, either. She has to work two jobs just to keep us alive, her husband died, and now we're fighting." He sighed.

"Do you think this family will fall apart?" I asked.

"It might, but we have to communicate with each other for it not to. Dad was always the one to resolve fights, and without him, we're all just stressed."

We hugged each other.

"Do you really think Colby is a player?" I asked.

"I know he is. But if you want to date him, I won't stop you. But be careful, and if he ever hurts you, tell me."

The next day as I was organizing my locker, Colby walked up to me.

"Hey." He smiled.

"Hi. How are you?" I said, trying my best not to blush.

"Well, great now." He smiled.

"Hey, I have to go to class, but text me?" He smiled and handed me a piece of paper.

"For sure." I smiled as he walked away.

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