You Never Know

Macy was just an ordinary girl, and she was living a happy life. After a tragic event, her world crumbled down. When she returns to school after a year, she notices a new student.


5. Missing

 As I walked to the bus stop the next morning, Jeremy was nowhere in sight. 

I let out a sigh of relief.

 Kai followed behind me but didn't say a single word.

 As the bus pulled up, there was still no sign of Jeremy.

The bus was surprisingly quiet, and the only thing you could hear was the radio.

When I arrived at my locker, Colby was waiting for me.

"Hey, are we still up for that date?" He smiled.

"Yes." I smiled back. 

"Meet me at the rollerskating place tonight." He smiled and kissed my forehead.  

"Bye." He smiled and walked away.

"Bye." I blushed.

Through the rest of the day, I saw no sign or heard any rumors about him. It was like he never existed, like to most people, he never even mattered.

 Kai looked lost without him, and in a way, so was I.

 The whole day was a blur. I knew what happened with Colby, but that was in the back of my mind. I kept telling myself that he didn't love me and I didn't love him either, but the one question on my mind was that if I didn't love him, why was my heart beating out of my chest? Why did I feel empty?

 As soon as the bus stopped off at our house, I ran to Jeremy's house.

 His mother answered.

"Oh." She rolled her eyes.

"Mrs. Kerrington, can you tell me where Jeremy is? Please?" I begged.

"At the lake." She growled and slammed the door.

I ran down the hill at the end of the street and followed the trail. Jeremy was sitting on the dock, just staring at the water.

"Hi." I said softly.

"Hey." He muttered.

"Jeremy, we need to talk." I said and sat next to him.

"There's nothing to talk about." He sighed.

"Jeremy... please." I said, my eyes tearing up.

"Do you know how much you fucking mean to me? All the opportunities I gave up just to be near you? Do you even fucking know?" He growled.

"Jeremy, I'm sorry. I didn't know you felt that way about me and I was just shocked, I guess." I sighed.

"So you were so shocked you cried and left?!" He said.

"How did you know I cried?"

"I could see it in your eyes before you ran off."

I stared at the water.

"I pay more attention to you than you think."

"Jeremy... look... I'm sorry. I won't lie, there was a time I had a crush on you, but I didn't know how to deal with anything back then. It was after dad died. You stayed up all night talking to me. You tried to take my blades away. When you left that night, I just... did. I mean, the crush part. I never had a guy pay as much attention to me as you do. I couldn't tell if I just liked the attention or if I liked you." I sighed.

"But doesn't your brother pay a lot of attention to you?" He asked.

"Yeah, but he's family. It's his job. You weren't part of my family, yet you didn't give up."

He looked at me.

"I'll never give up."

I smiled.

"Neither will I. Can we just be friends for now? I still need to get a hold of my emotions and figure out what's going on." I said.

 He smiled and nodded.

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