You Never Know

Macy was just an ordinary girl, and she was living a happy life. After a tragic event, her world crumbled down. When she returns to school after a year, she notices a new student.


9. Going Back Home

 A few hours later, it was time for us to leave. The nurses concluded that we'd be fine. Jeremy was still unconscious. As Kai and I walked out of the door, I put the piece of paper by his head and kissed his forehead.

As we walked into the lobby, we saw our mom walking towards us. I dove behind Kai.

 "Kids!" She shouted.

I quickly stood up from behind Kai.

"Yes, mother?"

 "So Kai stole my car and you guys got into a car crash? Really? Guys, I'm trying my best to keep you guys safe after your dad died. It hasn't just been tough on you two, okay?" She sighed.

"Mom, I'm sorry." Kai sighed.

"Me too."

"Don't worry, now let's go to the hotel. You guys need sleep." Mom sighed.

"Mom, no!" I shouted.


"No! Okay? Jeremy is in there, all alone. He was trying to protect us all, mom! He was trying to kill the man who murdered dad but he got shot. I was trying to find him but Kai crashed the car. It turns out he was in the hospital too. Mom, he wanted us to be safe even though he probably wouldn't be. Doesn't that count for anything?" I asked.

 "I'l give you to the count of three to lose that attitude." Mom growled.

 I stared at her with my arms crossed.


 Kai looked at both of us.


"Mom, stop it! We know dad dying was hard on you, but don't be so heartless, okay? Don't you see how much Jeremy means to us? He's my best friend and Macy's love. He's one of the reasons we're still here." Kai growled.

 Mom looked at me.

 "You love him?" Mom asked.

 "I do."

 "Well, have a nice time with your love." Mom sighed and left.

I watched her as she caught a cab to the hotel.

 I ran inside the hospital and I asked the nurses if I could see Jeremy.

As soon as I got back into the room, I saw my note was still by his pillow and he was still unconscious. I grabbed the note and sat next to him and stared at him. Kai walked in.

"Not awake yet?" He asked.

"No, but I'm not leaving." I said and held Jeremy's hand.

"Why are you holding the note?" Kai asked.

"When he wakes up, I want him to hear me tell him I love him, not read it." I said.

"Why didn't you throw it away?"

"So he never forgets it."

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