You Never Know

Macy was just an ordinary girl, and she was living a happy life. After a tragic event, her world crumbled down. When she returns to school after a year, she notices a new student.


1. First Day Back

 I woke up to the birds singing beautiful melodies.

 "Macy! Get dressed! Don't want to be late for your first day back!" My mom shouted. 

I hopped out of bed and looked through my clothes.

 Okay, Macy. It's your first day back in a year. Everyone will be judging you for what you wear today. You may not get your reputation back, but you can try.

 While I dug through my clothes, my mind kept racing. What if people harass me, or laugh at me as soon as I walk through the door?

  I chose a skirt and a long sleeve shirt with the words 'MIND OVER MATTER' on it.

 I quickly brushed my hair and raced downstairs for breakfast.

 My brother was chewing cereal.

 "Kai, what changed in the past year?" I asked.

 "Same old stuck up people. We have a new principal, and that's about it."

  "Do Lynn and Ashley still go there?"

 "Lynn dropped out and Ashley moved away, so no." Kai said and slurped his milk.

 I glanced at mom.

 "Is it too late to be home-schooled?" I asked.

 "You know we can't do that. I have to work two jobs to scrape by." Mom sighed.

 "Let's go, Macy. The bus will be here soon." Kai said and stood up.

 "Yeah, I'm so nervous I won't be able to eat anyways." I sighed.

  While we stood at the bus stop, the cool breeze was blowing. Kai's friend, Jeremy, walked up to us.

"Oh, hi, Macy. Better already? Yeah, It only took a year." Jeremy smirked.

"They're already making fun of me!" I screamed.

"No, Macy, Jeremy is just an asshole." Kai glared at Jeremy.

"Thanks for the compliment." Jeremy smiled.

  The bus pulled up and I jumped behind Kai.

  "You can do this." He said.

  "Yeah, you're not at all hidden either." Jeremy said and stepped on the bus.

 I took a deep breath and followed him. Kai was behind me, making sure I wouldn't make a break for it.

 He and Jeremy sat together like they used to do a year ago. I sat in an empty seat and sank down in the seat so I wouldn't stand out. The ride to school was Hell. My mind was bouncing everywhere, just like the bus. When we got off the bus, I waited until I was the last one. Looking up at the giant building, I took a deep breath and walked inside. 

 Everywhere, people were sitting at tables and talking. I went to the office to get my locker combination. I hurried down the hall and opened my locker, putting everything inside that I couldn't bring to class. I looked to my side and I saw a new guy, checking his phone. He was grabbing some binders out of his locker. I tried my best not to stare, but I couldn't help it.

 "Hey." He smiled and walked away.

 I watched him as he left.

 I heard footsteps behind me and I jumped.

I turned around to see Kai.

 "You scared me to death!" I said.

 "Yeah, yeah It's my job." He said.

 "So what's up with the sneakiness?" I growled.

 "Did I just see you talking to someone?" He asked.

"Yeah. I haven't seen him here. He's kind of cute. He smiled at me." I said dreamily.

 "Macy, I wouldn't talk to him if I were you." Kai sighed.

"Yeah? Why not?" I asked.

"Macy, that's Colby. He's a player."

"And why should I believe you? He looks popular and you look like a.." 

"Don't say it." He growled.

 "Outcast." I smirked.

 "I'm just trying to protect you. You're my sister."

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