It involves Boyzone. Mikey starts to be beaten by his best mate, his best mate Ronan doesn't know what hes doing, he cant control himself and always feeling guilty.


4. Chapter Four


It's 8.30pm, Mikey is still in a pub watching TV and having few drinks. He just didn't want to see anyone at the moment. He felt sick and hurt at the same time. Ronan is in living room and still having a drink but then stopped drinking as he laid on bed and closed his eyes. He decided to go and have a bath. Keith and Shane are downstairs in kitchen talking. 


"I can't believe what i saw..." Shane whispered

"I can't.. It's not them, they wouldn't?!" Keith sighed

"I think we should talk to them" Shane suggested

"I thought i heard arguing earlier" Keith wondered

"Me too. Thats sick" Shane said

"Look, we should go and talk to them" Keith sighed

"I don't know where Mikey is, wait till he gets back" Shane sighed

"I'm still shocked! But we cant leave it like that" Keith told him


Mikey had just walked in and slammed the door behind him. He takes a deep breath, hoped everyone was in bed and he walked into the kitchen, seeing Keith and Shane sat down. They both looked at Mikey and Mikey starts to get emotional.


"It's not what you think" Mikey whispered

"What is it then?" Keith asked

"I can't look at you Mikey... or Ronan. It's sick! Are you Gay now?" Shane asked

"No!! I am not gay! It just happened and i feel sick!" Mikey cried

"What happened?!" Keith wondered

"It's a long story!" Mikey sat down

"I'll get Ronan" Keith stood up

"No don't. I can't face him!" Mikey sighed

"You have to! I am not having you two falling out. We need to sort this together" Keith explained

"How can you both talk to me? After what i done?" Mikey wondered

"We felt shocked and sick at first but we need to know the whole story" Shane sighed


The lads heard footsteps and sees Ronan coming in. Ronan looked so tired and a bit drunk. He sat down and said nothing at all. He couldnt look at Mikey. 


"So, what the hell happened?" Shane asked

"It was a mistake!" Mikey answered

"Can we just start from the bottom?" Keith asked

"Since when Ronan started drinking... I just feel he hates me... Sometimes he has a go at me" Mikey explained

"Hate you? Of course he does not!" Keith sighed

"There's something else...?" Shane asked

"What?" Keith wondered

"Ro gets aggressive and then starts to take his anger at me.. He hits me sometimes" Mikey explained

"Hits you?!" Keith in shock

"Its not that bad but i worry it will get bad, if he doesn't stop" Mikey sighed

"You knew about this Shane?" Keith asked

"Yes but Mikey didn't want me to say anything but i did say if Ronan hits him again, i will say something" Shane answered

"He has tried to again and he did earlier" Mikey said

"I have been so horrible to him" Ronan looks at Keith

"Why? All he ever done is stand by you, me and Shane too" Keith told Ronan

"I just feel angry! Remember the car crash? Today, i was blaming Mikey, for killing Steo. That's why he died, because of him" Ronan gets emotional

"Oh god Ronan. This isnt Mikey's fault!" Shane told him

"Stephen hit his head, his death could of caused it" Ronan thought

"No mate, Stephen passed away in his sleep because of his heart" Keith explained

"Then why do i feel like getting angry, like hating Mikey!" Ronan snapped

"Because you're upset! We all are... So this is what its about? You being drunk, Mikey trying to help? You getting angry, taking it out him, blaming him for everything?" Keith shouted

"So why did we walk in on you both? Kissing?" Shane wondered

"I don't know... I grabbed him, i kissed him first. I forced myself on him" Ronan cried

"I feel sick" Mikey scoffed

"Look, maybe you both was upset, angry and it meant nothing? Lets forget it happened?" Shane thought

"How can i forget it? It happened! He was so horrible to me! Ronan, why do you hate me that much!" Mikey shouted

"I'm sorry" Ronan cried

"You're always sorry!" Mikey said

"I'm sorry i kissed you" Ronan sighed

"I dont want to think about it! Maybe its Stephen wanting us to make up!" Mikey thought

"I dont like it when you both argue, we need to stick together" Keith explained

"How can you both talk to us when we just kissed?" Ronan thought

"Like i said, forget about it because we understand why, its just the emotions, anger and upset" Keith answered

"I'm moving out" Mikey suggested

"What?" Keith and Shane in shock

"About time" Ronan scoffed

"Ronan!" Shane and Keith shouted

"Sorry, i can't do this! I'm gonna go and stay with a mate for a while. I'm going tomorrow morning" Mikey stood up

"Mikey? Please dont" Shane begged

"Well done Ronan" Keith sighed

"Its not his fault... Please let me go, just for a few days" Mikey said

"What about mine and your album?" Ronan wondered

"Is that all you can think about? You hurt me. I need a few days space and i just need get away from everything, about what happened tonight as well" Mikey explained

"As long you still see us" Keith hugged him

"Mate, sorry its got to this" Shane hugged him

"Hey, i'm not going forever! Look, i need to go to bed. Sort it out in the morning. Look after Ronan" Mikey smiled gently and went to bed

"This is all my fault.." Ronan sighed

"Like Mikey said, sort it out tomorrow. I cant be bothered to talk" Keith told him

"Me either. Ronan, mate.. just get some sleep. We're just shocked and we may feel better to talk tomorrow" Shane explained

"I just want myself back" Ronan got upset

"I know" Shane sighed


Ronan then went to bed and cried while going asleep. Shane quickly hugged him. Mikey could hear him next door, which made Mikey get emotional. Keith and Shane were still shocked and can't believe what happened with Mikey and Ronan. They were worried they may fall out but they will try and keep them together because they don't want to loose friendship with them. 


Sunday Morning, Mikey is up first and had already packed a bag. He put his bags downstairs at the front door and went into the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea. He hears Ronan walking downstairs and Ronan sees few bags in front of him. He didn't think Mikey would leave. He walked into the kitchen and sees Mikey all dressed and ready. Mikey knew Ronan is there but didn't talk to him but carried n cleaning the kitchen.


"Mikey?" Ronan whispered

"I don't want to talk" Mikey sighed

"We can't leave it like this" Ronan said

"Who's fault is that? Yours!" Mikey answered

"I am sorry" Ronan told him

"Yeah you keep saying" Mikey said

"I do mean it" Ronan promised

"Give me one reason why i shouldn't leave?" Mikey asked

"Because you're my mate" Ronan answered

"You kept blaming me for everything, hitting me, having a go at me, getting drunk and i tried to help you! I cant do this anymore" Mikey explained

"What about this Album tomorrow? I really want us to do that" Ronan thought

"Is that you can think about? Yes i know, i want to do this Album but it doesn't feel right at the moment" Mikey explained

"Look, i can sort myself out!" Ronan begged

"It's too late mate. You keep saying that, where is Ronan?" Mikey sighed

"I'm here!" Ronan got upset

"Sort yourself out then but while you do, i am going! You want me gone dont you!" Mikey said

"I dont know, i say i do but then i say i dont want you to go..." Ronan explained

"Make your mind up!" Mikey sighed


Keith and Shane heard voices in kitchen, so they walked downstairs after they finished in bathroom and saw few bags at the door. 


"Calm down guys" Shane said

"Are you really going? Mikey please" Keith begged

"I'll only be down the road mate" Mikey told them

"How did we get to this?" Ronan cried

"I don't know... But this is what you've done to me" Mikey explained

"I would bang your both heads together and get you to make up" Keith sighed

"If Stephen was here right now, he would want us to make up, he'd sit us down and he wouldn't want us to fall out" Ronan explained

"You should've thought about that before what you did to me!" Mikey shouted

"Well, maybe it was your fault that caused Steo to die in the car crash then!" Ronan yelled back

"Ronan..." Keith moaned

"How dare you?" Mikey shocked

"Why did you go and say that for?" Shane asked

"It's true! I don't care if you die. I rather Stephen here, not you! It should've been you that should of died!" Ronan shouted

"Oi! Keith pushed him" Keith yelled

"You're dead to me! Just go!" Ronan pushed Mikey

"Ronan! Mikey, look, i don't think he meant it. Please sit down and sort this out. Mikey?" Shane begged

"I can't, i'm sorry. I have to go! I was that close to staying and giving you another chance few minutes ago!" Mikey told Ronan

"I don't care.." Ronan sighed

"You dont mean that? What you just said? You pefer me dead, not Steo?" Mikey wondered

"Yes" Ronan whisphered

"Fine! If thats what you think but im going!" Mikey put his coat on

"I never liked you and Steo did not either!" Ronan told him

"Okay, dont ever text, call or see me again. Now you've really pushed it!" Mikey snapped

"Well done!" Keith snapped

"Bye Shane and Keith, im sorry about all this" Mikey sighed


Shane and Keith followed Mikey to the door and said their goodbyes. Ronan sat down in the kitchen and broke down in tears. 


"Promise you'll keep in touch?" Keith asked

"Of course. I wont be far. I will text you when i get there" Mikey answered

"Good mate.. We'll miss you" Shane hugged him

"I think i'll do that Album tomorrow but without Ronan" Mikey thought

"Sounds nice. Look forward to hearing it" Keith nodded


Shane and Keith hugged Mikey tightly and said goodbye. They got emotional but they knew they will see him again. Mikey got into his car and took a deep breath, they watched Mikey go. Shane and Keith put their arms round each other but Keith started to get angry. He walked back in followed by Shane, he then grabbed Ronan and pushed him against the wall. 


"Why?! Why Ronan?! Whats wrong with you? We were supposed to stick together and support each other! Not hating each other! Now you've gone and pushed Mikey away, our best mate. You're our best mate too but why are you doing this?" Keith yelled

"Because i miss him" Ronan cried

"We miss him too but that's no excuse. You need help" Keith told him

"Help me then! Sometimes, i don't even know myself. It's so hard to get back on track, but the easiest way is to have a go at someone" Ronan explained

"What, at Mikey? You might aswell have a go at someone who you don't know well!" Shane said

"Mikey is the one i feel easier to get at! But i'll never forget the car crash" Ronan sighed

"It wasn't his fault!" Keith told him


Shane, Keith and Ronan are sitting down at the table and chatting. Keith and Shane are trying to get answers and trying to get Ronan back on track. 


Meanwhile, Mikey has his music on loud and driving a bit fast. He feels hurt, upset, angry and all sorts of emotions. He isnt thinking straight and got his mind on something else. There's two women behind him, called Jax and Toni. They were driving at normal speed limit but was worried about the driver in front of them. 


"Isnt he going a bit fast?" Jax asked

"Yeah and it looks dangerous, especially with the traffic. I'm worried something will happen" Toni answered


There were loads of cars driving pass but all of the sudden, while Mikey still driving, he saw a car coming fast on his right hand side but it just happened so quickly. The car smashed into Mikey's car which made his car roll over once but his car is upside down. Mikey got knocked out with blood on his face. The women was fine as they got out of the car and ran to Mikey but don't realise who he is. Some other people stopped and tried to help. The man who crashed into him got hurt a bit but he phoned the ambulance. 


"Oh no, we need to get him out!" Jax shouted

"He's good looking" Toni joked

"Toni!" Jax told her off

"Sorry.. but hope he's okay" Toni whispered

"So do i" Jax sighed

"We can't open the doors!" Toni tried to open the door

"He looks out of it, please be okay" Jax got worried

"Hello?" Toni knocked on the window

"Is he breathing?" Jax asked

"How am i supposed to know?" Toni answered

"I can tell he is a bit, come on ambulance! We'll have to try get him out of the car?" Jax suggested

"Smash the window?" Toni thought


Jax and Toni then smashed a window and finally opened the door by using the inside handle. Jax and Toni tries to pulled Mikey out of the car and landed him on the floor gently.


"He looks bad" Toni said


Jax and Toni checked Mikey's pulse but it was very faint. Jax then started to do CPR on him. Ten minutes later, they are still trying to wake Mikey up or get his breath back. The Ambulance hadn't arrived yet but on their way.


"Come on mate" Jax moaned

"Keep going.. Is there any Id on him?" Toni asked

"There should be, have a look in his pockets" Jax answered

"Yeah, got it" Toni took out his Id 


Toni opened his wallet and checked his ID. She was shocked to know who it was. She then looked at Jax. 


"What is it?" Jax asked

"It's... It's Mikey" Toni fainted onto the floor

"Toni! Mikey? Mikey who?" Jax quickly looked at his ID


Jax was also shocked.


"It can't be! Oh Mikey! Please wake up" Jax carried on doing CPR on him


Few minutes later, Toni woke up slowly and sees a ambulance coming towards her and Jax trying to do CPR on him. She got up and looked at Mikey in shock. 


"I can't believe its him. Mikey from Boyzone" Toni whispered

"I know.. It wasnt long ago since after Stephen. The lads will be so upset" Jax sighed

"We all cant loose another" Toni looked at him

"About time! I need to phone one of his mates" Jax grabbed Mikey's phone

"I'll do it" Toni sighed


While the Ambulance are taking Mikey, Jax explains to them about what happened and Toni tries to ring a number on Mikey's phone. She tried to rang three times but the last time, finally Shane picks it up. 


"Mikey! We was worried, didn't hear from you for two hours!" Shane sighed

"Hello?" Toni said

"Oh hi.. who is this?" Shane wondered

"Toni. Mikey's been in a car crash" Toni told him

"What? You are joking?" Shane laughed

"No. He looks bad, he hasn't woken up yet. He's being taken to hospital now in a ambulance" Toni explained


Shane then hangs up. He looks at Ronan watching TV and Keith is reading a book. He didn't know what to say or do. 


Toni and Jax followed the ambulance to the hospital to make sure Mikey is okay. They said they will wait till Mikey's friends come and they wanted to explain about what happened. 


Meanwhile, back at home, Shane takes a deep breath and walks over to the TV and turns it off. Ronan then snapped at him for turning it off. 


"Shane, i was watching that!" Ronan snapped

"Shane?" Keith looked at him

"Erm... it's not good.. i had a phone call" Shane takes a deep breath

"What is it?" Keith stood up 

"It's Mikey" Shane sighed

"Is he alright?" Keith asked

"Mikey's a big man, he will be fine" Ronan said

"Mikey's in hospital" Shane blurted it out

"What? No he can't be is he okay?" Keith panics

"The two women found him, they may be there now and will explain. She said it doesn't look good, hes not woken up since... the crash" Shane explained

"The crash? Oh no!" Keith cried

"Mikey will be fine, no need to cry about it. We have been in a car crash before" Ronan smirked

"It's not funny!!" Keith shouted

"Shane, put the TV on" Ronan sighed

"Don't you care? Our best mate is in hospital!" Shane shouted


Ronan then tries to grab the remote but Shane pushes him back on the sofa. 


"Are you coming or what?" Keith asked

"No!" Ronan answered

"Fine, let's go Shane!" Keith stormed out


Shane and Keith slammed the door behind them leaving Ronan watching the TV. They both drove to the hospital and parked their car. They walked into the hospital, saw two women in the waiting room and walked up to them. The Nurse then noticed more people and walked up to Keith and Shane. 


"Hello, are you both family? Are you here for Mikey Graham?" Nurse asked

"Yeah, we're his best mate" Keith answered

"Of course, don't you know who we are" Shane snapped

"Yes, sorry. Sit down and we will let you know some news. He had been in a car crash and still unconscious. We don't know anymore just yet" Nurse explained

"We'll go and leave you to it" Jax sighed

"No, wait! Thanks for everything" Keith smiled

"What happened?" Shane asked

"We need to know too" Nurse sighed

"Mikey was driving too fast, then rolled over upside down. We tried to do CPR on him and checking his pulse. That's about it, he didn't wake up or anything" Toni explained

"Oh no!" Shane sat down

"Please let Mikey be okay? We cant loose another mate" Keith cried

"We'll see what we can do" Nurse walks away and checks on Mikey

"Thanks ladies. If it wasn't for you both, he would probs be dead" Keith breaks down

"Keith, it'll be okay mate" Shane cried and hugged him

"No problem. We'll see you soon. Be strong, he will be fine" Jax sighed

"Thanks" Shane smiled gently


Jax and Toni hugged Shane and Keith, then walked away out of the hospital. They really hope Mikey will be okay. An hour later, still no news but all of the sudden, all the doctors and nurses were running in Mikey's room. Keith and Shane panicked and worried about what was happening. They both got upset. 15 minutes later, a Doctor walked towards Shane and Keith to tell them some news. 


"Hi, my name is Dr.Masood. I have some news about Mikey" Dr.Masood told them

"Is he okay? Is he awake?" Keith asked

"I'm afraid not. He has had a massive head injury" Dr.Masood explained

"No! He's not dead is he?" Shane cried

"It's worse than that. He's slipped into a coma" Dr.Masood sighed

"No!" Shane yelled

"Will he be okay? Will he pull through?" Keith asked

"I don't know. He may be in a coma from 1-2 weeks. If he doesn't come out of the coma for more than 3 weeks, then you both will have to decide" Dr.Masood answered

"Turn the life machine off? No way, we won't let that happen!" Keith shouted

"I understand. I am sorry" Dr.Masood apologised

"Will he be able to hear us or feel us?" Keith asked

"Yes he may do" Dr.Masood nodded

"Can we see him?" Shane asked

"Yes you can. I'll leave you to it" Dr.Masood walks away

"Come on" Shane tapped on Keith's back


Shane and Keith walks slowly into the room where Mikey is. Shane and Keith are sat opposite each other and sitting next to Mikey. Mikey looked really peaceful with a gas masks and machines round him. Shane holds Mikey's hand. 


"He looks so peaceful" Keith cried

"He does. Mikey's a strong one. He will pull through" Shane tries not to cry

"I bloody hope so!" Keith sighed

"Mikey? Can you hear me? We are here for you.. Well Ronan isnt here but we are. Please pull through, don't let go! Love you mate" Shane kissed his hand

"Actually, i cant... I'll go back home and check on Ronan. I've got to tell him" Keith kissed Mikey's forehead

"Yeah, i hope he'll relaise and listen" Shane looks at Mikey


When Keith arrived home, he noticed Ronan laid on sofa passed out and turned the TV on. He then noticed the few cans on the coffee table. Keith was mad and tried to wake Ronan up but he won't wake up, Ronan suddenly went into deep sleep. 


"Ronan! Wake up! You are an idiot sometimes!" Keith threw pillow at him


Keith then walked into the kitchen and suddenly heard Ronan's voice. He then walked back into the living room. 


"Mikey.. Please don't... MIKEY!!" Ronan whispered and shouted


Keith thought to leave him alone and sat in kitchen. He then breaks down into tears. Meanwhile, it's 6pm and Shane is still at the hospital talking to Mikey while holding his hand but slowly falling asleep. Shane had already plenty of cup of teas but he didn't feel like eating. He had also been to the shop and bought a Boyzone CD for Mikey. 


"When you wake up, i'm going to take you out. We'll go and see the horses. You love them don't you? Maybe go to the cinema, few beers, go karting.. Like the old days.. From now on, i'm going to look after you. You're my best mate, i'm really glad i met you. Remember we didn't talk to each other for 15 years over exhaust pipes!? Then we made up. You always look out for everyone and me. I've not eaten all day and not been home yet. Maybe i need to, get some sleep but if i go home, i worry what will happen to you. Mikey? Can't you just move your hand for me, or something! To say that you're okay?" Shane stared at him


Shane then started to fall asleep and nodded off, slept while holding Mikey's hand. One of the Nurses walked in and woke Shane up. 


"Shane? Maybe you should go home and get some sleep" Nurse said

"Yeah... I'll put some music on for Mikey" Shane nodded


Shane puts some music on and put music next to Mikey. He then kissed his forehead and squeezed his hand. Shane didn't want to leave him.


"I can't leave him! Can't i sleep here next to him? Just one night?" Shane begged

"Actually, you are not meant to" Nurse answered

"Please?" Shane cried

"Okay, but then you get some good sleep tomorrow and good rest. If you hear anything, give us a shout or i'll check in" Nurse smiled

"Thanks" Shane holds Mikey's hand

"Guess what Mikey, i'm staying here with you. You have nice music on, Stephen is in it. He's got a nice voice. Just like you do. I think i'll let you sing more from now on. Wonder how Ronan and Keith are? Probably arguing. Are you dreaming? If you ever see Stephen, in your sleep.. please tell him we love him and miss him so much" 


Shane looks at Mikey. He then couldnt stop crying and begged him to wake up. Mikey could hear everything but he couldnt just wake up yet. Mikey still felt tired, unconscious and weak. He then texts Keith saying he's staying at the hospital. Keith then went to bed and tries to go to sleep. He has one red wine in bed while watching TV. Ronan is still downstairs, sort of dreaming about Stephen and Mikey. 


Ronan's dream


Ronan cried as Mikey just laid on the floor, not moving from a car crash. That what Ronan was shouting for. He Keeps shouting for Mikey but Mikey can't hear him. Mikey then suddenly got up and sees Stephen. Ronan then see's Stephen talking to him. Ronan was shocked. Then the dream took them three far far away, where it's all white and green grass with the sun shining. The more Ronan ran, it took him further away, it wouldn't let him get close to Mikey and Stephen. The more he shouted, they can't hear him. 


"Stephen!!! Mikey!!! Mikey? You can't be dead?" Ronan yelled

"I'm sorry.." Ronan whispered


Ronan just kept watching Mikey and Stephen talking and hugging. 


Mikey's dream


Mikey sees Stephen walking towards him. He smiled and gave Mikey a kiss on the cheek. 


"Steo?" Mikey whispered

"Hi mate" Stephen smiled

"Stephen!" Mikey hugged him

"I miss you" Stephen smiled

"I miss you too!" Mikey cried

"What happened?" Stephen wondered

"What do you mean? I'm not dead am i?" Mikey thought

"No course not. In a Coma. I worry about you and Ronan. Please make up" Stephen begged

"It just feels like a blur... I hear voices... I think he just told me to tell you that they miss you" Mikey explained

"I know... It's Shane" Stephen nodded

"Shane... Bet they're so worried..." Mikey said

"He's still with you now, not wanting to move and leave you. That's Shane talking to you" Stephen holds his hand

"Bless him. You feel so soft. Can't you come back? With me?" Mikey cried

"I can't mate but i'll always be here with you all. Please make up with Ronan. I'd hate it to see you both fall out" Stephen explained

"I want to be friends with him but he seems to hate me" Mikey sighed

"I'll talk to him" Stephen tapped his shoulder

"How?" Mikey thought

"I'll find a way. He's sleeping at the moment.. Hey, everything will be fine" Stephen hugged him tightly

"I hope so" Mikey smiled

"Promise me something?" Stephen asked

"Anything" Mikey nodded

"Please carry on doing some music for me and the fans" Stephen smiled

"Of course we all will. If i ever wake up!" Mikey laughed

"You will wake up!" Stephen told him

"Don't go, don't leave me. It's so nice to see you" Mikey hugged him again

"It's nice to see you too" Stephen smiled gently

"I love you" Mikey cried

"Love you too!" Stephen hugged him


Mikey and Stephen carried on talking but then Stephen started to fade away. Mikey kept shouting and broke down into tears. 


"Steo!!!! Please come back" Mikey yelled


Meanwhile, back to Ronan's dream, he is still watching but he also had a little cry. He just wanted to hug Mikey and say everything will be okay. He then felt a wind behind him and turned round, suddenly saw Stephen infront of him. 


"I haven't got time to stay long. Please promise me something? When Mikey wakes up, please make it up with him. Make things up with Keith and Shane. Carry on doing some music for me and the fans. Everything will be okay. I will still be here with you all in spirit. Be happy. I know you all miss me, i miss you all too but don't need to cry over me all the time, move on and i am still here in your hearts. Love you Ro" Stephen then kissed his forehead and faded away. 






















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