It involves Boyzone. Mikey starts to be beaten by his best mate, his best mate Ronan doesn't know what hes doing, he cant control himself and always feeling guilty.


6. Chapter 6


The afternoon got colder at 4pm. Ronan, Shane and Keith are still around Mikey's bedside. Mikey didn't talk much but the lads kept trying to talk to him and make him smile. The Nurse said he can go home early as he's well enough to go home. The lads couldnt wait to take him but have to make sure Mikey gets plenty of rest for a few days and look after him. 


"I am so glad you're okay mate" Keith hold his hand

"Me too. You look well. We're gonna make sure you never leave us again!" Shane said

"I won't..." Mikey whispered

"You don't need to talk, you can listen to us three arguing and taking piss out of each other" Shane joked

"Talk when you're ready" Keith smiled

"Stephen?" Mikey sighed

"What?" Ronan whispered

"What about Stephen?" Keith thought

"I spoke to him..." Mikey broken up

"Hey, it's okay... It must of been when you was asleep" Keith explained

"I understand" Ronan remembered his dream

"Really?" Mikey said trying to think about his dream too

"You really scared us. From now, we're gonna look after you mate" Shane kissed his forehead. 

"I am sorry" Mikey said

"No worries, it's not your fault!" Keith sighed

"We have to carry on making music and look after each other" Mikey nodded

"Yeah of course!" Shane smiled

"For Stephen, he told me but you have to believe me.... I remember now... Steo was talking to me, i promised him" Mikey explained

"Okay i believe you and we will do that for him" Shane sighed

"I believe you too" Keith smiled

"I want to go home!" Mikey moaned

"Sure!" Keith nodded


Keith and Shane went to talk to the nurse to let them know that they're going home with Mikey. Ronan helped Mikey up as he was a bit wobbly. Mikey had his arm round Ronan and looked at him a few times. Mikey tries to rememeber what happened before the crash and it came back to him quickly. 


"Ronan... I think we need to talk... When we get back" Mikey told him

"Okay mate, we will talk" Ronan smiled gently

"Why are you being different?" Mikey whispered

"Mikey... Let's get you in the car and i'll make us a brew" Ronan sighed

"I fancy a beer..." Mikey joked

"Actually, i won't drink tonight" Ronan said

"That's not like you" Mikey said


Mikey then got changed, thanked the nurse as he went out of hospital. He got into the car with others and noticed a piece of paper beside him, list of songs. Ronan told him he will explain when they get home. Ronan also told Shane and Keith that he wants time alone with Mikey. Once, they arrived home, Keith and Shane went into the kitchen and chatted. Ronan and Mikey sat on sofa in living room with a cup of tea. Ronan kept being nice asking if he wants anything.  


"This cup of tea is nice" Mikey sipped his tea

"Thanks" Ronan smiled

"When i was in the car on the way back, i remembered everything. It came back quick" Mikey sighed

"That's good, Mikey... Whatever you remember, i am sorry" Ronan said

"All i wanted was us four to support each other... I don't want us both to hate each other no more. Please can you stop this!" Mikey explained

"I have. I've been a cow to you and i never meant what i said and did to you" Ronan explained

"If i hadnt been in that crash, would you of still hated me?" Mikey asked

"No course not mate! If you had died, i would never forgive myself and you're my best mate. I still do love you, i couldnt loose you. I need you" Ronan answered

"So all the things you said to me..." Mikey sighed

"It isnt true! I was being selfish. I was so angry and hated myself. But now im back on track and its made me realise. Please can we move on from this?" Ronan holds Mikey's hand

"Okay. Please dont ever do this again" Mikey smiled gently

"I'm glad you're back" Ronan smiled

"I'm glad that we're okay. You seem better than before" Mikey nodded

"Me too and yeah im getting there. There's something i need to tell you" Ronan mentioned

"Go on.. is it good news or bad news?" Mikey wondered

"It's good.. I had a dream and i saw Stephen. He spoke to me" Ronan explained

"What?" Mikey was shocked

"I saw you and Steo talking, then all of the sudden Stephen spoke to me and had words. It's the same thing what you said, what Stephen wants" Ronan explained

"Wow! That's... I cant believe it... See, Steo must want us to make up! i had the same dream too" Mikey looked down

"Hey mate, it's alright" Ronan tapped his shoulder

"I miss him, it was really nice to see him again. It just felt real and now im back to the living" Mikey sighed

"We need to get on, we all do from now and never fall out again. For Steo. I'm sorry for everything!" Ronan sighed

"You keep saying and i forgive you. I want to forget the past and move on" Mikey smiled

"Okay mate" Ronan smiled

"So who were the two girls?" Mikey asked

"Oh, Jax and Toni. Jax is now Shane's girlfriend. Toni, well we think she likes you" Ronan grinned

"Good for him! Does she? She does seem pretty" Mikey smiled

"They saved your life" Ronan whisphered

"Did they?" Mikey wondered

"Yes. They are nice women" Ronan said

"The Album..." Mikey thought

"Oh erm.. Im just recording few songs for my own Album but we can do one together in few weeks, till when everything dies down" Ronan explained

"I'll come and watch you tomorrow, i'd like to hear it.. or i could do one of my own" Mikey smiled

"Thats a good idea" Ronan smiled


Shane and Keith heard Ronan and Mikey talking and laughing. They were happy to hear that they were getting on finally. Shane and Keith walked in and saw them hugging each other. 


"You're not going to kiss are you?" Keith joked

"Maybe..." Ronan kissed Mikey on his forehead

"Aww how sweet!" Shane laughed

"We've made up" Mikey smiled

"About time! Why dont we all go and have a beer? It's only 7pm" Shane asked

"Yeah sounds good" Keith answered

"Well, i did say i werent gonna drink tonight" Ronan sighed

"Well, it's up to you. We would like it if you came" Shane smiled

"Okay, i'll come for two drinks" Ronan sighed

"Great! Mikey, you coming?" Keith asked

"I would but i still feel achy and not feeling upbeat" Mikey answered

"It's alright mate" Keith sighed

"You sure you will be okay?" Ronan asked Mikey

"Yes, dont worry. I'll have two cans while watching TV on sofa" Mikey answered

"Have you phoned Jax and Toni about Mikey?" Shane asked Keith

"Yes i have, when you went to the toilet. They were glad" Keith answered

"How did you get the number anyway?" Shane wondered

"Jax called you so i answered" Keith smiled

"Should of asked me" Shane smirked


Mikey went back on the sofa slowly as he was still abit bruised and achy, he laid down, put the TV on with a can and some chocolates. Shane, Ronan and Keith got ready and said bye to Mikey as they went out of the door. Shane wanted to invite Jax for a drink and Jax said yes, the lads didnt mind, they wanted to say thank for everything. They also invited Toni but thought of a plan, a set up with her and Mikey. Jax also agreed. They all met up at the pub about 7.45pm, Jax phoned Toni to come over to the lads house for a meal and wine. Toni believed her. Shane then phoned Mikey, saying they're all coming over instead, a change of plan for few beers. 


Meanwhile, about 8.30pm while Mikey and Toni believed them. Toni knocked on Mikey's door. Mikey got up and walked slowly to the door and opened it. He was shocked to see who it was and so was Toni. 


"Hello" Toni grinned

"Hi, where are the others?" Mikey asked

"I thought they'd be here, they're doing a meal. I've brought wine, usually i have a can of Carlsberg or Fosters" Toni smiled

"They should be here any minute then, they was out and then phoned me, saying they're on their way but they seem 45 minutes late" Mikey explained

"They're probably finishing off their drink" Toni said

"Come in" Mikey invited her in

"Thanks" Toni whisphered

"Do you want to open the wine now?" Mikey asked

"Best wait till when everyone gets here" Toni answered

"Okay sure.. Sit down if you want, what would you like?" Mikey wondered

"Mikey, i'll get it. You sit down" Toni told him

"I am okay, it's only bruised" Mikey sighed

"You should take care of yourself" Toni smiled

"I'll get a can for you" Mikey walked slowly

"Okay, thanks" Toni said


Mikey and Toni sat on the sofa and waited for others to arrive while chatting and drinking but they been waiting long enough. They realise something later by 9pm. 


"I don't think they're coming" Mikey sighed

"I think we've been set up" Toni laughed

"Do you think?" Mikey wondered

"I guess so" Toni smiled

"Wow! Why did they do that?" Mikey laughed

"Cant believe we didnt realise that untill one hour later" Toni smiled

"We might aswell open the wine you bought" Mikey smiled

"Yeah why not" Toni nodded

"Here you are" Mikey poured them both wine

"So... how have you been doing?" Toni asked

"I've been okay. I still feel sore but getting there" Mikey answered

"We were the ones who found you, me and jax" Toni sighed

"I know but lets not talk about that, please" Mikey said

"Sorry.." Toni sipped her wine

"You look nice" Mikey smiled

"Thanks, you look well. I didn't relaise who you was when i first saw you" Toni said

"Didn't you? I am famous" Mikey laughed

"I know that but well, i'm glad i met you" Toni smiled

"Me too. I mean, you're a nice person" Mikey grinned

"Thanks. Same to you" Toni said

"Anyway, there's some chocolates if you want some" Mikey pointed out

"Thanks, i'll have some later" Toni smiled

"Anything to say?" Mikey wondered

"Well, about few years ago.. I saw Stephen and i bumped into him, we said hi and spoke for like 2 mins. He had to get some lunch and get back to work" Toni smiled

"Bet he was all smiles" Mikey smiled

"Yeah he was, he looked really happy. Like he never knew what is happening" Toni explained

"Bless him" Mikey whispered

"Sorry, i don't mean to talk about him" Toni sighed

"Oh its fine, its nice to talk about him" Mikey nodded

"What are your hobbies?" Toni asked

"I like horses. I have one of my own. Lola. I also like golf and i love using my telescope, what about you?" Mikey answered

"Great. I like travelling and i go around places alot with Jax most of the time. I would love to own a Horse though and telescopes are good" Toni nodded

"Golf?" Mikey wondered

"I hate it, well its boring" Toni smirked

"Oh well" Mikey laughed

"I also have my own villa" Toni smiled

"Really? Where?" Mikey asked

"It's in Tenerife" Toni answered

"You have a interesting life" Mikey smiled

"So do you!" Toni sighed

"Singing in Boyzone?" Mikey grinned

"What's bad about that? You also travel" Toni grinned

"You have a nice smile" Mikey sipped his wine

"Thanks" Toni smiled gently

"Another wine?" Mikey asked

"Sure" Toni answered


Toni and Mikey went to reach for the wine at the same time as their hands touched. They both looked each other and let go of their hands after 5 seconds. Mikey poured them both some wine and went quite for 5 mins. Mikey sat closer to Toni and reached for the chocolates as they both have some, Mikey also sipped his wine quickly and poured another glass. 


"Mikey?" Toni surprised"

"Oh, i'm thirsty!" Mikey smiled

"Well, that was a quick sip" Toni joked

"Wow, its gone to my head!" Mikey sighed

"That's what it does to you, wine!" Toni giggled

"Well, at least we're enjoying ourselves!" Mikey nodded

"Yeah we are, its been a laugh" Toni smiled

"I'm having beer next time!" Mikey laughed

"So am i!" Toni agreed


The time was getting late, about 11pm. Toni and Mikey were having a laugh and getting to know each other. Mikey got even closer and then he goes in for a kiss. He gently kissed her and about 5 seconds later, Toni stopped him and pushed him back gently. Toni got up and got her coat on. 


"What are you doing?!" Toni shouted

"Well.. I thought.." Mikey thought

"You thought wrong!" Toni sighed

"I'm sorry" Mikey said

"You're not. You was trying to get me drunk and get in my pants!" Toni explained

"Why would you think that? I like you!" Mikey sighed

"We only just met! I've got to go!" Toni sighed

"What... Toni? Whats up?" Mikey wondered

"Just leave me alone, im sorry" Toni opened the door


As Toni opened the door, Mikey quickly tries to get up and grabbed her arm to stop her from going. 


"Toni, please, what have i done?" Mikey shouted

"This is a mistake" Toni slammed the door and walked off


Mikey then slowly sat down and took a deep breath. He noticed a half bottle of wine and a opened can of beer. He decided to drink it all. He felt shocked and upset. He couldnt believe Toni would think of him like that. Mikey likes her and wanted to get to know her but didn't mean to kiss her. Mikey suddenly got worse drunk and fell asleep on the sofa by 12.30pm. 


Meanwhile, Jax went home and sees Toni with a bottle of wine, looking abit upset.


"Toni? Are you okay?" Jax asked

"Nope! Why did you set us up!" Toni answered

"Well.. what happened? I thought you both would be a great match!" Jax answered

"Nothing happened, we had a nice time and it was sweet. We had a bit too much then he kissed me. I kinda stormed off and told him its a mistake!" Toni explained

"Aww babe! Look, Mikey is a lovely guy. He isnt like any other guys!" Jax sighed

"How would you know? I been with few men who were assholes!" Toni sighed

"Mikey isnt!" Jax told her

"I even said he used me, to get in my pants" Toni explained

"Oh Toni! Why!" Jax shouted

"I was shocked! I didn't even let him speak, bless him trying to get up and followed me!" Toni whisphered

"Is this because of the past? If you don't tell Mikey, he will never understand why" Jax sighed

"I don't need a guy, all of them put me off" Toni smiled

"Please give Mikey a chance" Jax told her

"Maybe" Toni sighed

"Don't be like this. Lets finish this wine and have a girlie chat" Jax smiled


Keith, Shane and Ronan came back home and sees Mikey asleep on sofa with few glasses and beer cans empty. They also went to bed as they had enough to drink and left Mikey on sofa. At 3am in the morning, Mikey gets up and walks into the kitchen, feeling rough and banged into the corner of the table. He screamed loudly as Ronan got up, rushed down and sees Mikey in pain. 


"Hey mate, you alright? what you doing up?" Ronan panicked and sat him down

"I want to get rid of this pain!" Mikey cried out

"Mikey?" Ronan wondered 

"Please get me a cup of tea, that's what i came in for" Mikey sighed

"Without turning light on? You look rough as fuck" Ronan made him tea

"Thanks. I think i drunk too much. I kissed Toni" Mikey told him

"What? That's a good thing?" Ronan smiled

"No, she stormed off! How can i be stupid thinking she liked me" Mikey answered

"Oh mate" Ronan puts his hand on his shoulder

"Please get me painkillers, it really hurts!" Mikey snapped

"Okay" Ronan whispered


Ronan gave Mikey painkillers, they both sat and chatted for one hour. Ronan cleared the beers and tidied round, he sees Mikey back on sofa falling asleep, then Ronan went back to bed. Jax and Toni had just got to sleep around 4.30am. 


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