While The World is Going Crazy

He had gotten weird fanmail before but these were serious threats...


2. Chapter Two

Mikey 's eyes were flitting between Dave and the two policemen who had shown up at the hotel following Dave's calls to the police in London and Dublin . His head was all over the place and the conversation between Dave and the police was flying over his head. 

At least they were taking the threats seriously, although they were taking them a little too seriously for Mikey 's liking. When the police took this much interest, it usually meant that it actually was serious. 

"Mikey do you know of anyone who might want to get back at you for something? Scare you for revenge?" 

Mikey looked at the policeman blankly. 

"We have reason to believe that this may be someone you know." 

Mikey felt his mouth go dry and his throat contract. Someone he knew! 

"The letters contain information that the average fan wouldn't have access to. Is there anyone you can think of who you've argued with recently?" 

Mikey shook his head, he had a small, close group of friends who he'd known all his life. 

Dave coughed gently to clear his throat, "Toni ."

Mikey shot Dave a look, "No." 

"Mikey you need to tell them everything. I'm sure it's not her, but they need to know everything so they can sort this out properly." Dave held Mikey 's stare. 

"It's not her." Mikey snapped, "Don't be ridiculous!" 

Dave shook his head and turned his attention from Mikey to the policemen, "His ex-girlfriend, they split up about a three weeks ago." 

Mikey stood up and stepped towards Dave confrontationally before realising that this wasn't the time and the place. He sat back down and held his head in his hands. 

"Can you tell us why you broke up?" the policeman asked quietly, clearly as uncomfortable with the situation as Mikey .

"No!" Mikey snapped, "It's not her and it's none of your bloody business." 

The room was filled with an awkward tension as Mikey glared at the three men facing him aggressively. Finally after what felt like an eternity the two policemen stood up and shook Dave's hand before stepping towards Mikey and shaking his. 

"We'll look into it, and if there's anything you can think of that might be important then give us a call." 

Dave led them out of the room and Mikey was alone again, his head in more turmoil than ever. He was furious that anyone would even think Toni was doing this to him, but then the seed of doubt had been planted and he began to consider the possibility himself. 

He lay on his bed and tried to sleep, but there was too much going on in his mind, too many questions he needed answers to. His break up with Toni hadn't exactly been amicable, but he knew her, he'd loved her for three years, and the girl he knew would never have been capable of even thinking up this crazy scheme. 

Would she? 

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