While The World is Going Crazy

He had gotten weird fanmail before but these were serious threats...


12. Chapter Twelve

Toni smiled as Hollie walked into the living room and handed her a steaming mug of coffee, “Thanks.” 

Hollie sat down, only to jump up when the doorbell went. Toni prayed that it wasn’t Mikey as her friend walked towards the door, she was barely holding herself together as it was without having to find the strength to stop his world from falling apart too. She strained to hear the conversation at the front door as she heard snippets of unfamiliar voices. 

She sat up and took notice when Hollie was followed into the room by four policemen. 

“I’ve seen you more often this week than I normally see my mother in a month!” Toni smiled wryly as she recognised one of the police officers as Hollie gestured for them to sit down. 

“Sorry to bother you again miss.” the familiar officer smiled, “We’re sorry to bother you so late.” 

“Not like I was gonna get much sleep tonight anyway!” Toni shrugged. 

“We’d like to ask you both some questions if that’s ok?” the policeman shifted uncomfortably in his seat, “…about your other flatmate.” 

Toni shook her head and sighed, “If this is all because Mikey thinks he recognised her voice then you might as well go now.” she fixed her glare on the officer, “He’s under a lot of pressure right now, he’s practically cracking up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s hearing voices in his head…”

The officer cut Toni off, “We’ve traced her passport, she flew into Dublin two days ago.” 

Toni ’s mouth fell open silently as she struggled to understand what she was being told, “But… but she’s in Germany for work.” 

The officer shrugged, “Apparently not.” he paused as the air hung heavily with tension before speaking again, “We have a warrant to search these premises, starting with her room.” 

Hollie moved to sit beside Toni on the sofa as the two officers who were still standing made their way out of the room, towards Amanda ’s room. Toni clasped her hands together in a vain attempt to stop them from trembling. 

“I understand that this may come as a bit of a shock to you…”

Toni cut the policeman off, “And that might be a ‘bit’ of an understatement!” she snapped. 

The policeman waited for the anger to fade from her eyes, “I’d like to ask you both a few questions?” 

Toni and Hollie nodded. 

“What exactly is Amanda ’s relationship with Mikey ?” 

“She knows him…” Toni shrugged, “She knows him through me, I guess you could say that they’re friends… or were friends.” 

The officer shifted uncomfortably in his seat and stared at his notepad as he spoke, “They’ve never been romantically involved?” 

“No!” Toni snapped before she had time to realise Hollie ’s awkward body language, “What?” she glared at her friend. 

Hollie shrugged, “They’ve never been involved as such… but I think it’s fair to say that J had a bit of a crush on him.” 

The policeman nodded understandingly and Toni felt her stomach churn with confusion and anger. She could barely believe what was happening to her. 

After another twenty minutes of questioning during which Toni became more and more nauseous, as Hollie revealed more and more about someone who she’s always thought of as one of her best friends, the other two policemen finally returned to the room and nodded at their colleagues. 

“Thank you for your help.” the policemen stood up, “We’ll be in touch.” 

“That’s it?” Toni stood up and flung her hands up in the air, “You walk in here, tell me that one of my best friends is actually a bit of a nut job, a nut job who still has keys to this place, and then walk out?” 

The police officer shrugged, “As we’ve said before the safest place for you is at the hotel with Mikey .”

Toni watched as the four policemen trooped back out the way they’d come, she could see from the worried look on Hollie ’s face that she was worried about her staying in the flat, but she left the hotel for a reason and she wasn’t going back. Not tonight anyway. 

It broke her heart to watch Mikey tearing himself apart and she couldn’t face it, not now that she was laden with the guilt of having a psycho for a friend. 

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