While The World is Going Crazy

He had gotten weird fanmail before but these were serious threats...


16. Chapter Sixteen

Toni sat bolt upright in bed, she ran her sticky palms through her hair and glanced around her in the dark. She felt a hand on her shoulder but she shuddered under it’s touch. 

“Babe you ok?” Mikey asked softly in the dark as he reached for the bed side lamp. 

As the lights in the room flickered on he saw the tears streaming down Toni ’s face and the fear in her eyes. He reached out slowly and wrapped his arms around her holding her head against his chest, “Shhh, it’s all okay. Everything’s alright.” Mikey soothed gently as he rubbed her back. 

Toni sobbed quietly into his chest, “No it’s not. It’s not alright is it? My best friend’s banged up in a jail about to go on trial because she turned out to be a bloody psycho, and I’m a 25 year old woman who can’t sleep because I’m having stupid childish nightmares.” 

Mikey lifted her face to look at him and gently stroked her cheek, “It’ll all be over tomorrow, I promise.” 

Toni rolled her eyes, “Great Amanda will be convicted, all over. She goes to jail, we live happily ever after…” she paused and fixed Mikey with a cold, hard glare, “Do you really believe that once the trial is over everything will be perfect. You don’t think that the guilt about her being in jail will tear us apart every day?” 

Mikey shrugged and pulled her closer to him, pulling the covers over them and lying back on the bed, “Nobody ever said it was easy babe, but it WILL be alright.” 

Toni shook her head gently as Mikey switched off the lights and the room descended into darkness. She couldn’t stop thinking about how somehow this was her fault, somehow she’d made Amanda do it, something in her actions, or something in her words had turned her friend from a happy, normal girl, into a crazed stalker. 

Sleep didn’t come to her and she was still lying awake staring at the ceiling in the pitch black room when the alarm clock beside the bed went off. Mikey switched the light on and looked over at her in the bed, “You didn’t sleep either?” 

“No.” she managed a small smile. She took a deep breath and sat up in bed, “Come on, lets go and get this over with.” 

Toni climbed out of the bed and ran for the bathroom before Mikey could get in there first, she showered quickly, dried her hair and put on her make up before pulling on her smartest most somber black suit. She sighed as she looked in the mirror, she looked like she was going to a funeral. 

“Ready!” she announced as she walked back into the bedroom, “You not showering?” she glanced at Mikey as he sat on the edge of the bed, already dressed in his suit. 

“I showered last night.” he smiled and stood up to walk towards her. 

“Eugh, boys are so gross!” Toni managed to laugh, “Go and brush your teeth at least!” she placed her hand firmly on his chest and pushed him away from her as he tried to kiss her. 

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