While The World is Going Crazy

He had gotten weird fanmail before but these were serious threats...


7. Chapter Seven

Toni leant against her desk as Mikey sat awkwardly on the edge of her bed. Neither of them knew what to say so instead they sat in strained silence. 

Breaking the uncomfortable tension Toni flicked her radio on and felt the awkward silence melt away. She remembered all too well how much she used to love just being with Mikey , doing nothing, not a word needed to be said, she could have spent every moment just being with him in comfortable silence, but not now. 

"I'm so sorry about today." Mikey looked up at Toni and smiled apologetically. 

She waved her hand, "Forget about it… all just another day in your weird world." 

Mikey began to laugh, but stopped suddenly as his head sank into his hands. 

"What's wrong?" Toni instinctively moved towards him and sat beside him on the bed, stroking his arm softly. 

He took a deep breath and looked at her, staring into her deep brown eyes that held such comfort for him, "I'm scared." he whispered. 

She felt her heart break again as she saw the fear in his eyes, holding him close to her she whispered soothing words that she knew meant nothing. There was nothing she could say. 

Finally she pulled away carefully from him and smiled gently, "You'll be fine." 

"What if I'm not?" 

"Don't be silly Mikey . This'll all be over soon and you'll be fine." she rolled her eyes at him playfully, he always had been a drama queen. 

"Would you miss me?" he held her gaze, "If something happened to me would you miss me?" 

She began to laugh uncomfortably before seeing that he was serious, she sighed as her eyes fell to the floor, "I already miss you…"

Mikey felt her answer slowly sink in, it was the answer he'd so wanted to hear but he was suddenly unsure of how to deal with it. He watched her staring at her feet for a moment before carefully shifting towards her and gently lifting her face to look at him. He pushed her hair behind her ears and wondered for a second how the hell they'd ended up here, before leaning in slowly and brushing his lips against hers. 

He felt her body tense in shock before she relaxed into his arms and began to kiss him back. As they fell back onto the bed and he held her in his arms he smiled softly to himself. 

As the early morning sunlight broke through a gap in the curtains and streamed into the room Mikey blinked his eyes open, rolling over to turn away from the light his heart stopped when he saw the long dark hair splayed across the pillow beside him. He always had loved to watch her sleep. 

He gently stroked her cheek, careful not to wake her, and smiled to himself. He was drifting back to sleep with her in his arms when his eyes fell on the clock beside her bed. 

He mentally kicked himself for not having set an alarm and climbed out of bed silently. He scrawled a note on a pad of paper and put it on the pillow beside Toni 's sleeping head before tip toeing out of the room. 

A wave of guilt hit him as he saw Matt asleep on the sofa, his huge body at an uncomfortable angle with his feet hanging off the end. He shook his shoulder, "Time to go… I was supposed to be ready to leave the hotel half an hour ago." 

Matt jumped to his feet and they both pulled their mobile phones from their pockets, before laughing at each other. 

"You better call Dave." Mikey smiled, nothing was going to ruin his high after waking up beside the woman he loved, "He's less likely to kill you over the phone." 

Mikey smiled into the kitchen as he saw Amanda sitting at the kitchen table, "Morning!" he called as he ran past. He was late enough as it was without having to stop for a chat. 

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