While The World is Going Crazy

He had gotten weird fanmail before but these were serious threats...


14. Chapter Fourteen

Toni smiled as she woke up and rolled over in bed to see Mikey lying beside her. Her head was still a mess, she was still confused and terrified by what had happened, how someone so close to her had turned out to be so different to the person she was certain she knew, but for the first time in weeks she woke up feeling like things might finally be on the up, like she had a reason to get out of bed. 

Mikey ’s eyes opened slowly and he pulled Toni into his arms as he saw her lying beside him. 

“Morning beautiful.” he smiled as he kissed her. 

“Morning.” Toni smiled back and sighed gently, “It’s weird but I feel like… I dunno like today’s the start of something.” 

“…the start of something good.” Mikey finished. 

He pulled her closer to him and smiled as he looked into her eyes, he was leaning towards her slowly ready to kiss her again when the phone beside his bed put an abrupt halt to his plans for the morning. 

Mikey reached over wearily and lifted the phone from it’s cradle, “Hello?” 

Mikey it’s Dave, I’ve got something you need to see.” Dave spoke quickly, “Get dressed I’ll be in your room in five.” 

Dave hung up before Mikey could say anything. 

He ran his hands through his hair and shook his head gently as he smiled wryly at Toni , “Maybe the good stuff starts tomorrow?” 

“What now?” Toni sighed as she watched Mikey climb out of bed and begin to dress. 

Mikey shrugged as he pulled a t-shirt on over his head, Toni took the hint and pulled herself out of bed and threw a tracksuit on before scraping her hair back into a pony tail. She was pouring two mugs of coffee when there was a knock at the bedroom door. She pulled another mug out and filled it with steaming coffee as Dave walked into the room. 

“Morning.” he smiled uncomfortably as he handed Mikey a neatly folded newspaper. 

Toni watched as Mikey ’s eyes scanned the pages in front of him, and her heart sank as she saw the look on his face. Today definitely wasn’t the start of anything good. 

“What’s going on now?” she walked towards Mikey and began to read over his shoulder. 

The photo grabbed her attention first, a picture of her Amanda and Mikey , pissed out of their minds, laughing and fooling around in front of the camera. She had no idea when it had been taken, it could have been any of hundreds of nights out together. Her eyes skimmed the headline as she quickly tried to take in the gist of the article. 

Love Triangle - Mikey and his on off girlfriend have become entangled in a messy love triangle of the like more often seen in Albert Square or on Coronation Street…

The article went on and on, but it read all wrong. They had all the information about the letters, the phone calls, the threats against Mikey ’s family, it was all there splashed across the pages for all and sundry to see, but there were embellishments that made Toni ’s stomach churn, a sordid affair between Mikey and Amanda , cat fights between the girls, and more lies than Toni could ever have imagined. 

When she finished reading she stepped away from Mikey and glanced at Dave, “Where do they get this stuff? How do they make all this crap up?” 

“Sorry.” Dave shrugged. 

Toni looked at Mikey but he was speechless himself. 

Today really wasn’t the day for new beginnings.

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