While The World is Going Crazy

He had gotten weird fanmail before but these were serious threats...


15. Chapter Fifteen

Toni looked down at the bags in her hands as she stepped out of the lift, she went shopping to make her feel better, to try and forget about the last few weeks, but all she’s managed to do was max out three credit cards and a pair of aching feet to her list of problems. 

Things weren’t much brighter when she looked up and saw two policemen leaving Mikey ’s room, they nodded politely at her as they walked past and she managed a gentle smile. She paused outside Mikey ’s door and took a deep breath, she wanted to run away from all of this, the police, the memories, the guilt twisting her up inside because it was her friend that had done this to Mikey , done this to her, she wanted to run away from everything. But she had nowhere to go, her flat held just as many reminders. 

Finally, shaking her head she slid her key card into the lock and stepped into the room. 

Mikey smiled as he looked up and saw her in the doorway, “Looks like you had fun!” he gestured at the bags in her arms. 

Toni shrugged and flung them onto the floor as she sat down beside him on the bed, “More debt than a third world country - not my idea of fun!” she laughed as she kicked off her shoes. 

Mikey reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of twenty pound notes, pushing them towards Toni , “My treat.” 

Toni pushed his hand away, “No it bloody isn’t!” she shook her head at him and rubbed her aching feet, “Anyway, what were the police doing here?” 

Mikey sighed softly, “They want to know if I’ll be pressing charges against Amanda .”

Toni froze, there was hesitation in his voice and she didn’t like the sound of it, “And what did you say?” 

Mikey shrugged, “I said I’d think about it…”

“You what?” Toni stood up and flung her arms up in frustration, “Of course you will! She’s a bloody nut bag and you need to keep her as far away from you as possible! If that involves steel bars and armed guards then so be it, she’s brought it on herself.” 

Mikey waited for Toni to calm down enough and sit back down beside him, he reached out and gently took his hand in hers, “I told them I needed to talk to you, see what you think… although I guess that’s obvious.” 

Toni nodded, “Yes!” she snapped, “I want her as far away from you and me as possible!” 

Mikey ran his fingers through her hair and ran his fingers over her cheek, “I dunno… I just don’t know. I mean she’s obviously messed up, don’t you think she needs help, psychiatric help?” 

Toni shook her head and fixed Mikey with a firm glare, “Yes she does, and I’m sure she’ll get it once she’s convicted.” 

They sat in silence, alone with their own thoughts. 

Eventually Toni wrapped her arms around Mikey ’s waist and pulled him towards her, “Mikey , that stuff they found in her room, all those pictures, all that stuff she’d written about me… it scares me. It scares the hell out of me.” “I know… I know.” Mikey kissed the top of her head, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” 

Toni smiled and looked up at him, “Can we talk about something else?” 

Mikey nodded and smiled cheekily, “Football?” 

Toni laughed and pulled a pillow from behind her, whacking him over the head with it. She needed to let off steam and as they fell about wrestling with each other she spent the first moment of the day feeling free, thinking about nothing more taxing that beating Mikey over the head with a pillow. 

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