Two best friends who do everything together have to separate when one's parents get a new job far away.. but when they both find new best friends they both realize they can't stay best friends forever... they become completely new people that the other doesn't recognize and start fighting. Can they still be long distance friends or will the new selves get the best of them?


2. Chapter 2: Quinn

     I can't believe Tracy's mom finally got a job! They're practically drowning in poverty.  "Quinn...can I talk to you...privately." Tracy says to me sadly.  "Hm?" I go into the other room with Tracy.  "My mom got a job!" She says unexcitedly.  "Yeah that's gr-" I start.  "In Italy." Tracy finishes.  "WHAT! BUT YOU AND I...BUT BUT!" I stammer.  We've known each other since child birth I just can't loose my best friend.  She's my best friend and I never bothered to make other friends.  I hug Tracy.  "When do you leave...?" I ask.  "This summer..." Tracy finishes.  "So... in a month?" I say sadly.  "Might as well start packing your room..." Tracy says sadly.  "Ok..." I go to my wonderful room.  It's painted blue with white swirls.  I always painted little pictures.  I had a bed, desk and a walk in closet.  It was Tracy's mother's son's room before her husband took him in the divorce.  I start cleaning the paintings sadly and I start to clean off the desk.  Tracy walks in my room and hugs me quickly.  "Quinn... you're always my best friend no matter what..." Tracy says to me, tears flowing down her cheek.  I hug Tracy super tight.  "Lets make the best of this month..." I say to Tracy.  "Mhmm" She says nodding as I hug her.  I try my best to keep my tough face but it's too hard.  My voice breaks as I hug Tracy tighter.  "One month..." 

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