Two best friends who do everything together have to separate when one's parents get a new job far away.. but when they both find new best friends they both realize they can't stay best friends forever... they become completely new people that the other doesn't recognize and start fighting. Can they still be long distance friends or will the new selves get the best of them?


19. Chapter 19: Tracy

        I punch numbers into my phone.  "What's going on Trace?" "We're going for a drive." I say, angrily.  "Okay, can you drive? I mean legally?" He asks.  "Uh, i'm 15 I got a permit."  "True. But don't you need a licensed driver with you?" he asks.  "I won't get caught." I said, simply, as my friend who I called pulls up my old car.  "Oh I love this baby, one quick ride before we leave?" "Sure." Carlos says, smiling.  

        "WHOO HOO!" I have the convertible head open, and me and Carlos are on the highway throwing our hands up.  I turn into an old abandoned town and I speed up a bit.  "TRACE SLOW DOWN!"  "WHY?!" I shout, looking in front of me.  I see a car speeding up towards us, I hit the breaks fast but it's too late.  That car was the last thing I saw before me and Carlos passed out.  

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