Two best friends who do everything together have to separate when one's parents get a new job far away.. but when they both find new best friends they both realize they can't stay best friends forever... they become completely new people that the other doesn't recognize and start fighting. Can they still be long distance friends or will the new selves get the best of them?


15. Chapter 15: Tracy

      Four dreadful words ring in my ears.   "We're going to America!" And the next 3 hurt my ears even more.  "To visit Quinn!" And guess what 9 more words of Satan.  "You guys get to hang out for a week! And just when I thought she couldn't ruin my mood anymore she said 6 more words of hell and exactly 21 letters.  "You, get to bunk with Quinn!"  Well, I hate Quinn and Quinn hates me.  So might as send me to hell and make me meet Satan, but no...something worse is happening.  I gotta see Quinn.  We were supposed to see each other a mouth after I moved.  "Can I take Carlos?" I ask.  "Sure!" my mom says ethustically.  And then 6 hours later, i'm in hell. 

     "It's going to be okay!" Carlos says to me ethusically.  He squeezes my hand and we knock on Quinn's door.  I hear some moaning so I look in through the window.  GROSS!  Quinn and Jordan were having a make out session, gag me.  I burst in.  "What's up losers." I say.  Quinn stops her kiss and glares at me.  "Jordy, Go upstairs with Taylor." She batts her eyelashes, flips her blonde hair with a pink streak now.  She pulls down her skirt after looking at Carlos, and she pulls up her strapless shirt which was actually showing the top of her nipples.  "Quinn... oh my god." I exclaim.  "That's Quinn?" Carlos says, in shock.  "This is not at all how you described her..." he said.  "Listen boos, I rule the house now.  Trace, there are no carbs at our house at all!" She said, probably trying to push away the fact we hate each other.  "Quinny!" I exclaim.  I hug Quinn as my mom enters.  "It has been forever!" I'm covering up, probably the second sluttiest outfit in America.  I throw my hoodie over her, which reaches down her legs.  She flips her hair, taking her curled hair out of the hoodie.  I smile at my mom and I drag Quinn into the bathroom.  "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!" I scream.  "Uh, an outfit?" She says, acting confused.  "Ugh, whatever."  I drag Carlos up to Quinn's room.  "Uh no, you're staying in the nursery." "The...nursery?" I say.  I walk to the nursery as I groan.  There's not even a human bed.  

    I sleep on the dog bed, it's so uncomfortable.  Carlos is sleeping in the crib.  Yes, I let my boyfriend sleep in the cramped crib.  "Carlos..." "Yes Trace?" he says.  He wakes up and yawns.  "Wanna sleep downstairs instead?" "Yeah Trace.  " We walk downstairs to see a shocking face.  "Why hello Tracy."

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