Two best friends who do everything together have to separate when one's parents get a new job far away.. but when they both find new best friends they both realize they can't stay best friends forever... they become completely new people that the other doesn't recognize and start fighting. Can they still be long distance friends or will the new selves get the best of them?


11. Chapter 11: Tracy

      My phone is falling to the floor in slow motion.  Carlos catches it and yells at me.  "Sorry, Carlos my mind is in another place." I shake my head in shock.  Quinn was making out with Jordan Mason.  THE JORDAN MASON!  I still like Carlos, it's just she betrayed me.  I can't help but have a mix of emotions.  Betrayal, Jealousy, Love.  My page is opened on instagram, i'm on Taylor's account.  I call up Quinn.  After yelling at her I scream.  "Cross your heart, hope to die.  Gotta stick a needle in your eye."  I hang up angrily.  

      "SIENNA!" "Ciao!" She says, smiling at me.  Sienna hugs me.  I hug Sienna and fill her in on everything.  She nods.  After a while of talking she smiles at me.  "I've come up with a reasonal physological conclusion." She says smiling.  "hm?" I ask her hopefully.  "Quinn sounds like a bitch."  "SIENNA!" I spray Sienna.  She gasps in shock.  She grabs one of the hair spray bottles and sprays at me like crazy.  "AGH!" I spray her more with water.  Her shop is closed right now so it's 'legit'.  I grab one of the tubs and dump the water on her head.  She gasps.  I can't help but burst out laughing.  She dumps out the spray bottles on me and I gasp.  "OH IT'S ON SISTER!" "Bring it." She smirks.  We start throwing products at each other.  

      By the end of the day, we completely messed up the hair salon.  "Oh." I simply say.  "I gotta pay for all of this." Sienna sighed.  "Sorry." I say to her, I hang my head down.  She grabs me and picks me up.  "AGH!" I didn't realize how little I weighed.  "Nope, band aids don't fix bullet holes.  " "Oh no."  She smirks.  I cover my eyes as she throws me into the tub.  "AGH!" If I wasn't wet before, I am now.  It splashes on Sienna, luckily.  I get out of the tub, clothes soaking wet.  I splash water on Sienna.  "DON'T DO THIS!" She says dramatically.  We both fall on the floor laughing.  "Oh my god, we'll never do this again.  Promise me." I say to Sienna.  "I promise." I roll over, completely forgetting about everything.  

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