How a Star Got a Name

A fairy tale about a lonely little star and how it got its name.


1. How a star got a name


Once upon a time, in the indigo sky, there lived a white star. It was so tiny it could barely illuminate anything down on the earth. Other stars didn't want to talk or play with it, so it was usually left alone in the wide welkin.

Every day, it observed the dark earth, trying to occupy itself so it wouldn't think of sad things. The tree tops, being of a friendly kind, swayed in the wind, greeting the little star. It would smile at them with its bright smile, and they would always answer the little star with a rustle of their leaves.

However, one day, when thick clouds hid the earth, the tiny star felt so lonely that it began to cry. Its tears, which were as transparent as only the water in a clear stream, flowing down a mountainside, could be, fell down on the earth and, hardening, they turned into small crystals.

The poor little start was crying hard without the hope of stopping.

Because of that, Madam Moon finally heard it and pitied the star. She was like a mother to all of them. She asked the sad star softly, “What's wrong, dear? Why are you crying?”

“No one wants to play with me because I'm so small that even the smallest bug on the earth will look like a giant compared to me,” the star answered. “The trees were the only ones to talk to me, but now the clouds hid them and I'm left completely alone.”

It cried and cried until there were only dried sobs left. Madam Moon tried her best to calm down the little star.

“Does nobody want to play with me because I'm so useless that I can't even illuminate anything down there?” the star asked. “I'm not as big as You are. People always are happy with You when they can see in the dark with Your light.”

“There is no need to be big in order to be useful. I'm sure there is something which you are good at,” answered Madam Moon.

The white star wanted to believe her so much; however, in the state, it was now, the Moon's words were hardly believable.

Soon the clouds cleared the sky, and the star could see what was happening on the earth again. However, the tree tops didn’t wave the star as they usually did. They looked rather worried and whispered among themselves.

“What happened?” asked the tiny star. And the trees murmured back, begging it for help. “But how can I help you?” The star was puzzled.

Suddenly, a lonely weeping was heard. The trees hurried to rustle with their leaves. They were trying to calm down and help a child who had got lost in a thick forest during the day. He didn't know the way out of it and was wandering about for a long time. The child was tired and hungry; he could barely move his small legs.

So, he was about to give up. The child was so tiny how could he find the way by himself?

The kind star pitied the child. However, it didn't know how to help.

Until finally an idea struck it. The tiny star gathered all its strength to shine. Maybe, its light was not big enough to illuminate things below as that of the Moon’s, but it was as bright as the sunlight. The star sparkled in the indigo sky so it was clearly seen from the earth.

The child looked above and didn't feel as lonely as before. He followed the star until he reached the edge of the forest. A worried mother embraced her child, who was telling her a story about the helpful star.


Since then our tiny star realized how wise Madam Moon was. It continued to sparkle happily in the wide welkin, showing the way to lost wayfarers. And to express their gratitude, they gave the bright star a name, dearly calling it the North Star.



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