Frosted Wolves

Our names are April and Hope and we are wolves.
Its in our nature to be kind.
But know this:
When it comes to protecting our friends, family and hearts.
Do not trifle with us:
For we are the most powerful and relentless creatures you'll ever know.


2. Different

Hope's P.O.V

The way I see it life is made up of three simple things. Past, present and future. These three concepts of life is what makes every individual different from each other. Your past defines who you were, your present defines who you are and your future defines who your going to be. People may believe that a person is different due to the way they look or by the personality they pursue. Though people are able to look alike or even have the same personality, but nobody has lived the exact same life as another which makes us different.

I am woken from my slumber when I hear my drunken mother screaming my name, "Hope! Get your lazy ass out of bed and start doing your chores!" Still half asleep I stare at my clock which reads 7:15 AM. Shit. The pack wake in half an hour and I haven't started preparing their breakfast. I run down stairs and straight towards the kitchen but run into my mother. She yelps while trying to regain her balance.

"You stupid little girl!" she screams "I'm disgusted by your behavior! How is true that I have raised a daughter who's a complete idiot?" She asks with rage in her eyes. I know the questions she asks is rhetorical but I can't fight the urge to answer back, even though I know the consequences that will follow my reckless action.

"Unfortunately I had to get it from somebody." I yell back, my hands balling into fits.

"Excuse me?" She stares at me waiting for my reply.

"You heard me." I lower my voice and move closer to her and whisper in her ear "I would say it again but I don't want to embarrass you in front of your pack." and that's the point where she hits me right across the face. I flinch and my hand grips my face in pain. I should be used to the physical abuse my mother gives me but this one hurt a shit load more then the other times. 

"I'm disgusted to have raised a daughter like you. On your 18th birthday your no longer welcome in this pack for I, nor anyone else wants to deal with your pathetic way anymore." She snickers. This isn't good, having no pack means going rogue. No rouge lives long on their own.

"You can't kick your own daughter out of the pack!" I plead.

"I as Alpha can do as I please." She shows no emotion in her dark toned face, her brown eye show no pain either. "You are 18 in 2 days, after that your no longer welcome on this territory. Do I make myself clear?" I nod "If any pack member finds you on my territory I will have them kill you, without a second thought." With that she walks out of the room making me feel more lonely then ever.


April's P.O.V

My phone buzzes on my bed side table and its a message from Hope. 

From Hope (7:20AM - Friday)

I have a problem.

To Hope (7:21AM- Friday)

What happened? You okay?

From Hope (7:23AM- Friday)

My mother kicked me out of the pack. I have to go rogue.

To Hope (7:23AM - Friday)

Your mother did WHAT? Don't worry, coming over right now! 

From Hope (7:25AM - Friday)

No, just meet me at the park ASAP. Already waiting.

And with that I turned off my phone and raced out the door.

I have always despised Hope's mother for treating her own daughter in such a cruel way. The reason only still in this pack because of Hope. I've wanted to leave a few times but I couldn't run away from my best friend. I never had the courage to leave her alone in a pack where everyone has so much hatred for her. I've always felt this strong bond between us, when were separated from each other my wolf yearns for her and I know she feels the same. Only neither of us know the reason why we have such a strong bond, but honestly i'm grateful for it. 

I don't understand why her mother is so heartless towards her. I don't understand why she'd kick her daughter out of the pack when she's so close to her transformation. On our 18th birthday's our inner wolf finally comes out which makes us able to shift into a fully grown wolf, meaning we can swap to either a human form or wolf form as we please. The year you turn 18 is the hardest year of your life because during this time we also find our mates. Your mate is the one person who should always be willing to die for you and via versa. Not only that but a mate is someone you should trust, someone you can tell everything too. I just don't understand why her mother is torturing her, she doesn't deserve this. I would do anything to take her place. 

Hope's P.O.V

I see April making her way down to the park in full sprint, her light blue eyes focused directly on me. She has to be one of the most prettiest wolves in the pack, attracting everyone's attention. Her brown, straight hair sits blow her shoulders and always let loose, her olive skin, flawless. When she stands next too me I feel pathetic, weak. She's so brave and generous, being the only wolf in the pack who actually gives a shit about me. I truly admire her for that. 

As she approaches she pulls me into her embrace, hugging me tight and not saying a word. We stand there for a while. All I can smell is her strong aroma of vanilla and sweat. She pulls away but keeps her hands placed on my shoulders, giving me support.

"What happened?" she asks with concern in her voice and I explain everything from the start. Once finished I realise her hands are no longer on my back but  at clenched  her sides. Her eyes full of anger and her breath is heavy.

"Why would she do that? She's going to make you shift by yourself! What kind of mother does such a thing?" She exclaims.

"I-I don't know." Tears fill my eyes but I hold them back. "I have to go-." she cuts me off

"I'm coming with you."  

"I don't want you to do that." She was about to protest but I simply cut her off. "Your 18 on the same day as me, an hour earlier to be exact and I don't want you to go through what I will."

"Does it look like I care? You are not going through the woods by yourself, you'll get killed by hunters or another pack!" She screams but calms herself down. "I can't believe you even had the thought that I wasn't going to come with you." She sighs. Guiit swells my stomach.

"Fine! But I'm not wasting another second of my life under my mothers orders. I'm leaving tonight." She nods "We need  to find our mates so our shift will be easier."

"Agreed." She says without hesitation. 

"Let's head out at 8:00 PM, dark. Come and meet me back here with supplies." I say, she nods and we both go our separate ways. 




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