Nothing is as it Seems

A Naruto + Soul Eater crossover

For an extra-circular lesson and to investigate further Kishin egg activity, Maka, Soul, Blackstar, and the others participate in the Chunin Exams. As they go through this strange new land with strange new rules, they discover the shinobi world is more that meets the eye.

In the Naruto world, takes place in the chunin exams at the start of the series. (My personal favorite arc)


4. 1. Arriving at Konohagakure

Hey! So I apologize for the long and laggy update–I kinda lost my mojo and spent my time trying to do the third exam for no reason. So for something special, I'm going to start the new chapter right away after I post!

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1. Arriving at Konohagakure

“So is this it?” Maka asked, pointing at the gate.

“Yes,” Stein answered. “We have arrived at Konohagakure, or the Hidden Leaf Village. And quite late compared to the original plan. Mainly because of you, Kid.” Kid had refused to met with the others right before they left untill he checked if all of his house was symmetrical. Which it was. And somehow, he was done at exactly eight o’clock.

“Well,” said Kid, ignoring what Stein just said. “What’s the plan?”

“We’ll first check in at the inn reserved for visitors in the chunin exams. Then, you guys can explore, but remember, the weapons must stay in weapon form. We don’t want them knowing that we are actually made up of seven students, not three. It may give us some unwanted attention.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, get on with it! A big star like me can’t afford to wait and listen!” Blackstar urged impatiently.

“But I’m done,” Stein countered.


“Follow me,” He led them further past the gate and into the village.

“It’s quite different from Death City,” commented Soul loudly, still in his scythe form.

“Shh,” Maka hissed. “We don’t want people hearing you.”

Eventually they were led up to a building that somewhat resembled an inn–if Blackstar’s ever seen an inn–but he probably did and forgot.

“We’re checking in here.” Stein announced.

When Maka got closer, she could see a brochure taped up on the door with big letters, saying, RESERVED ONLY FOR FOREIGN CHUNIN EXAMS CHALLENGERS–CHECK IN FOR FREE

“Well, we found the right place,” Kid said, who had also read the sign. “Nice, it’s free. I don’t even know their currency anyways.”

They entered, and Kid found himself staring at two teams, from around the Elemental Nations, he supposed, checking in. They were dressed in all different styles–none which were actually symmetrical–and wearing different forehead protectors too. The team in the front had a symmetrical pattern of something that kind of looked like an hourglass that he recognized as the Sand Village symbol on their headbands and the other team had four straight, symmetrical lines that was the Rain Village symbol. The Leaf Village founders definitely didn’t have a taste for symmetry but the Sand and Rain do, thought Kid.

“So this is how people are like,” said Maka quietly. “There’s quite a lot of strong souls here–I mean, powerful chakra here. Like those three.” She pointed to the team and jonin at the front of the desk. “From the Sand Village, Sunagakure.” 

“And what about them?” asked Kid reluctantly. 

“They’re very strong. Especially the middle one.”

“The eyeliner?” squaked Blackstar. 

Everyone from the Suna team, Maka, and Kid turned at glared at him. And maybe even the weapons. The other team snickered. He thought if they glared any longer kunai would’ve shot out of their eyes. And the weapons were most likely glaring too.

“Blackstar,” Tsubaki groaned quietly, but loud enough for the rest of the DWMA team to hear.

Blackstar chuckled apprehensively. 

“We’re sorry!” Maka called, waving Soul around. “He’s prone to speaking his mind at all times. It can be rude!”

The Amegakure nin snickered again.

Then he spoke. His voice was deep and low, but he spoke so clearly that everyone in the check-in part of the inn could hear it. Mainly because it became so quiet. “Stay out of my way or I’ll kill you.” It was menacing and Maka decided she wouldn’t mess with him. Even Blackstar shut up.

The secretary nodded and said nervously, “Room 12,” She looked up. “Next!” The Amegakure nin waiting stood up, went to the front and the DWMA team went behind them as nothing had happened. 

“Name?” she asked.

“Franken Stein,” he said. “I’m their jonin.” She nodded. 


“Maka Albarn,” she replied confidently. Maka was about to gesture to Soul, but she stopped herself. Nodding, the secretary wrote it down. Maka stepped out to the side.


“Death the Kid,” Kid said. The secretary raised an eyebrow. Blackstar snickered. However, she still write it down.

“Make sure it’s written down neatly and organized. Make the symmetrical letters symmetrical and the lines even.” Kid instructed.

He just had to mention that, thought Liz.


“Blackstar! I’m the biggest star around here!” he exclaimed. “You must’ve heard of me!”

She shook her head. “Village of origin?” 

“Shigakure,” answered Stein.

“Room 13,”

The DWMA team left for the hallway.

“Dammit,” Kid muttered. “We didn’t get a room with the number eight. However, the number one can be symmetrical and three is symmetrical if you cut it horizontally. And we got a room next to the sand nin. Let’s hope Blackstar doesn’t crash into the walls.” 

“Or you in one of your asymmetrical breakdowns,” added Liz. Patty found it amusing and she started giggling loudly.

“Shh,” hissed Kid to both of them.

“This should be it,” said Stein. He opened the door and he looked inside. It was a small room, with only two beds, a couch, and a small bathroom.

“The size might be a problem,” commented Tsubaki.

“There's eight of us and two can be on each of the beds and four will be left out. One could squish on the couch, maybe two. Two or three would have to be on the floor.” calculated Maka.

Soul transformed into human form and quickly closed the door. “I’ll take couch and nominate Blackstar for the floor.”

“Hey!” he protested.

“Well, actually I was thinking Soul and I would take one of the beds.” said Maka. “We don’t think it’s too strange.”*

Soul nodded. “But Professor Stein for the couch. Nobody wants to sleep with him, I bet.”

Eventually they decided for Maka and Soul to take one bed, Patty and Liz in another, Stein on the couch, and Kid, Tsubaki, and Blackstar to take the floor. Kid searched the bathroom for some towels, got a extra pillow, and found himself a comfortable spot in the floor. Tsubaki and Blackstar did the same.

“Now you guys have all afternoon to explore and tomorrow too for the others to come.” said  Stein. “I’ll be seeing of anything strange is going on.” The students nodded. He soon left and quickly closed the door behind him.

“I want to go sightseeing,” said Maka. 

Blackstar nodded. “I’ll go around the village will Maka, showing off how awesome I am!” He flexed his muscles and laughed. Tsubaki sighed, exasperated. 

“I’ll be coming with Blackstar, just in case he–you know.” she said. Maka nodded.

“I’m coming too,” added Soul. He looked at Stein’s expression and quickly added, “In weapon form, of course.” Stein nodded. 

“I’m coming too, said Kid. “I want to see this village’s taste in symmetry and evaluate possible competitors.” He looked at Liz, who was running her hand through her hair in an attempt to untangle her knots and Patty, who was strangling her stuff giraffe that Kid had no idea how it got included in her luggage. Liz shrugged. Patty nodded.

“Looks like we’re all coming,” said Maka. “Be sure not to leave anything valuable in the room.”

Kid gasped. “It’s–it’s perfect! Perfect symmetry!”

“Why would you say that? It’s not symmetrical.” said Liz.

“Definition number two. And plus, the proportion and balance on the carvings is perfect!” Kid cried. “Whoever did this is a genius!” He went down on his knees.

“Is he normally like this?” asked a voice. They turned around. There was a young man with gray hair–the hair color was not because of age–tied in a ponytail. He wore a friendly expression with round glasses and a Konohagakure headband. He wore a dark purple garm. “I’m Kabuto Yakushi. What’s your name?”

“Um,–” Maka began, but she was interrupted.

“YAHOO!!” Blackstar cried. They flashed around to see the familiar figure of Blackstar standing on top of the momument. “I, BLACKSTAR, DECLARE THAT I’M THE BIGGEST STAR IN THIS VILLAGE!!” He started laughing cockily. 

“So that’s were he went,” said Kid.

It took Soul a lot of effort to not transform into human form and start clapping sarcastically. This “extracurricular lesson” was turning out quite different from what he expected. Soul was expecting this to be a fighting exam where he and Maka show off their Witch Hunter and other moves. But so far all he had to do was stay in weapon form and nothing else. And they haven’t been told what was going to be in the exam, but it didn’t look like even Professor Stein knew. Not cool. 

“Soul…” whispered the Red Demon. “Don’t listen to them. Unleash your powers and make them tell you.”

“Shut up,” he growled. “I don’t need to know that bad.”

Kabuto chuckled lightly. “You know, I know of someone in this village that’s a lot like your friend up there. As I was saying, what’s your name?” 

Maka frowned. “Well, I–”

Thankfully, she was interrupted for the second time that day by Blackstar. “I’M BLACKSTAR!!” he yelled of the top of the Hokage monument. “I’M THE BIGGEST STAR HERE!!” Kabuto chuckled again.

Kid found it all strange that he was asking names. It didn’t quite fit. He could may as well be in the exam, and was working to eliminate foreign competitors with some power like a Death Note. Maybe he had a Death Note. Checking that all of Kabuto’s attention was focused on Blackstar, he leaned over to Maka and whispered, “Something’s not quite right,”

“Neither do I,” she replied. “I actually was about to tell you the same thing. But Blackstar’s too oblivious to know that, and he just wants to show off.”

Tsubaki, wasn’t having too great of a time up on top of the monument. She wasn’t a big fan of heights, and having to hear Blackstar yell so loudly was getting to her ears. “Blackstar,” she said quietly. “I think you put on a good of a show already. Maybe it’s time for you head down.” Blackstar pouted. 

“Really? So soon already?” Tsubaki nodded and they began the way down.

Maka sighed. “Maka Albarn,”

“Death the Kid–but call me Kid,” Kid hoped he didn’t have a Death Note.

Blackstar hopped down. “Hey! What did I miss?” 

Kid shrugged. “Not too much,”

“He has funny hair,” said Patty.

. o O o .

Kabuto smirked. Reluctantly, but they gave out at least some information. Grabbing the cards out of his pocket, he drew out three blank ones. Maka Albarn, Shigakure, scythe wielder. Death the Kid, Shigakure, double gun wielder. Blackstar, Shigakure, ninja chain wielder. 

All was falling right into Orochimaru-sama’s plans. 



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