Mermaid Diaries

Aquamarine Blue. She is the most perfect girl,in the ocean. She has a diary. But,what will happen when she falls in love?


1. Ocean Blue.


Dear Diary, hello my name is Aquamarine Blue. I'm 16. I'm a mermaid. Today I visited my momma. Momma and dad split up. I have three other siblings. Ava, Marina,and Kevin. They live with my dad. I'm super glad. Haha!

My siblings don't like seeing my mom. My mom spoiled me,today. Guess what?! She took me to the human land. That's right. But, momma and I had to stay on a rock though. It's so beautiful. My dad doesn't like the human land. He literally hates it.

My nickname is Aqua. Or it is,A. My last name is,Blue. I'm the only one with blue and green tail. The difference between humans and mermaids,is that we have a tail. But,there is something else too. Our eye color is an bright aqua color. Some have hazel. Or green. Our eye color is always bright.

Some merman's call me the perfect angel. They were all literally drooling. Here is a cup of water,because you are thirsty. They started to laugh. Ha! One merman asked where was his water. Haha! I said "You're swimming in it!" 😂😂

They left after at. Next,weekend I'm going to my dad's. He lives in the Dead Sea. So,I have to swim at the way. I live in the Pacific. Ugh. But, at least I get to see my best friend! Her name is Sharkala Shark. Yes,she is a shark. Why? You scared of sharks? She is SUPER nice! I have cousins that I might stop by on the way. They are Dolphins. My favorite cousin is Darla. Doll.


Dear Diary, mom helped me pack. I have to live with my dad for spring break. A WHOLE week! Ugh! School,was boring than ever! We learned how to not scratch our tales. I already know those things!

I left home today. Hard to say bye to my mom. I will miss her. I'll come back. I know that. But,I haven't seen my dad in a long time. I'm nervous. Actually nervous. I'm turning shy now.

I started to swim away from home. I thought I was going to puke. Then,I turned around and saw SHARKALA! We hugged. We had a big conversation about the sea. I told her where I was going. Then,I left.

I kept swimming for miles and miles. Then I stopped at my cousins house. The live in Carol Reef. They weren't home though. I swam through the ocean for a long time. Finally,I got to Dead Sea.

I was very anxious to see my family. I looked over at the beach,there were a lot of humans. I turned around and saw my dad! He yelled at me for coming above the water. I rolled my ankle eyes and gave a big hug.

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