Don't Let Her In, Don't Let Her See


It had been three years since King Elric returned to Arendelle and his people. Things had become peaceful, followed by great excitement at the announcement of Andrew's marriage to Kristina. As if planning a wedding wasn't stressful enough, Elric now has to deal with a visiting Lord and his two daughters. Elric knows the man's intentions; one of his daughters catches his eye, gets married to the young King, and receives wealth and status in return. He won't be played for a fool.


2. Riding Lessons

"That Katherine certainly seemed to like you," Andrew teased as he and his brother made their way outside to check on the alter decorations, "wouldn't you say?"

Elric chuckled, "Really? I hadn't noticed."

"You know, you really should think of marrying-"

"Let me stop you right there," the elder brother held up a hand to silence his sibling, "I have no intention of marrying anyone. Not until I get my powers under control."

Andrew gave a sad sigh, "Still having trouble?"

"Just when I think I've got it handled, something happens," Elric frowned, "I can't risk hurting someone...especially someone I might care about."

Avoiding the king's gaze, Andrew gazed around for anything else to talk about.

"Hey," he raised a confused eyebrow, "isn't that Erica?"

Following his brother's gaze, Elric blinked in surprise to see the youngest Belrond daughter leaning against the paddock gates. She watched the horses as they pranced about, a large smile on her face.

"What is it with girls and horses?"

Elri chuckled, "You do remember your fiance has a reindeer, right?"

"That's not the same thing," Andrew chuckled, "go talk to her!"


"You said you wanted to strengthen the bond between our lands, right?"


"Well?! Go bond! Get to know her a little."

Realizing what his brother meant, Elric sighed and turned to walk towards the dark haired girl. As he came closer to her, he noticed how bright she looked despite her dark skin and hair. She seemed to glow as she watched the animals before her.

"It's not polite to stare," her voice caused him to jump, "your highness."

"Forgive me," he chuckled nervously, taking a step closer, "I couldn't help but notice you standing here alone."

Erica shrugged, "Being alone doesn't bother me. Besides, I'm not alone. Animals are an excellent company."

"Kristina would agree with you," the blonde nodded, smiling, "she lived with a reindeer her entire life."

Smiling, Erica turned to share a gaze with the king. Elric's breath caught in his throat as his eyes met hers.

"Hey," she sighed, rolling her eyes, "just thought I'd warn you, my father only brought me and my sister so that one of us could try courting you."

Blinking in surprise, Elric began to laugh, "And you just told me this?"

"I just wanted to explain my sister's...behavior earlier."

He nodded, "I had a feeling. Honestly, I think it's very smart of your father to try such an act. Weddings often do bring out the best in people."

"Careful," she smirked, leaning towards him, "it brings out the worst in them too."

Chuckling he glanced back into the paddock, noticing his own white mare as she galloped among the others.

"You like horses?"

Erica nodded, "I've never ridden one though."

"You're kidding," Elric raised a curious eyebrow, "I don't think I have ever met a noble woman who didn't know how to ride."

"Well, now you have."

He paused, glancing between her and his horse, "Would you like to learn?"

She blinked in surprise, "You'd teach me to ride?"

"Depends on if you'd like to learn."

"Yes," she exclaimed, earning a laugh from the blonde, "of course I would!"

"Well then," raising his fingers to his lips, he released a sharp whistle into the air, "let's get started."

Erica turned to watch the white mare approach her rider, a beautiful bay mare following close behind. Grabbing their halters, Elric opened the paddock gate and led them to the stables.

"First things first," he smirked, "we have to saddle them."


Erica found that saddling a horse was just as difficult as getting on. Her first attempt she didn't tighten the belt, causing her and the saddle to slide completely upside-down. Elric helped her with the buckles and straps before saddling his own steed. As soon as the black haired girl sat comfortably in her saddle, gripping the horn tightly, he rode up beside her.

"Relax," he said, reaching over and grabbing the bay's reins, "we'll start out slow."

Nodding, Erica took a deep breath, her shoulders falling slightly. Elric led the horses down a stone path which led into town. As they passed, people turned and bowed low. Children waved to Elric, who smiled and waved back. Erica watched everything with a keen eye. His people certainly loved him, despite the stories she had heard. Stories of how Elric had plunged his own land into a never ending winter and nearly killing his own brother by accident.

"You majesty?"

He turned to her with a smile, "Elric, please."

"Elric," she smiled, "is it true what they say? Are you a warlock?"

The blonde tensed, quickly looking away from her, "I was afraid people would talk. Yes, if you must know, I can control snow and ice. Yes, I froze my land. And yes, I nearly killed my little brother. I know what I am, but I am learning to control it."

Blinking in surprise, Erica reached over to lay her hand upon his gloved one. He flinched away, gasping.

"Forgive me," she said quickly, "I didn't mean to upset you."

Nodding, he turned the horses around and began the long trek back towards the castle. They rode in silence, not even looking at one another. Elric felt something in his heart begin to tug at him. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Erica's sullen look. She gazed at the back of her horse's head, though she wasn't truly focusing on it. He sighed, suddenly feeling very ashamed.


Suddenly, a series of wild barking came from the shop to their left. Elric and Erica glanced over in time to see a large snow-woman race from within the store, a large cookie grasped tightly in her stick hand. Behind her was a small dog, barking madly. The snow creature ducked and dodged the animal's teeth, a small cloud which was constantly snowing hovering over her head. Erica watched in fear as they weaved beneath her horse's legs. The bay gave a frightened whinny, yanking her reins out of Elric's hand before taking off towards the neighboring forest.


Spurring his mare into action, Elric took off after the fleeing creature. The wind tore at Erica's hair and dress as she held tightly onto the horse's mane. Breathing heavily, she glanced back to see Elric slowly gaining ground.

"Hang on, Erica!"

"Gee, you think?!"

At that moment, the bay made a sharp right, galloping deeper into the forest. Yanking hard on his steed's reins, the young king followed. He could see her struggling to stay in the saddle, the fear easy to read in her eyes. Glancing up ahead, he felt his blood run cold. A large tree had fallen into the path, blocking the spooked animal's route.

The bay saw the log, giving a frightened neigh before skidding to a halt. The momentum sent Erica flying over the animal's head towards the tree. Gasping, Elric ripped off his glove and threw his hand out before him. Almost at once, a wave of soft snow exploded from his fingertips. It gathered in a large pile, cushioning the woman's fall. She gave a small grunt as she landed upside down in the pile. Though a little cold she was unharmed. Pulling his white mare to a halt, he leaped off her back and raced to Erica's side. Helping her to her feet, he pulled his glove back on and inspected her closely.

"Elric," she breathed, smiling, "are you all right?"

He gazed at her in utter surprise, "I'm not the one you should be worrying about. Erica, you could have been-"

"But I wasn't," she smiled, "thanks to you. I am in your debt, your highness."

Before the king could speak again, the sound of approaching hooves turned their attention to an approaching reindeer. On her back was Andrew, Kristina, and the small snow creature.

"Elric," the redhead slid off the animal's back and ran to his brother's side, "Erica! We heard about what happened. Are you both all right?"

"I'm sorry," Erica glanced down in surprise as the little snow creature began to speak, "I didn't mean to cause trouble."

Smiling, she knelt down and shook her head, "It's all right. No one was hurt. Just try to be careful next time, Miss?"

"Olivia," Elric frowned, "what were you doing in the bakery? You don't need to eat."

"Oh," Olivia hung her head in shame, readjusting the small green flower that had been pinned to one of the sticks on the top of her head, "Andrew told me how busy you've been. He was worried that you weren't eating. I just wanted to help."

Turning towards his little brother, Elric gave a large sigh, "Andrew-"

"My king," Erica quickly interjected, "I believe that is enough riding lessons for one day. I am going to head back up to the palace."

"Of course," he nodded, "please allow me to escort you. Andrew, Kristina, please return the horses to the stables. We will walk back."

Nodding, the pair waited until all three riders were out of sight.

"I am sorry you had to witness that," Elric frowned, turning to gaze back at his pile of snow (which had already begun to melt beneath the summer sun), "are you all right?"

Smiling, she nodded, "You have an amazing gift."

He blinked in surprise, causing her to giggle.

She paused, "I am sorry I upset you earlier. I never intended to."

"No, I should not have overreacted. You were merely curious."

Smiling, she reached down to pick up a large handful of snow. She gazed at it with bright eyes, slowly padding it into a ball. Turning, she smirked at Elric.

He smiled back, "I know what you are thinking, and I'm telling you it's a bad idea."

Laughing, she threw the snowball. It sailed at the king, causing him to duck out of the way.

"Challenging a man who controls snow and ice to a snowball fight," he smirked, "you are either the bravest woman I have ever met or the most foolish."

"Funny how those are often two sides to the same coin," she said as she hurled another snowball at him, "you cannot expect me to allow such perfect snow to go to waste now, can you?"

"I suppose not."

Pulling off his gloves, he unfastened the long, purple cloak from his shoulders and hung it on a nearby branch.

"Just know that I have never lost a snowball fight...ever."


"Where could she be," Katherine scowled, gazing out the window at the setting sun, "it's nearly dinner. She should have been back by now."

Indeed, it had been many hours since Katherine Belrond witnessed her sister being led from the grounds on horseback by the king himself. Envy scorched every inch of her being. That should have been her with Elric. She was the eldest, after all. Was it not her birthright to marry first? What right did Erica have?

"Katherine," Roman did not look up from his book, "you're smoking, darling."

Glancing down at her shoulder she noticed a thick layer of ash coating it, pillars of smoke rising from it. Scowling, she brushed it off and turned back towards the window. Movement by the front gates caught her attention. Elric and Erica walked side by side her arm intertwined with his. both were covered in what appeared to be snow, though it looked like Erica had much more covering her. The pair were laughing. LAUGHING!

Noticing the shift in aura, Roman glanced up to see his eldest daughter encased in an orb of smoke. Sighing, he rolled his eyes and got to his feet.

"Come now, child. We must make sure you are presentable for King Elric tonight."


"You cheated."

He glanced at his companion in mock anguish, "You wound me, Lady Belrond. Did I not warn you that I never lost a snowball fight?"

"A wave of snow is not a snowball!"

"Actually," he smirked as he draped a thick blanket around Erica's shivering shoulders, "if you had looked closer, you would have seen that it was a wave of snowballs."

"King Elric," Erica held her chin high and smiled, "you are, without a doubt, the most insufferable man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing."

"Just wait until you truly get to know me," he said, joining her as she sat beside the fireplace in the front hall, "I'm much worse."

The pair chuckled as Gunther joined them, "Pardon the interruption, your highness, but we must prepare for dinner."

"Of course," turning to Erica he delivered a swift kiss upon the back of her hand, "will I see you there?"

"I doubt I have a choice," she chuckled, "father will insist."

"Then I look forward to our forced reunion."

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