Don't Let Her In, Don't Let Her See


It had been three years since King Elric returned to Arendelle and his people. Things had become peaceful, followed by great excitement at the announcement of Andrew's marriage to Kristina. As if planning a wedding wasn't stressful enough, Elric now has to deal with a visiting Lord and his two daughters. Elric knows the man's intentions; one of his daughters catches his eye, gets married to the young King, and receives wealth and status in return. He won't be played for a fool.


1. Lord Roman and his Daughters

"Isabella," the elderly maid turned and rushed to the side of the young King, "has the florist arrived?"

"Not yet, your majesty," she replied, bowing, "he won't be arriving for another hour or so."

"Right," he sighed, pulling a stray strand of his platinum blonde hair out of his face, "who was supposed to arrive now?"

"The musicians, sire. You told them they could stay at the palace until the wedding."

"Yes, of course. Well, have they arrived yet?"

"They arrived ten minutes ago, your majesty."

"Thank you Isabella. You may return to your duties."

As the woman turned to scurry off, the tall young man gave a tired sigh.

King Elric was a handsome young man with light colored hair, pale skin, and the brightest blue eyes anyone had ever seen. He wore a dark teal and black outfit, matching gloves covered his hands and he wore a pair of tall black boots. His golden crown kept most of his hair in place, the strands freshly brushed and properly styled. How me missed letting his hair smooth itself back across his head in a gorgeous windblown style.

"Elric," smiling, he turned to nod his head in greeting at an approaching couple, "you look frazzled. You okay?"

Forcing a smile, the taller man chuckled, "It's just a wedding. Nothing I can't handle."

The couple shared a perplexed look. The man was shorter than Elric with bright orange hair and beautiful green eyes. A long strip of white hair was easy to see among the fiery strands and freckles covered his face. His companion was shorter with slightly tanned skin, straw colored hair, and light brown eyes. Her nose seemed a little big for her face. And as she gave Elric a knowing smirk, he knew she didn't believe his smile.

"Maybe we shouldn't have put this all on you," the redhead sighed, "I didn't realize it would stress you this much."

"It's fine, Andrew," Elric said, holding up his hands, "I offered to plan your wedding, anyways. You and Kristina don't need to worry about a thing. I've got this handled."

Andrew gave his older brother a frown, "Are you sure you don't want any help?"

"Positive. I promise I'll come to you if I do."

Smiling, Andrew threw his arms around Elric and gave him a squeeze, "What have I done to deserve such a great big brother?"

"Your highness," the trio turned to see a butler approaching them, "your highness?"

"Yes Gunther," Elric nodded his head in greeting, "what is it?"

"Lord Belrond of Degrela has arrived, sire," Gunther said, bowing low, "along with his daughters."

"Daughters," a single white-blonde eyebrow arched, "I was unaware Lord Belrond had children."

"You did invite him to get to know him better," Andrew nodded, "remember? Strengthen bonds with neighboring lands and kingdoms? You made a big speech about it."

Suddenly, the door opened to reveal a tall man wearing gold, black, and red clothes.

Pulling out a scroll, he unrolled it and cleared his throat, "Presenting: Roman Belrond, Lord of Degrela. Accompanying him: Lady Katherine Belrond, eldest daughter of the house of Belrond. Lady Erica Belrond, youngest daughter of the house of Belrond."

Elric gave a sigh as three figures entered the main hall. Leading the group was a tall man with brown hair and eyes. His hair had been combed elegantly back, showing off his almond shaped eyes nicely. He wore a golden vest over a black long sleeve, tan pants, red sash belt, and black boots. His skin was tanned and a small beard had conquered his chin.

Following close behind him was a tall woman Elric's age with the same color hair and eyes her father had. She wore a beautiful golden dress over a long sleeve of a lighter shade. She wore matching shoes and a black belt. Her hair, which appeared to have a natural curl to it, was pulled into a tight bun. Like her father, she too had tan skin and almond shaped eyes.

The last to enter the room was a young woman who appeared closer to Andrew in age. Her tan skin and almond shaped eyes were almost an exact replica of her sister's. However, her long ebony hair hung freely about her. Her dress was a deep red and sleeveless. A black silk belt clung tightly to her waist, and Elric could easily see the black flats covering her feet. The only gold on this woman was a beautiful topaz pendant hanging on a silver chain around her neck.

"Lord Belrond," Elric smiled, bowing, "it is such a pleasure to finally meet you."

Roman Belrond smiled brightly, bowing low before the king, "The pleasure is all mine. I must say, your majesty, I was rather surprised to receive your letter. Your father was never interested in my land's resources."

"My father never saw the multiple uses your resources can bring," the king nodded, "I am just trying to look out for my people."

"But of course," Roman nodded, "my deepest condolences for your loss. I met your parents only once, but I could tell your father was a good man. And your mother, bless her heart, was an angel."

Elric and Andrew shared a sad look.

"But let us not dwell on it," the older man smiled, "this is a happy time," he turned to Andrew and Kristina, "and this must be the happy couple? Congratulations, young man, she is certainly a beautiful bride-to-be."

"Thank you, Lord Belrond-"

"Roman, please. We are all friends here."

"Tell us, Roman," Kristina turned to smile at the silent girls standing side by side behind the lord, "are these your daughters?"

Beaming, Roman took a step back to stand between the girls, an arm wrapped tightly around each one, "My pride and joy. Katherine? Erica? Why not greet our gracious hosts?"

The girls curtsied in unison, smiling.

"My king," the brown haired girl smiled, her eyes fluttering like wings as a blush overtook her cheeks, "I am Katherine Belrond. I'm so pleased to finally meet you."

"Thank you for coming," Elric smiled, gently grabbing her hand to bestow a gentle kiss upon the back of it, "and this must be Erica?"

The black haired girl smiled and nodded, "I am, your majesty."

Kissing the back of her hand, he smiled, "We are so happy you were able to join us for this joyous time."

Erica smiled, "To be honest, I'm just glad to get away from home. I've never been outside of Degrela before."

"I see," Elric said, folding his hands behind his back, "and how are you enjoying Arendelle so far?"

"I've never seen the ocean before," the dark haired girl sighed dreamily, "we're more inland. I've never seen so much water. And the mountains are beautiful. I bet the sunsets are gorgeous."

"All right, Erica," Katherine scowled, pulling her sister back by her arm, "no need to bore him with your rambling."

Elric blinked in surprise, "Actually, I found it rather intriguing. It's nice to hear about my kingdom from visitors."

"Oh," the brunette smiled, her eyes fluttering once again, "well I did enjoy all the shops you have here. Your fashion is so different from ours. It's...rustic. I found it rather adorable."

Confused, Kristina glanced down at her outfit; a vest, long sleeve, trousers, and fur boots (all varying shades of grey). Did they truly think of it as rustic?

"Come now, girls," Roman chuckled, "give the poor boy some space," bowing, he added, "we won't keep you from your duties any longer."

Nodding, Elric smiled and waved Gunther over, "Please escort them to their rooms. We hope you'll enjoy your stay here with us, Roman. Katherine. Erica. It was such a pleasure to meet you all. I do hope you'll join us for dinner later."

"Miss a chance to have dinner with the King of Arendelle," Katherine sighed, blushing madly, "I'll be there."

Giving a nervous chuckle, Elric took a step back. Rolling her eyes, Erica turned to grab one of the bags that her father's assistant had brought in.

"Erica," Katherine scowled, "let one of the servants grab those. It is not fitting for a lady of your stature to carry your luggage."

"Oh yes," her sister smirked, "To think I might actually be able to carry my own bags. Perish the thought."

The king couldn't catch the chuckle that escaped his lips. Quickly hiding it behind a hand, his eyes met Erica's. Her eyes, he noticed, were a shade lighter than her father and sister's. Rather than the dark chocolate they had, hers were more of a fawn brown.

"Gunther," his butler nodded, "please gather some people to help you with their bags."

"At once, your highness."

Roman and his daughters followed Gunther and the servants he had called to grab their bags up a flight of stairs and into a grand bedroom with three beds.

"I hope the room is to your liking, Lord Roman?"

"Yes," he nodded, waiting until the servants had dropped all their bags before continuing, "thank you Gunther. That will be all."

"ShalI call you for dinner, sir?"

"Yes. Now, if you'll excuse us, my daughters and I must settle in."

"Of course, sir. Welcome to Arendelle."

The butler shut the door, leaving the trio completely alone. Smiling, Erica grabbed her bag and walked to the bed nearest the window.

"Oh daddy," Katherine swooned, falling upon her own bed, "You said King Elric was young; you said nothing about how handsome he'd be."

Erica giggled, "I honestly thought you were about to fly away with those eyelashes of yours."

Her sister sent her a glare, "You're just jealous because he was looking at me the whole time."

"Now girls," Roman chuckled as he opened one of his bags to unpack, "don't bicker. You both know why we're here."

"The wedding."

"Shows what you know," Katherine giggled, "don't you know anything about politics? King Elric is single. He'll need a queen if he wants to continue his bloodline."

"Exactly," Roman nodded, "if one of you manages to marry the king, our land will become unbelievably wealthy. We'll have an army to protect our people. And I will finally have what I need to become a Duke."

"What makes you think King Elric is looking for a queen," Erica frowned, "he seemed quite content. A little stressed, sure, but I blame that on the upcoming wedding."

"Politics, dear sister," Katherine said, throwing her nose in the air, "the people expect him to marry. Preferably when he's young and eligible. His looks aren't going to last forever, you know."

Rolling her eyes, Erica stood up to gaze out the window. The sound of horses suddenly drew her attention to the large paddock just down below. Smiling, she turned and bolted to the door.

"Where are you going," her sister scowled, "you'd better not be sneaking off to see King Elric. I am the eldest, therefore I should be the one he marries."

"Don't worry," she replied, disappearing behind the door, "he's not what I'm interested in."

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