We needed more time...

They died so fast.
But still so excruciatingly slow.

17 year old Tourmaline has lived her hole live without her parents, and with her one light-purple eye and the other bright-green.

She's just a freak, right?

But Tourmaline has no idea what kind of power hides behind those purple and green eyes, and she has no idea what will happen on her 18th birthday.


5. Chapter 4 “Expectation is the root of all heartbreak” - William shakespeare.

Chapter 4 “Expectation is the root of all heartbreak” - William shakespeare.


Me and Reece are walking out of history class - our last class - when Tommy comes running up to us.

“Hey guys, what are you doing?” he asks.

“I’m going home, and then I’m probably going to attack my bed, and them sleep… a lot” I say, grinning.

Reece laughs and so does Tommy. “I’m going to a party tonight and was wondering if you guys wanted to come?” Reece asks. Reece has never had trouble with getting invitation to parties, even though he hangs out with me. They probably just don’t like my personally - and I am so fine with that.

“Hmm… I would like not taking the chance of getting humiliated by the wolfgang because of my little - but awesome - joke earlier today so… no” I say.

“Yeah, I agree with T. I don’t really want to suffer the rath, trust me, my sisters can make a drama, I know” Tommy says.

“Guys come on, I don’t wanna show up alone, like I don’t have any friends” Reece whines.

I look at Tommy with a big question mark showing on my face.

“What do you think, Tommy, should I risk it?” I asks Tommy, grinning.

He thinks a long time then says, “Yeah, you aren’t scared anyway, but me and Reece are your bodyguards, just in case” he says, smiling.

Reece smiles so wide I think he’s face is going to crack “Wohooo, partyyy tiiiime” he shouts, and we all laugh. Maybe the party won’t be that bad.




I’m in my bedroom getting ready for the party, when my gran knocks on the door. “Angel, can I come in?” she asks, and I smile remembering that my mom always used to call me angel - and that’s mainly why gran calls me that too.

“Yeah, come on in gran” I say.

She walks in and looks at what I’m wearing - I’m wearing black skinny jeans and a dark green flowy shirt with straps, over that a black leather jacket and my converse - then smiles. My gran is not that fussed about what I wear, but she likes to admire my style.

“So, are you excited?” gran asks.

I smile “ I guess, but you know, I’m not really into partying, I’m mostly doing it for Reece and Tommy”

“Who’s Tommy?” gran asks.

“Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you, he’s the new guy in school, he’s cool” I say, grinning like a child on christmas-day.

“Oh is he now,  and do you like him?” she asks.

I widened my eyes innocently, and then smile a little “Maybe a itsy bitsy little bit, but I’ve only known him a day”

She sighs - my gran has always believed in love at first site, so she’s hoping that one day it will happen to me.

“Okay, well have fun okay. Curfews at midnight, remember that” gran says, and I smile and nod my head, while walking out to my car.




I arrived at the party and see that Recce is waiting for me, so I walk over to him.

“Hey, so I’m here” I say, smiling.

“Hey, yeah I can see that, I do have what humanity calls eyeballs” Reece replays grinning.

“Haha, very funny” I say sarcastically “Where is Tommy?” I ask.

Reece just looks at me confused “What do you mean? I thought he was driving with you?”

“No, he said that he would drive here himself” I say confused.

“Well, then let’s go looking for him then” Reece says, walking in the door of the house that’s blasting music.

We walk around a while looking for Tommy, at some point under the search Reece went somewhere so I’m just looking for myself know. I finally find Tommy in a corner with guess who...Claire. Tommy looks uncomfortable, and then he looks at me, as if sensing me. Claire realises he’s looking at someone, then she sees me and grins widely, and before I can do anything she grabs Tommy’s collar and kisses him, and I’m just standing there paralyzed, but Tommy is not pulling away, why is he not pulling away?. My heart is slowly breaking and I don’t know why. It’s not like I like Tommy, or wait… I hurry out of the house, I just need to go home. I hear Tommy running after me but I ignore him, and walk faster.

“Tourmaline, please, wait!” he yells after me, I whip around

“What!” I bark, my eyes starting to tear up, no no no no no, don't cry T, you haven’t cried in seven years, he shouldn’t be the reason, he’s not good enough for that.

“I’m sorry, she caught me off guard, I didn’t know what to do” he says, with apology written all over his face.

“I don’t care Tommy, it’s not my business, I just wanna go home. This party was a mistake” I sigh, I can feel my anger building, I just wanna hit something, so that’s what I do. Where standing on the corner of the house, and I just smash my hand into the brick wall, and then gasp when I see that I just broke a piece of the house and my hand is perfectly fine. Tommy is frozen in front of me.

“I really need to go home” I whisper, and then I run over to my car, jump in and drive away, leaving Tommy standing alone, by a the brick wall I just hit a piece off of.

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