We needed more time...

They died so fast.
But still so excruciatingly slow.

17 year old Tourmaline has lived her hole live without her parents, and with her one light-purple eye and the other bright-green.

She's just a freak, right?

But Tourmaline has no idea what kind of power hides behind those purple and green eyes, and she has no idea what will happen on her 18th birthday.


6. A/N

I have been the most evil person alive...

I can't believe that the people who actually took the time to read this ongoing "book" actually had to wait for this update...and then it is'nt even a chapter.

I cannot express my profound sadness that i have not written more on this book... both in the view of myself and you guys...I have moved on to another writing place called "Wattpad" and I am hopefully going to be writing on this book some more there.

So if you would like to still give this book a change... you could always follow me onto Wattpad.

I appreciate ALL of you guys, for liking this book and hopefully you will not give up hope.

Again don't forget that you can always follow me onto Wattpad where my name is "M2706Byrne"... because I have no intentions of writing on movellas anymore.

You can as always leave a comment or concern down in the comments and I will do my best too answer them.

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