Random Number//Clifford

Jackie gets a text from a random number not expecting who it is...


8. chapter 8

"I was saying I'm gonna call the guys and if they agree to performing for your friend I'm gonna have to leave right away." Michael says when he gets Jackie's attention.

"Oh yeah. Okay. I have to go anyways. If I wanna buy Amber a present and get ready before her party starts I'm gonna have to leave now." Jackie stands up. "Text me what the guys say." Mikey stands up.

"Sure will." Mikey goes in for a hug which startles Jackie.

"Sorry." Jackie mutters and hugs Mikey.

"see ya later." Mikey says smiling, his smile reaching his eyes.

"Bye Mikey." Jackie says and smiles back.

Jackie drums her fingers against the steering wheel as she drives to a make up store. Humming a song, Jackie looks for the brand of make up Amber usually wears. Once she finds it she goes quickly through the register and runs to her car. It's 4:00 now and Amber's party starts at 5:30.

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