The Story of Alexandra Lovato

Alexandra is Demi Lovato's younger sister and is going through some struggles that Demi went through. Is she going to suffer alone or will she have the courage to tell someone?

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4. Not Dead

Demi's POV:

It is time for dinner. I go back upstairs to get Alex. She isn't in her room! I gasp. I notice her backpack is gone, and her phone, charger, coat, and headphones. So that means that she went somewhere. But where?

Then it hits me. I can be a detective! Like on the shows I watch. I imagine a headline about me finding my sister; "Demi Lovato The Sleuth Has Done It Again, Solved Another Mystery"

No, that's too long. How about....."Demi Is Better Than Sherlock"? That is perfect!

I look around her room. The window is slightly open. Maybe she went out the window! I open it all the way and look out. There is a tree branch right outside her window perfect for climbing on.

I run downstairs to tell everyone that Alex isn't here. "Mom! Dad! Dallas! Maddy! Alex is gone!" I announce.

"Really?" Mom says.

"Yes really." I say.

I glance over at Maddy and she looks really guilty. "Maddy, what did you do?" I say to Maddy.

"Umm, I might've, maybe, possibly, could have told Alex that Demi didn't like her and umm, that she was fat and ugly, and that we were going to send her away, and, here's the worst part; I possibly told her to kill herself?" Maddy says.

"Madison! Why did you do that? That is wrong! She could be dead!" I yell.

I feel like breaking down and sobbing. My Alex is possibly dead because of my sister bullying her? Ok, this is wrong. I mean, I always knew that I would be supported by my sisters, no matter what. But now, her sister turned on her. She is in a LOT of emotional pain right now.

I get wrapped in a hug and I turn and see its Dallas. Mom calls the police. I sit there in Dallas' arms.

I try to call Alex. I pray to God that she will pick up.

Alex's POV:

My demons are hissing at me. I sit there and I say, "No, I don't. I'm fine.

That is the biggest lie ever. 'I'm fine'. Well if you look at my eyes you can see the pain in my eyes. I wish I could just tell him, but I have walls up and protecting me, that don't allow me to tell him.

My phone rings. I glance down at it to see who it is. It's Demi. I answer it.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hello this is Demi. Is this Alex?"

"Yes. Hi Demi."

"We found out what Maddy said to you. That was very mean. Can you come home? I don't think I can survive without you."

"I don't know Demi. I already found somewhere to live."

"Where are you living?"

"My boyfriend's house."

"You mean the one who got you intoxicated and high?"

"No. It wasn't him. He just brought me home afterwards."

"Oh. Well please come home? He's a bad influence, especially if he brought you to a party that had alcohol and weed there."

"He said he didn't know there would be any there. He said it was unplanned."

"Ok. Well please come home? Mom is in the process of calling the police."

"I, ok. I'll be home soon."

"See you soon!"

We hang up. "That was Demi. She said I have to go home and she knows what Maddy said." I said.

"I can drive you home." Will says.

"If you drive me home then my parents are going to want to meet you." I warn. 

"I don't care. I love you enough to not care if I have to meet your parents. And your family."

"Just let me tell you something about my family. My sister is Demi Lovato, so don't freak out when you see her, ok?"

"Oh wow that's cool."

I grab my bag off his bed and we head out of his house and into his car. I tell him my address and he types it into the GPS. He drives to my house and we get out of the car.

He rings the doorbell and I see Demi coming to the door. She embraces me. "You're not dead!" She turns to Will. "So, is this the famous boyfriend I've heard so much about?"

"Yes. I'm Will!" Will says, extending his hand. Demi shakes it.

I give Will a hug. "Bye, Will!" I say to him. He leaves and I go inside with Demi.

Demi says to me, "Do you want to talk about anything?"

"No, I'm fine." I say.

"No you're not. I can see the sadness and brokenness in your eyes."

"I'm fine."

"Well, if you ever want to talk to me, then I'm right here!"

"Ok Demi! Thanks for the offer!"

Author's Note:
Tell me honestly how you think this story is going so far, because I can't write this on my own, I need feedback.

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