The Story of Alexandra Lovato

Alexandra is Demi Lovato's younger sister and is going through some struggles that Demi went through. Is she going to suffer alone or will she have the courage to tell someone?

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5. Chapter 5

Alex's POV:

I wake up and realize it's Monday. I sigh. I have school today. Meaning bullying.

I pull out a blade and start cutting all over my arms and thighs. Demi is probably just going to hate me again when I get home. I clean the cuts and get dressed in black ripped skinny jeans that Demi gave me for Christmas last year, combat boots with studs on them, (a picture of the combat boots is on the top) a Sleeping With Sirens shirt, and a black leather jacket to cover my scars and fresh cuts.

I head downstairs. Demi is sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hi Demi!" I say.

"Why are you talking to me? Get yourself breakfast." Demi says.

You see, that's what Demi always does to me. One day she loves me and we are close, and the next day she hates me again. I think it has something to do with her Bipolar. That is why I don't trust her with anything.

"D-demi, who's bringing me to school today?" I say timidly, afraid that she's going to snap at me again.

"I am taking you and Maddy." Demi says. Then she yells, "Maddy get down here, we are leaving for school!"

"Why aren't you eating?" Demi says to me meanly, not like she's worried about me. Just that she wants me to eat and be fat.

"Umm, I don't eat breakfast. Ever. But I will have lunch at school so don't worry." I say.

Maddy runs downstairs. She grabs a piece of bread from the refrigerator. "Ok we can go now!" Maddy says.

We head down to Demi's car and I get in the back as Maddy and Demi get in the front. I ignore their conversation, daydreaming about meeting Five Seconds Of Summer until I hear Demi yelling my name.

"Alex!" She yells exasperatedly.

"What!" I yell back even more exasperatedly.

"We're at school. Get out of the damn car, or I will fucking murder you!" Demi says in such a calm and nonchalant voice it bothers me. Until I remember she's an actress, she's probably just acting calm to scare me.

I slowly get out of the car. I walk into school ten minutes before first period. Kaya, my locker buddy, grabs my head and pushes it into a locker. I get a bruise. "Meet me and the rest of the cheerleaders behind the gym at sixth period or you will die." Kaya says and haughtily walks away.

Did I forget to mention that she's a cheerleader? Especially that she's the head cheerleader? I guess I did now.

.................Skip to sixth period................

I nervously walk to the gym, and go outside. I see the cheerleaders waiting for me, and some of their jock boyfriends. Kaya grabs me and punches me in the face.

"You worthless, ugly bitch!" Kaya yells at me.

One of the jocks, Ryan, he comes over and punches me hard in the face and I fall over. "Weakling. You can't even take a punch." Ryan says.

Then my boyfriend, Will comes over. "Will!" I say.

He says, "Well, I just dated you on a dare. We aren't together anymore. Anyways, you are too fat and ugly for me anyways, you emo freak." He kicks my jaw and I scream.

Then all of the cheerleaders and jocks start attacking me. It hurts, but I know if I fight back then it will be worse. Much worse. When they are done beating me up, I can barely move. I have about 45 minutes until school is over.

I decide to go home early, I can't take any more of this bullying. I sneak out of the school and pull my sweatshirt's hood up so it will hide most of the bruises.

When I get home, I ring the doorbell. Demi answers it. "Alex! What the fuck are you doing home from school early?" She says.

"Umm, well, I can't tell you." I say.

I can't tell her. I just can't. Because then she won't believe me. She will just think I'm trying to copy what she went through to get attention.

I push my way past Demi inside. I run up the steps and go to my room. I pull off my clothes except for my underwear so I can look at my bruises in the mirror.

I hear a gasp. I turn around and see Dallas standing there. "What happened to you?" Dallas says.

"I fell down the steps at school." I say looking at the floor.

"Say it again looking at me."

"I fell down the steps at school."

"I can tell you're lying. Please tell me. I can help you."

"I- fine. You know what, I'm going to tell you. I have gotten bullied since first grade. It was mostly just verbal then. In fourth grade it started getting physical. Today a group of cheerleaders and jocks attacked me, and my boyfriend who I thought cared about me, said he dated me cause he got dared to, and then he broke up with me. Isn't it such a surprise you didn't notice before now, huh? Well guess what? I am good at hiding things when I want to. Right now I just want to be alone. Could you please go away?" I say.

Dallas sighs and goes away. I lie down on my bed and take a nap.

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