7 minutes in heaven

mirajane strauss sets up a game of 7 minutes in heaven but when her partner turns out to be gray fullbuster, gray confesses something that changes their friendship


1. Seven minutes in heaven

disclaimer: I do not own fairy tail or any of the characters

  "ok Mira, since it was your idea, you go first" Lucy said holding out a hat with items inside to the takeover mage. "fair enough" Mira said as she stuck her hand inside the hat and pulled out an small ice cube. "i got Gray" she said smiling. at least she got to spend seven minutes with a friend "ok, in you go!" Lucy said shoving Mira into a small closet. "stay there while I get Gray" she said, walking off to find the ice mage, closing the closet door behind her. it was very dark in the small closet. Mira couldn't see her had in front of her face. suddenly, the closet door opened and someone came in. "Gray?" Mira questioned. not getting any answer she decided to give up on asking. after about half a minute, she was pinned up against a wall. she felt cold lips smashing against her warm ones. when the kiss ended, Mira was gasping for air. "G-Gray..." she said "Mira, I've loved you from the moment our eyes met.." Gray said, pulling her into a tight embrace. "Gray... I-I love you too" she said, kissing Gray passionately. just at that moment, Lucy knocked on the door "seven minutes is up guys!" she shouted. Gray and Mira walked out of the closed holding hands, thank god Juvia wasn't there or they'd never hear the end of it. they walked home together not bothering to finish the game.   that's it, I know its not the longest fanfic ever but I couldn't think of what to write. I'm sorry if it sucks but I like it so yeah.    
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