The creeper that didnt explode

After a war broke loss in minecraftia to big for one world it goes into earth, slowly the planet starts to turn square you are a 22 year old, your mother died giving birth to you and you dad was recruited to join the war and died when you were 7 years old you lived with your best friend and his mom until you were 18 when you moved out you moved to a village. One day while strolling you see a female creeper but will she blow up and kill you or will she run?


2. the night

​I go to my door to find a dog sitting there and when I open it in walks in and lays down next to cupa she looks down at it and says "hello puppy" the puppy turns it head at cupa and then looks at me I head to the kitchen and then I get a pork chop and hand it to the puppy it gets the pork chop and run to a corner to eat it. Out of the corner of my eye I see a villager being cornered by 3 Zombies the first thing I do is get my sword and run to the villager I take the first zombie out with the moment i gained knocking the second one down still semi running I impale the 3rd zombies head onto the cobblestone wall as I turn to help the villager he stands up and runs I stand their and start to walk away and then I feel a sharp pain as the 2nd zombie bit into my arm I suddenly feel the virus inter my arm as I impale the zombie with my sword at this point in probably already either running really slow or walking really fast because I reached the house slower than normal I reach for the door but cupa had already opened it and she said "what... Oh my gosh" she runs to the medicine cabinet and pulls a box with potions out and asks "which potion" frantically searching for the regeneration potion I look at the box and pull it out and take a sip that helped a bit but that will only slow down the infection by so much she runs and gets the bandages I'm starting to be able to walk but I'm still to weak cupa gets hear and starts to wrap my arm but i push it away and i try walking but fail and stumble i commence to crawl to a counter and i pull out a syringe and inject my arm immediately the slight green tint my arm had started disappearing and i took the empty syringe out and looked up at cupa and say "now you can wrap my arm" after wrapping my arm she asks "are you ok" and i chuckle saying " yes I'm ok but now i either have to buy or make more antidote" she giggles but stops because of the previous situation i get up and lay on the bed and told cupa if she was hungry and she said "yes" "ok come" i tell her as i walk to the kitchen and place two plates on the table cupa sits down and i start serving the mac n cheese i get two plates and a steak because one of the side effects of the antidote is extreme hunger i leave the kitchen and cupa is laying on the bed and i walk over and lay down and say "I'm kinda confused your human but your a creeper" she says this time with normal tone "well since creepers regenerate after they explode, my mother blew up new a human and they're blood mixed my mother remained a creeper when she regenerated and then when i was born i was a hybrid of a human and a creeper" i ask not confused anymore "are you the only creeper that's a hybrid" she thinks about it and responds "that I know of yes" after a while of silence cupa fell asleep and hugged my side after a while I started to feel warm and fell asleep.

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