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Karla Camila cabello. life wasn't always easy for Camila and it about to get a lot crazier when green eyed girl shows up.


1. life of Camila

this was also posted on my wattpad montclips

Camila also known as Karla she had beauty inside and out her glasses and long brown hair covered most of her face. Camila was shy not one to talk and when she did no one listened. she had bin put

down so much during her resent life that the way she looked at her self was nothing more then a freak. no one cared who she was nor tried to. she was so strong but fragile at the same time. the smile that light up on her face when she sang her favourite song . her life wasn't dull like those teen high school movies it was way worse. she was like the girl on the it gets better pamphlets that were distributed around school. but the sad thing is it never did get better. each day Camila waited for some one to talk to. her wishing hoping some one would notice her.( besides her 2 friends)

never once did she imagine her life being this hard. the hurt every time some one called her fat or the other hurt full words said daily.

Monday feb, 10

as soon as school ended i ran home and up to my room. the house was quite witch usually meant my parents were out. i sat down on my bed letting the tears drop down my face. why me i would yell. Karla whats wrong my mom would shout. most of the time i never knew what to say but then again i wasn't really good at lying so id make up some sob story about the book i was reading. why wouldn't i tell my parents you ask well to be honest i couldn't take moving to another school. not after it being almost summer time. having people you knew at your school not like you wasn't so bad but to move and have a new set of people not like you sucked. i just couldn't do it not that i wanted to any way.

WHY CANT PEOPLE JUST LIKE ME THE WAY I AM she wrote down finishing her diary page for the day. as she got up the wave of depression hit her and the next thing she new she was passed out on her bed. her eyes fluttered open soon after she turned to the pills beside her bed. had i really done it she though to her self.

i couldn't , i wouldn't, WOULD I ?

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