Finding my way

Cara was so happy. Head to toe popular. She ruled the school. Until her dad died. Well that was when her heart died. Her mom was sent away and her and her sister restarted. Cara gave up all of her popularity and now thinks of herself as a shadow. She stays out of the in group. But then she meets Sam Read to find out if Sam is going to help cara •find her way•


1. chapter one

•1• owning it all•

Maya Riley's POV

Cara Meyers walked down the hall next to her boyfriend (captain of the football team) Jack. And her friends Laya (Cara made Laya popular) and Elle (she was on the cheer team so she was already popular) Cara owned it all. The whole basketball team flirted with her. Anyone would do anything for her. And half the girls in our grade have been to her house.

Cara had a classic look. Pandora necklace her parents gave her, messy bun, skinny jeans, painted nails, fashion top, and wedges. She has a vs backpack and a Nike half zip.

Cara isn't "stuck up" she doesn't know how to be not popular, but she's nice to her family at home. I mean she's mean to the lowers that aren't popular like me. But she doesn't bring it home. I know this because we were friends last year. Then she left me in the dirt for Laya.

Someday I'll get Cara Meyers back for leaving me in the dirt. But right now I have to go. I won't stay at California High School For The Arts any longer if I don't have to. Oh, yeah. We Go to an Arts school so duh Cara is talented. She can sing like no other. Not to mention her dad owns California University FTA.

Cara has a sister named Emma who is in college and her mom is expecting a little boy, Tommy.

Cara's past isn't as good as right now. Her mom used to be a drug addict. "Oh poor Cara" as your thinking. Almost lost Emma because of it. Well after a few cancer treatments Emma was okay.

Cara is rich and lives in a mansion. Of course she goes to and throws huge parties. Her vagina has been used more than Nikki Minaj has gotten butt implants. But I mean as a lesbian I can tell you Cara has a nicer butt thank Nikki.

Well like I said I want to get out of here. Bye.

Hey guys it's Mia💖 thanks for reading, you won't hear of Maya Riley but let me say she got her revenge alright. Xo, Mia.

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