Finding my way

Cara was so happy. Head to toe popular. She ruled the school. Until her dad died. Well that was when her heart died. Her mom was sent away and her and her sister restarted. Cara gave up all of her popularity and now thinks of herself as a shadow. She stays out of the in group. But then she meets Sam Read to find out if Sam is going to help cara •find her way•


2. chapter 2

•2• lost•

1 year later

Cara's pov

My bra was down but my panties were still on (not for long) i tried to get his belt off as he sucked at my nipple. Jack wouldn't care if I fucked another guy (I don't know his name) because of how many times Jack has fucked other girls: Shelby, Monnica, Alex, Katherine, Bella, Liza, etc.

I had just gotten his belt off when my phone buzzed on the bed.

Meet us at hospital. It's dad.

Xx, Emma.

DAMN IT! I got up and quickly clipped on my aerie bra and put my romper on over my lace thong.

At a red light I tied my hair up. It was hard not to swerve, I was worried about my dad.

I went to my dads room to find a slow heart beat, a crying mom, and an Emma who was comforting mom. They asked for us to leave the room and we did. We went to the waiting room, and I just pulled out some purple Essie nail polish, this was going to be a long night. Em came over and hugged me. She said dad was shot when he was leaving work. His chest was kinda you know. And his heart was kinda you know. She left and I saw a kid from my school, Sam come into the hospital and go into the therapy room. He was cute but I don't date kids that do therapy. I fuck em tho. I fuck anyone. Then I kept painting my nails. At 3am I woke up on a cot. I don't know how I got there but I woke up to Emma's sobs. Something rare. I assumed the worst when the nurse came to me and said "time of death 2:57 AM you may now go see the corpse. We are sorry for your loss and hope yo..." I blacked out.

My dad was dead.

My dad was dead.

(Intense much) hey guys stay tuned-Sam!! Xoxo, mia💖

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