Fangs in your Heart

In a future where vampires have lost the war with humanity, Bloodhounds and Slayers fight to eradicate the remnants of the fangs, in their different ways. Their differences get them into trouble when Fang-Ripper and his team encounter two Bloodhound siblings outside a fang nest. Blood will be spilt, and blood will be sucked. Who will survive this game of fangs and stakes?


3. The Captives

Marcus put a hand on Jared’s arm, giving him a warning look over Cinder’s head. Cinder herself gave a small gasp, her hand shaking.


“I’ve been tracking you and your friends throughout Britain. I knew the only way I could get you to listen would be like this. This,” here he swept his arm round in a gesture that encompassed the five warriors and the fangs, “was all to get you here, with me.”

“But – how?”

Sabre, keeping her spear facing the fangs, turned to her brother. “If we go now, we can still get the reward,” she hissed.

Atlas shook his head ever so slightly. “This is far more interesting. I want that girl.”

“Your mother, her name was Siren. She died in childbirth.”

Marcus grabbed Cinder’s free hand, gripping tightly. She was shaking violently now, her grip on the gun loosening.

“I looked after you. We lived by the sea, away from the death and danger of the vampires.”

Cinder finally dropped the gun. It fell to the ground with a deafening clunk in the still air. Vampires, you see, don’t need to breathe, so between Blade’s explanations, all that could be heard was the laboured breathing of the five captives.

“I don’t believe you. I’m an orphan, as most Slayers are. I grew up – “

“In Delta Camp B, I know. Where you met Marcus here, when you very young. He trained you. But I raised you, Cinder. I looked after you, until we couldn’t outrun the danger anymore.”

Cinder blinked warily at him.

“Don’t trust anything he says, Cinder.” Marcus shifted slightly, maybe to place himself in front of Cinder, but before he could do anything, Blade lifted a hand, and the vampires closed ranks, grabbing his arms, his legs, his clothes, his hair – anything they could reach. And although one fang on its own could not have held him, the combined force of about twelve of the creatures could.

Blade turned his gaze from Cinder to stare daggers at Marcus. He reached between his minions to grasp the younger man’s throat with one large, strong hand. He didn’t squeeze, but the threat was not lost on Marcus, although it wasn’t enough to stop him struggling.

“Do you care so little for your own life, Fang-Ripper?” He spat the word as an insult rather than the respect that usually came with the title. “You may have been her tutor, but I am her father. I’m only keeping you alive because I know she cares for you and him.” He pointed at Jared, the crossbow having tracked his movements, still aiming for his heart. “You do want them to survive, don’t you, sweetie?”

“If, and that’s a huge if, you are my father, then it’s only by blood. You lost all right to call me sweetie when you abandoned me. You’re still a stranger; you don’t get to waltz in here and demand to worm your way back into my life.” Cinder’s eyes blazed with passion, and her words with fury.

Blade clenched his fist, seeming to forget the fragile life he held in his hands. Marcus gasped, his hands scrabbling at the one constricting his throat. Blade looked back at him.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I seem to be strangling you. I do apologise for my absentmindedness.” But he didn’t loosen his grip. Marcus’ breaths became short and wheezy.

“Do you see, Cinder? I have the power here. I have every right in the world to bring my daughter back to me.”

“Let him go.” Jared was coiled so tightly it was a miracle he hadn’t fired the arrow in his crossbow yet. “Let him go, goddamn you, or I’ll shoot you right now.” He wasn’t quite shouting, but he wasn’t far off.

Blade smiled. “Cinder?”

The girl stared at Marcus’ pained expression. His mouth was saying ‘no, no!’ but his body was telling a different story.

“Do you need more motivation, my dear?”

Blade flicked his other hand, and the vamps near Jared jumped to attention, snarling. They descended on Jared in the same manner as Marcus.

Still, Cinder just stared at the face of the man saying he was family.

Blade shrugged, the gesture causing Marcus to move up onto tiptoes to avoid suffocation.

“Bite him,” he said simply.

Jared stood stock still, only shuddering slightly as he felt cold, dead hands on him. He’d never been this close to the creatures he hunted before; he had never wanted to. The smell emanating from them would have been enough to make a pre-Vampire human sick, and even to the Slayer, it was pretty awful. But he couldn’t stop his eyes screwing shut as the hands moved from his clothes to his neck.

His skin crawled in disgust. Their claws left red marks in their wake, red beads of blood welling up. The cut on his neck from Marcus earlier had reopened. Suddenly, he felt something wet and cold on his throat. He didn’t have to squeeze one eye open to know what it was. He gritted his teeth, clenching his hands into fists to avoid lashing out.
Cinder could only watch, horrified as one of the fangs licked the skin around Jared’s jugular. She could almost swear that one of them smiled at her, its fangs glinting as it ran its tongue over its skinless, translucent lips.

Jared winced as the sharp tip of a fang caught his skin.

“If I’m going to die, I at least want to be able to look death in the eye,” he muttered, forcing his eyes open. Blade wasn’t looking at him, though. He was staring at his ‘daughter’.

She looked back and forth between Marcus, whose face had now degraded to the same pale, dead colour of the vampires, and Jared, whose head had been wrenched back by his hair so the pale expanse of his neck was on show, his frantic pulse giving away his fear.

“I – I…”

Blade gave her a fond smile. “Go on.”

“Stop. Please.” She didn’t even try to hide the pleading undertone to her words. She knew a corner had been turned. Blade could tell. Her earlier defiance had deflated. She would crack soon. A flick of his wrist stopped the vampire whose fangs grazed Jared’s neck, seemingly frozen in that position. Not quite biting, but near enough that Jared could feel the ghost of his death just around the corner.

“Come with me. Leave this life behind. Leave them behind. Be the daughter I know you can be. I – “ Blade stopped midstream, letting go of Marcus and swivelling round. Sabre gulped, skidding to a stop a hairsbreadth from being skewered by the hidden knife that had appeared out of Blade’s cloak. Atlas almost bumped into her, as anxious as he was to make a quick escape.

“Uh-uh-uh.” He waggled a finger at her. “I’m not blind, you know. I though Bloodhounds were meant to be clever. Can’t you see you are outnumbered and outgunned? Although outfanged would probably be a better way of putting it. I know Slayers and Bloodhounds do not get on, but I hope for your sakes that my daughter doesn’t want you dead.”

Atlas stepped between his sister and the sharp steel. “And I hope for your sake that you run fast once we get out of this. I like a chase.” The smirk was gone from his lips.

Blade motioned for the remaining fangs to restrain the siblings. Cinder now stood unhindered in the middle of her captive allies.

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