Fangs in your Heart

In a future where vampires have lost the war with humanity, Bloodhounds and Slayers fight to eradicate the remnants of the fangs, in their different ways. Their differences get them into trouble when Fang-Ripper and his team encounter two Bloodhound siblings outside a fang nest. Blood will be spilt, and blood will be sucked. Who will survive this game of fangs and stakes?


5. Experiment 1,053

Report filed by: Dr. Amos Eldon


The subject talked to me today. It told me a story of a mystic, a girl who disappeared with her father, a ShadowCaster. It told me they were dangerous. It understands what we are doing to it, and it thinks it will be dust soon. Never before have I seen such remarkable intelligence in a creature like this before. It's almost like it was...human. But it isn't.

We've had No. 1,053 in our facility for just over three months, and this is the first time it has spoken or shown anything besides pain. I took another tissue sample, and injected the serum, just as I have done every week. Nothing is showing up.

What are we missing?


Document sent to: Commander Erin Hart


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