On The Run

*I was the only family left except my brother. I was master assassin and people call me the freak of nature it didn't bother me. I was kind of the freak of nature I mean I'm connected to it. I was heading to my little humble abode in the woods when I saw him my brother standing in front of the door.*


1. Prologue

*I walked up to my brother and slowed down when I saw more people. I started to get worried I was in trouble and when I get worried the wind blows. I felt the wind start up but I calmed down when he came up to me.*

[Clint: It's okay Ally we won't hurt you.]

"I'm not worried about that. I'm more worried why you showed up." *I backed up a little bit because he could be planning something. People warned me about my brother being a good assassin. And he could easily trick people. Then I saw his face turn to a serious look.*

[Clint: Me and a couple of friends of mine need your help.]

*Then I see a man with a gold helmet with horns walk up behind Clint.* "Clint who's that."



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