Forever~Cameron Dallas

Selena is a 18 year old girl that works for Cameron Dallas booking his gigs and auditions and making sure his schedule is right and perfect. But once Cameron starts to show feelings for her she tries to push him away but he wont let that happen. She just wants to be business partners but Cameron wants to be partners without the business but will she accept it or will she quit and leave him for good.


1. 8:00 Meeting

//Cameron P.O.V//

I was woken up from my phone ringing as I reached my hand over to the side table grabbing my phone and seeing a call from Selena I smiled and answered it holding it to my ear and sitting up looking around.


Me: hello

Selena: Hi Mr. Dallas um can you come in we have an 8:00 meeting soon and we can not miss this one

Me: could you reschedule

Selena: do you know how many times I have had to reschedule the meeting one more reschedule and were screwed you wont get the part in the movie and you get money either so either you get up and come here or you will lose this big time meeting

Me: alright I'm coming

Selena: hurry up they are on their way


I hung up and threw my phone on the bed getting up and grabbing my clothes walking into the bathroom and getting in the shower and getting out as I got dressed my phone ringed and I picked it up to see it was a call from my ex girlfriend Lily I groaned and sent her to voicemail as I walked downstairs and grabbed the keys. I walked out and got in the car driving to the Workplace management and ran in seeing Selena as she turned and smiled walking over.


Selena: good to see you finally got here on time

Me: oh I couldn't miss seeing a hot piece of ass like you

Selena: remember were only business partners I don't wanna any affair happening

Me: oh why come on your hot have no boyfriend I'm sure you g-

Yami: (meeting person) oh Selena and Cameron nice to see you and Cameron I'm hoping you are into this part

Me: I'm really into the part


We sat down and smiled talking about the movie part. After they left I stood up and saw Selena packing up so I closed the blinds and walked over to her grabbing her wrapping my arm around her waist as she looked at me and smiled a little I was happy to see her smile I lifted her face up with my finger and our lips were inches apart.Selena: I said no flirting no sex nothing


Me: I'm sure you get lonely and play with yourself at night

Selena: Cameron that's not true

Me: oh it isn't yea I'm sure you don't have a dildo at home


She looked down and I laughed letting her go as she grabbed her bag and started to walk as I walked behind her. We walked out the building as she walked to her car I followed her and she rolled her eyes looking at me and I walked closer grabbing her and pinning her against her car. She pushed me off and opened her car door throwing her bag in and turned back to me.


Me: I'm sorry for what I said

Selena: yea I'm sure

Me: can I talk you out tonight please just tonight

Selena: hmm ok fine one night we can go out tonight


I smiled and she got in her car and drove off and I got in my car and drove home. I walked into the house to see the guys watching a movie and eating snacks I rolled my eyes and looked at the time 6:59 wow that meeting was long I thought to myself before smacking Matt in the back of the head and sitting down.


Matt: what was that for

Me: I got a date with Selena

Jack J: wait the girl that turned you down because she only wants to be business partners

Me: yea and I hope I can get in her pants tonight so don't be a cock block guys ok

Nash: yea sure whatever


I got up and texted Selena that were going to a club so dress sexy and she send me a smiley face. I smiled and ran upstairs looking for something to wear. I got dressed in something normal and hot and walked downstairs looking at the time 9:48 I walked outside and got in the car and started driving to her place.


//Selena P.O.V//

Going out with Cameron tonight cool I guess wear something sexy like what. I got dressed in tight short red dress, black heels, red lipstick, curly hair, and black eyeshadow. I heard my doorbell so I walked downstairs and opened the door to see Cameron I smiled and looked at him as he looked at me walking closer pulling me towards him as our noses touched I giggled and pulled back.


Me: ready

Cameron: umm yea I am


We walked to the car and got in as he started to drive to the club. We get to the club and walk in as we started to get more shots and more shots. I was pretty drunk I started to look for Cameron as I looked around and saw him sitting down talking to a guy so I walked over and sat on his lap and he smiles pulling you closer and putting his hand on your thigh rubbing it in a circular motion as you adjusted yourself.


Cameron: wanna go to my place baby

Me: I'm tired

Cameron: ok lets go to yours


//Cameron P.O.V//

I stood up and picked her up carrying her out the club and putting her into the car as I started to drive to her place. We got to her place and I opened the door walking her in and closing the door walking up the stairs and into her bedroom putting her on her bed taking off her heels. I decided to do the right thing and not sleep with her. I took off my shows and tucked her in giving her a kiss and she kissed back soon pulling back and whispering 'goodnight' I smiled and grabbed a blanket sitting on the couch and pulling it over me closing my eyes soon drifting off to sleep.

I woke up around 2 in the morning to someone pulling off the cover my eyes adjusted to the dark and I saw Selena I smiled and turned on the light next to me as she smiled she looked pretty normal she didn't seem drunk what was happening I was wondering. She got on my lap and laid her head on my chest as I pulled the cover back over me and her turning off the light hearing her light snores letting me know she went back to sleep I smiled drifting back to sleep again cradling Selena in my arms tightly.


                                                                                        The End

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