The Animals

Vanessa Armstrong was left with her mother when her brother left with a group of his friends.
She was never able to find him
But what happens when she does?


2. Chapter Two: Seeing him again

Finally, the animals stopped at an old boarded up building, with Vanessa on top of a hill nearby.
‘Finally, I’ll see Charlie!’ The young girl thought happily, she knew she had to be quiet, or the Animals would know that she was there.
 Right now the Animals were talking about something, but Vanessa was too far to hear what they were saying, so she started moving a bit closer, but sadly, her being the clumsy person she is, she tripped, and knocked over trash cans, making her tumble down a hill, and of course the Animals looked over to see a girl just falling down a hill, yelling, about how stupid, and clumsy she is.
“Wait a minute? Vanessa?!” Charlie exclaimed seeing his little sister roll down the hill, and stop right at his feet. Looking up Vanessa saw her brother looking at her wide eyed.
“Heh, heh, hey Charlie, uh, how’s life?” She said laughing nervously, while trying to get twigs out of her now tangled hair.
“Vanessa, I’m only going to ask once, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” He yelled waving his arms around like a baby bird trying to fly.
“Um, uh, w-well, um, I wanted to see you?” She questioned hoping that her brother wouldn’t yell, but he did.
“No, never in a million years. Go home, bye!” He said helping her up and lightly shoving her in the direction of her house.
“No! I’m staying with you!” She said standing her ground.
“Vanessa, I love you, but you need to go home, I don’t want you to get hurt.” He said trying to push her back home, but she wouldn’t budge.
 “Charlie James Armstrong! I am staying with you!” She yelled, but he wouldn’t listen.
“No, you’ll just get hurt, plus, I’m not the same, I’m not your brother anymore, just go back home, and pretend this never happened.” He said still trying to push her.
‘When did she get this strong?!’ He thought pushing harder.
“You are my brother, no matter how many times you deny it, you will always be my brother, and you haven’t changed, I still see my big brother, that would push me on the swings, help me up when I fell, or would yell at someone just for saying that my ponytail was messed up, you are still my protective older brother! I will always follow you! I will always look up to you! No matter what you do!” She said looking at her brother strait in his eyes.
“Fine! You can stay!” Charlie gave up.
“Yes!” Vanessa cheered, then she saw the Animals looking at her like she had three heads.
“Animals, this is my sister Vanessa, Vanessa these guys, are the animals.” Charlie said.
After everyone greeted Vanessa they walked back to their hide out, little did they know about the pair of eyes watching the raven haired girl.

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