The Animals

Vanessa Armstrong was left with her mother when her brother left with a group of his friends.
She was never able to find him
But what happens when she does?


3. Chapter Three: Training

Vanessa failed the training course again, she was on the floor trying to catch her breath, her brother made her train in case the animals needed her help, or if she needed to protect herself.
She had to wake up a six in the morning to go running with Cheetah and Leopard on speed. After running two miles with them, she would go with Fox to work on her stealth. Then she would work with her brother on aggression, and strength.
 “Are you okay Nessa?” Charlie asked his sister, who looked like she was on the bridge of death.
“Yeah….Just….tired…” She said in between breaths. “I think…I’m just going to…” She didn’t finish her sentence before she fell asleep.
‘Well, she obviously isn’t a wolf.’ Her brother thought looking at his sister. ‘But what is she?’ With that new thought in his head, he picked up his sister and carried her out of the boxing ring.
“No pixie…The elves are nice….and unicorn-tastic..” Vanessa said in her sleep, her brother sighed and somehow opened the door.
“Still the same Vanessa.” He said quietly not wanting to wake his sister.

While the Armstrong siblings were on their way to Vanessa’s room, the animals where in the living/mission room.
“What do you think Vanessa’s animal is?” Fox asked.
“I don’t know, but she’s defiantly not a cheetah or leopard.” Cheetah told him.
“She’s not a rabbit, she’s too sneaky.” Rabbit said eating a carrot, Fox was about to talk again, but he saw Charlie carrying a limp Vanessa in his arms.
“What happened!?” They all asked shocked, Charlie shushed them, and put his sister on the couch, where she turned over mumbling about unicorns.
“She fell asleep while we were training. It’s fine.” He told them, right when the girl turned too far and fell on the floor.
“GAH!” She yelled jumping to her feet in a fighting stance, she looked around and realized where she was, and atomicity dropped her stance. “Oh, how did I get in here?” She asked tilting her head in confusion.
“I carried you here after you passed out.” Her brother said laughing a little, then he walked in the kitchen.
“Vanessa, what animal do you think you are?”  Raccoon asked about to take her sparkly headband from her head, but she and Fox slapped his hand away before he could. But they didn’t know about their leader watching from the kitchen.
‘She’s quick, what on earth could her animal be?’ He thought, not realizing that the glass of water was overfilling.
“Well, I don’t know exactly.” Vanessa told them truthfully, she really didn’t know what animal she was, and that was annoying her.
From the sound of his sister’s voice, Charlie snapped out of his thoughts, and stopped the water from running, then walking back to everyone and handed his sister the water.
“Thanks.” She said then drank the water down.
“After your done, be ready to go.” He told her going into his leader mode, Vanessa nodded and finished her drink and went to her room.
“Where are we going?” Fox asked.
“Just around the block, simple mission.” He told his friends.
“And Vanessa’s coming?” Lion asked, he didn’t think that was a smart choice if she’s failed most of her training drills.
“It’s a simple in and out, she can handle it.” Wolf told them, then left to get his sister.
The Animals and Vanessa were running and jumping across the rooftops, surprisingly, Vanessa didn’t fall to her death, she looked graceful each time she jumped.
‘Graceful? Maybe she’s a swan?’ The Animals all thought looking at their soon to be new member.
“So, where are we going exactly?” The girl asked, Charlie looked at her, then his friends.
“The clothing and grocery store.” He answered, the girl nodded then stopped on a roof top.
“Why’d you stop?” Rabbit asked, and Vanessa looked at them.
“This is the clothing store that’s close to the grocery store too.” She told them, then looked at her brother. “Now what?” She asked.
“We climb in through the window.” He told her, then Vanessa, Wolf, Fox, Rabbit, and Cheetah went inside while the rest went to the store.
Wolf, and Fox went in first, then Vanessa, Rabbit and Cheetah.
“Okay, Nessa, go find some clothes, and come back when you’re done, but don’t get too much.” Charlie told the blue eyed girl, she nodded and ran off to find some clothes to her liking.

Ten minutes later Vanessa was alone and getting clothes for herself. She found shirts and pants that would blend into the shadows. And she found adorable shirts that had animals on them.
‘I have to get these!’ She thought excitedly, not seeing the shadow that was watching her.
Suddenly Vanessa felt a breeze go past her, so she turned around.
“Charlie?” She asked thinking it was her brother or her new friends. She saw the shadow and it looked like her brother, but it did feel like it was. “Cheetah? Fox? This isn’t funny. What are you doing in the shadows?” She whispered, but the shadow slowly walked to her.
Her eyes widened in fear and back away slowly.
“C-CHARLIE!” She yelled right when the shadow jumped on her, and they fell down the escalator.
“Vanessa?!” Everyone yelled at the bottom, they came down there to find other things, but were obviously shocked to see the girl tumble down an escalator.
Fox and Wolf went into action to help the girl when more shadows appeared.
The biggest shadow attacked Charlie, while the other one’s fought the rest of the animals.
Hearing the loud sounds coming from the store next door, the remaining animals went inside the store to see Vanessa fighting off her own shadowed figure.
“Anyone that’s NOT fighting help Vanessa!” Charlie yelled advoiding a punch to the face. Fox just took down his shadowed figure and ran to help Vanessa.
The shadow tried to punch Vanessa but she was too fast and grabbed its fist, that left an opening to kick their ribs, so she did exactly that.
“Vanessa! Maneuver Four.” Fox told her kneeling down and cupping his hands together, Vanessa nodded and ran at him, once she got to him, her foot was in his hands, where he lifted his hands as a boost for Vanessa to go flying through the air.
She extended her leg right when she foot was at the shadow’s, who was fighting her brother, head.
“Ugh!” The shadow cried out in pain, Charlie nodded at his sister, but two bigger shadows went behind and grabbed the girl. She screamed and tried to get them off, but they wouldn’t, it was at that moment she saw that the rest of the animals were either knocked out or grabbed like herself.
“Vanessa!” Her brother yelled, she was about to yell back but one of the figures that grabbed her, had put a cloth over her nose and mouth, making her go into a world of darkness.

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