Musings Of A Murderer

He grew up in an abusive home, he ran away, he became a murderer, and now he's back. With a plan for vengeance, and nothing can stop him now.

COVER BY: Infinite_Exho


3. Chapter 2

Caitlyn Stanford was on her way home from work. Her car was in the shop, and it was cold and raining. Most people under these circumstances would give up and call a cab, but Caitlyn enjoyed walking in the rain and the internal peace it brought her. 

As she walked the rain began to pick up, leaving her drenched. She began to regret not getting a ride in a cab when a loud bang of thunder was followed by a bright flash of lightning. She didn't call a cab however, she was only two or three blocks from her apartment and like hell if she was gonna pay twenty dollars for a less than five minute drive.

When she reached her apartment, Caitlyn peeled off her drenched sweater and walked into the kitchen to put the kettle on the stove to boil while she changed into something dry and warm. She lived alone, without even a pet, and was naturally startled out of her wits when she heard someone behind her say,

"Hey there hot stuff."

Caitlyn turned quickly, long, wet hair slapping her in the face and flinging water all around the room. Upon turning, she was greeted with the site of a boy younger than herself, perhaps around seventeen or eighteen. He was pale and lanky, but still had a fair bit of muscle to him. His wet black hair hung almost to his shoulders, and he wore a black T-shirt, that was wet and clinging to his skin, accompanied by faded blue jeans and black converse sneakers. He leaned against the doorway casually, as if he hadn't just been caught breaking and entering. Or as if this happened often.

"W-who are you?" She asked, backing towards her counter slowly, hoping to make it to the knife block before he could attack her.

"I'm Griffyth, may I ask your name? Or should I just call you hot stuff?" He replied. "That shirt looks great by the way."

Caitlyn looked down, and realized that her white shirt had soaked through, revealing her black bra. Blushing, she pulled a sweater off a nearby chair and pulled it on, zipping it up to the neck.Griffyth seemed to pout a little at this. "Why are you in my house?"

"That's not your name." He grinned, waving his finger at her as if he were lecturing a naughty child. "I'm here because I need your help."

"Help with what?" She asked, deciding to reach for the cellphone in her pocket now. Maybe she could call the police before he realized what she was doing?

"Don't call the cops darling, I ain't gonna hurt you." He told her. Damn. "I need you to help me find my father."

"What?" She was shocked. Both by the fact that he knew she was going to call the cops, and by the fact that a seventeen year old had broken into her house to help him find his father.

"I need you to help me find my father, you're the girl who hacked Apple and then got hired by them right? Caitlyn was it?" He replied, moving from the doorway to the kitchen table, where he pulled out a chair, turned it around and sat so he was straddling the chairs back.

"How did you know that?" She asked. "And why did you ask my name even though you knew it?"

"I thought girls liked a polite guy," he said replied. "It was all over the news, it was hard to miss."

"Fair enough. Why do you need me to help you find your father?" She asked, beginning to lower her guard.

"Because I'm going to kill him," Griffyth explained, as casually as if he were talking about the weather.

And that was when Caitlyn began to scream.

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