Adopted By 5SOS

Hey my name is Katrina. I still at this dumb ass orphanage waiting for someone to get me out of this hell hole. I been here for most of my life bout sense I was like......5. I know why I'm here I was one troubled little kid. Ahhh..... memories those were some good times. I do have quite an imagination and when i have an idea it goes in action real fast. And, yes i have gotten in trouble many many many times. But, nothing is going to stop me. I am very defiant. I do have quite an attitude on me that i will use all the time. I am happy most of the time I am a total goof ball I am almost never serious. but if you are the bully it is way worse I'll kick your ass . Don't come near me or the worst is coming to you.

But, I finally got adopted by 5sos. I just hope they keep me and not send me back to the orphanage ,judging me. Just hope for the best, right. I hope I'm not to much of a hassle that send me back. lets see how this goes.
all the pictures I use are from google so no one say I s


1. Adoption(1)

Luke's POV

The lads and I are in America and we just got finished with a tour. We were heading to the airport back to Sydney in the limo, and I was looking out the window. When this orphanage caught my eye "Stop the limo!" I said to the limo driver, all the boys looked a me confused while the limo came to a halt. "Did you lose something mate," Ashton said "Nope," I said " I saw an orphanage and i want to adopt can we PLEASE!" I begged "Well, mate we have to make sure management is okay with this," Calum said. "Well I don't care what management says I am adopting" I said getting out of the limo.The boys chased after me while I walked inside.

I was greeted by a lady at her desk "Hello, how may I help you," she said with a fake smile. "Ya, I want to adopt," I said " Are you guys 18 years of age or older"  she asked. I guess she didn't know who we were "Yes" I said " Okay please fill this out," she said handing me a paper. And signaled me to sit down in the chairs across the room. So I sat down and filled out the first paper which was just information about me but the second paper was a list of names that was a whole list of girls so I picked this one girl named Katrina and then I looked at the boys and I pick this one boy named Dylan. so I handed the paper back to the lady. The lady said to wait a little to get the kids for an interview.

Lady's POV

I went to the back to get them but they weren't there. Not Katrina. Nor Dylan.

Katrina's POV

Dylan and I were at the skate park doing tricks and stuff, when my phone rang causing my to fall of my board and sliding into the ramp. Making me get scrapes on my hands, knees, forearms, and stomach."Shit," I said with a wince. Dylan came running towards me "Are you okay Katrina" he said with a worried expression on his face."Ya I'm fine," I said trying to get up, but fell back down in the process. So Dylan carried me over to a bench. He was much stronger than me. Dylan was 15 and I was still 12. While I was on the bench I checked who was calling me. It was Barbra from the front desk. What the fuck why is she calling? So  I called her back.

"hey Barb what do you want"

"There are 4 men wanting to adopt you and Dylan and I thought you guys were together sense you guys are friends and always hang out together"

"Well ya he is with me we will be there in 10 minutes"


*Hung up*

"Okay Dylan we got to go back to the orphanage these 4 guys want to adopt one of us" I said trying to get up but failing once again. So Dylan just carried me back to the orphanage. When we got there we went through the entrance door and just stood see the back of 4 guys they looked kinda....familiar. We just stood there and then they turned around and looked at us. IT WAS 5SOS!

I acted like I didn't know them and also blushed because Dylan was still carrying me. So, it kinda looked like we were a couple ,but we weren't. I was a huge fan I knew them by full name, I knew all their songs ,and their birthdays. Yes, I was that big of a fan and yeah you can say i was a deer caught in the headlight, but i wouldn't care. But, then the thought stuck me was 5sos adopting us or visiting for publicity. Either way is cool because I get to meet 5sos.

Then Barb walked up to us " Katrina Dylan these are the people that want to adopt you" Barb said. In the inside I was freaking out but on the outside I showed no emotion. That......was hard. They all gave us a smile and their smiles faded once they noticed the scraps I had from the skate park. It was pretty bad but they could only she the ones on my legs my arms sense I was wear shorts with a band shirt on.

/set?id=184716378 (Katrina's outfit). We sat there in an awkward silence for about a minute or to until I of course broke it" So, are gonna get on with the interview or not," "oh yeah okay Dylan your first," Barbra said Dylan put me down in the waiting chair in the front of the orphanage. I sat in silence for like 20 minutes and was bored as hell. when the fuck are you guys going to over. right on cue Dylan came walking out the door and helped me up and I limped into the room. And the gave me a look with a lot of sympathy. I always hated people feeling bad for me at school I didn't tell the kids I was an orphan because they would have either bullied me or given me sympathy and either one of those would make me want to punch them in the face.

"Hello luv I'm Luke that's Michael that's Calum and that's Ashton," Luke said

"Hello I'm Katrina how ya guys doing," I said trying not to be my sarcastic self and that was probably the second hardest thing i have done today.

"Good," they all said in unison "so luv what are your hobbies," Calum said

"Well, I like skateboarding, graffiti art I don't tag or anything like that, listening to music, playing violin, and i like drawing," I said

"Cool what artist do you listen to," Luke said taking that I said I listen to music

"Sleeping with Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Pierce the Veil, One Direction, Bring me the Horizon, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, 5sos, Panic! at the Disco, Janoskians, Bars and Melody, Kalin and Myles, Rihanna, The Cab, Bruno Mars, and yeah," I sped up my sentence when i was about to say 5sos so they wouldn't catch it. Clever Clever me.

"Well, sweetheart how old are you," Ashton said

"12," I said bluntly

"what are your grades in school hun," Michael said.

"Barb has my report card," she handed it to them they all looked at it in shock. I guess they didn't expect that from someone like me cause of my interest isn't what you would expect in a person that is good in academics. Its true I was a straight A student. I think i'm only like that because i'm usually the person in the corner of the class and doesn't want to talk to people. They call me the emo 'cause I wear dark clothes and I always seem to be listening to music. But, they didn't know that about me they will find out sooner or later.

"I think we have made our decision can you send in Dylan," Luke said. By that time I knew that I wasn't going to be adopted. But, then Michael said"KATRINA WE'RE ADOPTING YOU!" my eyes grew wide in shock. 'what' I thought to myself. " Sorry Dylan if we could adopt 2 of you we would have took you both," Ashton said with a sad look on his face. " Aye, It's okay man," Dylan said and was fine with it. Dylan and I hugged and said good-bye. To be honest, I was sad and I could see he was sad. He was like my brother and I have to loose another one in my life but gain 4. Dylan left the room and I went to my room to pack my stuff.*skip*. I walked up to them and the we started walking out of the orphanage and I saw their limo. And, let me tell you it was fiiiiiinnnnneee. I felt like I was in Annie."You like luv," Luke said. I they saw the shocked expression on my face.

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