The Hero Life

I was just a normal girl, I have a mom and a dad.
But one night, that all changed.

(This is my original story, please do not steal it, thanks.)


1. Chapter One:

I was on the roof before it happened, my father was a scientist, who worked at the laboratory in my city, and my mother was a fashion designer who just came back from her two-month trip to France, she said it was for ‘Inspiration’ but I say otherwise.
 Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, and she loves me back, it’s my father that’s the problem.
My father wanted me to be a doctor or scientist, while my mother wanted me to be a fashion designer like her. So when I decided to become a photographer, you could say, things went bad.
My father was at the lab more, and my mother was taking trips to exotic places for inspiration.
She would try to take me with her, but my father would always come up with a reason why I shouldn’t go, most of the time it was because of school. I never understood why he would say I needed to stay for that. I’m homeschooled, I could just bring my laptop with me, and study in France! Or Italy! But no, I’m stuck in a huge city that I know like the back of my hand.
I bet you’re wondering where on earth I am, well, my family and I live in Sydney, Australia.
Anyways, back to me being on the roof of my house.
It was a clear night in the city, the stars were shining brightly in the sky, and the street lights were also shining in the distance.
 I was wearing pajama shorts and a short sleeved shirt, along with my fuzzy light blue socks. I had my camera with me, and I was taking pictures of the night sky, every time I would look up the lights would shimmer and shine in my crystal blue orbs.
My parent’s coworkers say I have my mother’s looks, so that’s where I get my features from, but they also say I have my father’s personality.
I could stay here forever. I thought sighing happily, it was rare that I got some peace to take pictures in this house, between my mother wanted me to take pictures of her modeling her own dresses, and my father trying to scare me so I would drop my camera, in hopes of me taking an interest in science.
But I’m not easily scared, not that my father would know that.
My whole life it was mostly me and my mother. My father would always be at the lab, and when he did come home, he would have to give us vaccines so we wouldn’t get a sickness he could have brought home.
“Hello? Yes, I’ll be right there.”
 I heard from below me, I looked down and saw my father in is lab coat, and his briefcase.
My father started walking to his car, I know he goes to work early sometimes, so I thought nothing of it, that was until I looked at my watch.
2.24am It said, now that was weird, he never goes to work THAT early. So I crawled to the edge of the roof, and jumped in the bushes, I crouched down when my father looked behind him when he heard the rustle of the leaves, then I heard the car door shut, I slowly peeked up and saw he was in the car and starting to drive away, I got up and quickly got my bike, and rode a little behind my dad, close enough to see him, but not enough for him to see me.

Soon I arrived to the lab.
What is he doing? I thought then hid my bike and myself behind the bushes.
He looked around and walked inside the lab.
I shouldn’t, I really shouldn’t, but I must.
And with that thought in my head, I went inside the lab too, of course this was after I made sure my dad wasn’t around.
“Okay…now where is he?” I asked myself, I looked towards the elevator to see the numbers going down, then they stopped at thirteen.
Okay, floor thirteen…Isn’t that the floor where everyone who enters comes out insane?
Great, my dad’s going to be insane now.

Then I went down the stairs instead. What? You need to be careful.
Anyways, I went all the way down to floor thirteen, I really shouldn’t have run all the way down, I’m tired and out of breath!
I stopped at the door to get out of the stairwell, and saw my father look around once more before going through some double doors.
Well he’s paranoid.
Then I went out of the stairwell up to the double doors.
I slowly looked through the windows at the top and what I saw…Really surprised me.
Scientists everywhere! Chemicals everywhere! But what shocked me the most, was the fact there was a guy my age strapped to a table!
He had needles in him with wires connected to them, and scientists were around him holding clipboards.
They’re treating him like a lab rat!
Now any NORMAL person would run away screaming and crying for their mommy.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of doing that right now.
But me because the stupid person I am.
I wanted to be a “hero” and save that guy, so I did what anyone would do!
I went up to those doors, and kicked it open it open like a total BOSS! 
No, I fell flat on my face…BUT! I did it like a boss!
Now I would have been fine if no one noticed, but sadly, that is not what happened, everyone looked right at me, causing me to blush like crazy, I just looked like an idiot in front of a bunch of people.
“Hey! This floor is top secre-Allison?!” Dad yelled in shock of seeing me here, oh no.
“Hehe, hey dad?” I said standing up, everyone stopped talking, I have a very bad feeling about this.

Putting on a fake, creepy, smile, my dad slowly walked to me, and I stepped back every step he took.
“Allison, why don’t I show you a very special room?” Dad said in a sweet, nope, not even going to lie, that voice was creepy! It was like a murderer asking if you want to die from the big knife, or the REALLY big knife! So naturally I started to run.
“GET HER!” Dad yelled. Then next thing I know, a bunch of scientist are chasing me.
And that’s where things went wrong, I only ran for two minutes before they got a hold of me, they held my arms behind my back, and made me walk to my dad.
“What should we do with her sir?” One of them asked.
Oh god, please, please help me, please!
“Inject her with C8-7G.” He said, and my eyes widened, then they started dragging me away.
“What?! No! Dad! No please!” I begged with tears already in my eyes, I have no idea what that is! But I'm probably going to die.



But sadly, that’s not what happened, no, what happened is worse.

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