The Told

The telling of a boy, in a world of shadows.


1. Is it not just me

Blur, a blur. It’s red and bright too, everything else is dark. I can’t feel. It’s cold, (a sound.) It’s not pleasant. Wait a do feel, but just slightly. I’m fading, I see something approaching me, it’s slow. Am on the floor? There’s a light but it’s not white like you would expect it to be, it’s getting brighter. A-a-a b-body. It’s just hanging there. Chains, chains they are holding the body steady. It’s in a gliding position. It’s looking write at me, its eyes are wide open. It’s not moving, it hasn’t blinked, what’s it doing? I can’t seem to see the rest of its body, I see the outline but its eyes are clear. Why is it still looking at me? It’s starting to pissing me off. ‘HEY!’ (No sound) Wait my voice, why can’t I speak? Just now I didn’t make sound, (sudden rustling) wait did it just move? ‘HEY!’ ‘HEY!’ ‘HEY!’ (No sound) my body is paralyzed I can’t move it, it’s smiling at me, its teeth are so big, its scaring me, it won’t stop smiling, WAIT  its moving, its struggling, it looks like it trying to break free, WHY IS IT STILL SMILING? Something doesn’t seem write. I need to get up. I CAN’T. (The body struggling violently.) WHY is it still smiling! (The chains eco through the darkness.) ‘My head, my head GIVE IT BACK! Wait what? What’s it talking about? My head, what? UHHHHH. Blur, a blur. It’s red and bright too, everything else is dark. I can’t feel. MY BODY IS GONE.

Is it not just me

I stare out my classroom window with my hand supporting my head. its getting darker than usual. class ends. I head out the front gates of my school. "AAAAH" I freeze as i hear a scream, i make a swift turn. A figure stands at the roof of my school, i start to wonder if it is a student. It sounded like a girl. "WAIT DON'T MOVE" I sprint back inside there are no lights a can barley see anything. (every door in the corridor SLAMS open.) I step back as the slam had frightened me. "AAAHH" Again i herd a scream this time it sound as if it was right behind me, regardless i run up the stares leaping past a few steps. i make it to the roof. I'm exhausted. i see her standing right at the edge of the roof top. i approach her with caution, i grab her hand (it's warm) she grips my hand tightly. " you'r just a random" ( with confusion) " what? I don't get what you mean."

"you don't have to."

her left foot slowly rises, she slowly takes a step. " W-W-WAIT, WAIT,STOP!"

There was a slight pause.

We both drop.

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