Stockholm Syndrome||H.S

Heaven knows what made her fall for the boy in the back of the class. She was convinced she was only there for her studies. But then she saw him . and she had to have him. At this point NOTHING was gonna stop her from getting what she wanted..

©HazzasTeddyBear -2016♥


5. ||5.

sooommebodiess photoshopp is on fleeeeeekkk♥

But that's okay Harry I love your amazingly lumpy but abey body♥

We can pretend for this story :)

~||Dannie's P.O.V||~

Sleeping in late was out of the question, and it sucks we actually got the one condo with the big window in the front. We just had to be classy. I stretched my aching legs and back as I realized it was a bad idea to sleep on the leather couch and I should have slept on the floor. My mouth was tangy from morning breath as I lightly scrunched up my face after a loud yawn. I got off the couch to go check on Harry. I hope he actually woke up on a good side of the bed this morning, He doesn't have to be an ass hole all the time. I mean yeah, I may have kidnapped him and forcing him to stay, However, I let him sleep in my bed and I didn't keep him tied up in a basement . I even remembered his birthday. Can I please get a thankyou ?! 

I entered the wide hallway and walked over to my door with band posters all over it, I peeked through the crack to notice a tshirt on the bed, and nothing else. It took me a while to realize that it was probably my t-shirt and Harry. Is gone. BEAUTIFUL!! JUST WHAT THE FUCK I NEEDED! I panicked quickly and I acted fast, I checked the bathroom , the front yard, the kitchen, even the basement to see if he wen't back down. I even checked Brooklyn's room only to find her sleeping.

I was lost for words and strength. Why do you do this to yourself Danielle?! I knew this would backfire on me! But I did it anyway-- Suddenly I remembered we had a backyard as well. I walked towards the door and opened the blinds to see a shirtless Harry. Phew~ that was close. I slowly opened the door and he snapped his head towards me . He had a cigarette in his hand and smoked releasing from his mouth. I sighed a sigh of relief. "Uhm . Good morning?" He questioned my sigh

."Oh-Oh good morning . I was just uhh--" "Looking for me ? .. I just came to came to get a smoke" He mumbled. "Oh ... W-well I'm gonna go grab a shower" I told him , He nodded. I sighed walked into the house and shutting the door behind me. Damn. I almost thought I lost him , Now I need to go take an hour shower and thinking about how my heart almost exploded .

~||Harry's P.O.V||~

I heard the shower start from inside her room. I had to admit her room was pretty cool with the lights and everything. I pulled my shirt back on and sat on the bed to put my socks and shoes back on. "Ohh Dannie I was wondering if you and Harry wanna go to the mall with me-- Oh Hey Harry" I met eyes with what had to be this Brooklyn girl the girl keeps mentioning. Its sad I don't know the girls name , but I rather not know, since I'm planning to leave anyway. "Uh Hi" I waved slightly. "Um. Dannie is in the shower and I was leaving I was wondering if you wanna come with ?" She smiled . "With where?" I questioned . "To the Mall silly I need to shop for a date ..Don't worry Dannie trusts me not to let her little boy toy get away" She laughed walking away. Boy Toy? I got up from the bed and grabbed my phone. I walked out the room following her out the door. At least I can have time to breath without 'Dannie' in my face. 


I left Brooklyn to go shop for her date as I went to a different store to find a shirt. for some reason my shirt smelled like girls and I wasn't fond of the scent of flowers and powder as much. I finally picked out a shirt and I turned my back to notice a familiar face, It was Niall . Niall! I needed to tell him what happened so he can take me home and call the police on that girl. I tried to call him earlier and he wasn't answering , probably sleeping "Niall" I called . He looked up with a smile "Hey Harry" He walked over. "How yah been dude?" He asked .

"Fine I've been trying to call you " I said. "Oh , about that I left my phone in the club last night, I'm gonna have to get a new one" He sighed. ".. You went to the club yesterday?" I questioned . "Duh it was Liam's annual Late new years party . You always miss it " He chuckled . I chuckled back "Well yeah because yesterday is a special day remember ?" He said . He looked at me confused "What? .. I'm lost " . Now I was confused . "You don't remember the day before yesterday when I stormed out--" "Of course that was pretty rude you know , after all that money we spent on cake and you didn't even say thank you for your .. OH SHIT YOUR BIRTHDAY !!!. " He yelled .

My heart was shattered . My best friends.. my own best friends forgot my birthday to go to a party that doesn't even make sense. "You guys didn't even bother calling me, knocking on my door maybe , you guys didn't even wonder where I was at did you ?" I shook my head . He stuttered over his words. "W-Well maybe we thought you wanted time to yourself--" "You're lying ... I can't believe you .. Well since you didn't care I was being held  captive the other night .. but that person had enough respect for me to say happy birthday instead of HAPPY LATE FUCKING NEW YEAR!!" I yelled throwing the shirt at him before walking out.

"Harry I didn't mean to forget..." His voice faded as I disappeared from the store . I sat on the bench close to the door we came out of to wait for Brooklyn . and here she came "Harry! " She yelled running towards me. "Harry I was looking for you , I almost wanted to panic Dannie would've kicked my ass if I lost you .. What wrong you look upset " She looked at my face.

I did nothing but shook my head and she let it go "Well okay .. Want take out . I don't feel like cooking tonight and I'm pretty sure you got the memo Dannie can't cook.... I know she's kinda trying to hold you captive in a way ,but I promise she means well she just wants you to get to know her for her yah know" She smiles. I smiled slightly before frowning again as she motioned me along back to the car. Someone has never been this excited to get to know me before.

and with the fake friends I have laying around I'd never get a feeling like this,

a feeling that I'm wanted. 

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