Stockholm Syndrome||H.S

Heaven knows what made her fall for the boy in the back of the class. She was convinced she was only there for her studies. But then she saw him . and she had to have him. At this point NOTHING was gonna stop her from getting what she wanted..

©HazzasTeddyBear -2016♥


4. ||4.


~||Dannie's P.O.V||~

So I untied Harry and we left for the store. It takes about a half hour to get to the store from here going the back way, and it was only 30 minutes of silence into the drive. Occasionally I would glance over at him who was just starring out the window with the smug look he always has on his face. I know it probably wasn't the correct time to talk considering I just kinda kidnapped him and forcing him to stay but, I thought maybe it could be okay to start a conversation. "So uh.. So today is your birthday .. Happy Birthday " I smiled brightly letting him know that I actually cared.

"Thanks.." He mumbled not taking his eyes off of whatever was catching his attention. because it definitely wasn't me. At this time, someone in their right mind would have probably stopped talking,but not me. "You know you don't seem to enthused about your birthday..I um .. Couldn't help but hear you talk to yourself downstairs and . the way you stormed out of your own surprise party last night" I said. I thought he wasn't gonna answer me but he did.

"You wouldn't understand .. " He shook his head then beginning to look at his feet. "Well maybe I would if you told me .. " I shyly answered him . He looked at me, and I chickened out and turned away. He chuckled " Its simple I.. I just hate growing up I .. You know I don't even know whats the use of explaining it to you. I don't know you" He turned away.

"Is it because.. Nobody really cares ..or maybe your scared of what the future will bring?" I know I said the right answers, because I knew him, I knew who exactly Harry Styles was. He chuckled a little "That's crazy .. What have you been stalking me in my dorm as well?" He said . I began to blush lightly.

No, I would never invade his privacy like that which made me feel embarrassed because all he knows me for is following him.

I kept quiet and he wasn't saying anything back after that , but he eventually spoke again, without me saying anything first. "Nobody really cared about my birthday or anything I did, I was the social outcast in Secondary School and I was bullied ... and my mom was so focused on my sister she didn't really have time for me , and I felt once I finally moved away to college she didn't have to focus on me anymore .. and that's what I did" He sighed , He unfolded his arms and cuffed him in his lap.

"Nobody really cares here either so , congrats...It must hurt to know you're stalking a low life " He chuckled lightly before turning away once again. and this time I let the silence remain. As much as it hurt me to hear him constantly call me a stalker , But I ignored it as much as possible


I got a few things from the store that I thought we needed since I forgot to look through the cabinets . Harry stayed in the car and I was so paranoid that he was gonna run away. I know sooner rather than later I would have to let him go because school lets back in soon. Reason why is because of the reconstruction of many of the classrooms that leave the dorms and the football field the only things available. Us students are left to do most of our work on computers with online tutors which sucks, but at least I get a chance to be at home and let Harry get to know me as much as I can before time runs out. Of course he has yet to know what my plan is or what I am trying to do because he's so stuck on me being his stalker, But I made a promise to myself that I wasn't gonna settle for anybody but him.

We returned home and I proceeded to put the groceries up and Harry sat in the living room in front of the blank T.V. Once I finished putting the groceries up I walked into the living room to sit with him. He looked at me and I looked at him. I didn't know what to say to him, I didn't wanna say anything that brung up the fact that I did stalk him. "Uh.. So ..are you hungry, I can order take out or pizza" I asked him. "Didn't you just go to the store? for things to cook?" He questioned me back . "U-Uh yeah but um, Brooklyn isn't gonna be home for another couple hours --" "Wait wait .. you can't cook can you ?" He stopped me, My eyes grew twice its size and I blushed harshly. He began to laugh , which was the first time he actually smiled. "So what I can't cook it's not like your any better" I scoffed folding my arms. He looked at me with a smirk "Oh yeah?" he questioned. My lips grew into a small smile as he then spoke "Let me show you"


Chicken and dumplings, my favorite meal ever. Normally I would say that Brooklyn made the best chicken and dumplings but hers were never homemade no matter if she tried to trick me or not. As I focused on eating the food in front of me Harry seemed too interested of how all of the sudden hungry I was. "So how is it ?" He asked with a laugh. "Its amazing .. I didn't know you could cook " I blushed looking down at my food that was barely there any more. "Well.. now you know " He said .

I looked up at him to see a small and meaningful smile on his face. and my mood brightened up. That smile was .. a special thing to me. "Maybe you could teach me sometime.. " I added. He nodded slightly before getting up. "Well um . I'm kinda tired um --" "You don't have to sleep in the basement You can.. You can sleep in my room ..and I'll sleep on the couch " I stood up in front of him. "Normally the captor wouldn't let the victim sleep in their bed " He folded his arms . and he was right "Yeah true .. however, I wouldn't want you to think of yourself as my victim, but my guest " I said and immediately regretted it but he took what I said with a nod . He turned around and walked away to find the room himself without my help.

With my face turned red I did as promised and went to the couch laying out the many relaxing blankets me and Brooklyn keep around. I took off my sweater I had and my shoes and socks and just before I laid down I walked towards my room and opened the crack in my door a little more to find Harry fast asleep. He was quick with it but I understood, the basement wasn't comfortable enough.



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