Stockholm Syndrome||H.S

Heaven knows what made her fall for the boy in the back of the class. She was convinced she was only there for her studies. But then she saw him . and she had to have him. At this point NOTHING was gonna stop her from getting what she wanted..

©HazzasTeddyBear -2016♥


3. ||3.

~||Dannie's P.O.V||~

Why is it so cold? where the hell am I? 

I almost forgot I slept on the basement floor after I got in last night. I rose up from my rolled up leather jacket that protected my face from the stone floor. I tried to get up but I failed feeling the pain reach from my legs to my lower back. I remembered I had the hardest time carrying Harry down here. "mmmm" I heard. It sounded like someone was trying to say something. Oh shit harry! I got up from the floor and rushed over to harry who I managed to tie up without waking .

I turned over his body to hear is struggling to scream get louder. I ripped the piece of tape off his face getting a short and high pitched scream from him. "Ahhh" He yelled pulling his face up to his knees in a crunching position. You have to have rock hard abs to do that . "Uhm .. A-Are you okay ?" I touched his shoulder , He looked at me. Oh my god Harry styles is looking at me. "Who are you? Where have you taken me ?" He asked sternly . I slowly took my hand off his shoulder "Uh .. I-I..I'm Danielle--" "Wait ..." He said . "You're that girl from last night !" He shouted , my eyes grew wide , I thought he wouldn't remember "You're that girl who hit me in the face with a fucking crowbar ... You're that girl who's always following me at school!!" His voice raised .

"I swear to god I have never felt so stupid before ! Just wait until you let me go I'm gonna make sure you spend the rest of your fucking life in jail !!--" No No please--" "Dannieee!!" Oh shit its Brooklyn . "And who the hell is that --" I dove to cover his mouth "Keep your voice down " I said . "Danielle are you home?" Brooklyn called again . I had to respond quick before she came down here "Just a second " I called back . I uncovered Harry's mouth and looked at him "Look promise you'll be quiet while I talk to her she can't know you're down here " I said to him . "Will you untie me ?" He asked . "Danniee!!" Brookyn shouted . Why was she so fucking impatient .

"Yes hold on" I said to him before running up the stairs . I shut the door behind me before turning to Brooklyn who was looking through the fridge with a white robe on . "Dannie did you go grocery shopping ?" She asked . "Um . no I completely forgot " I sighed hitting myself lightly in the forehead . "I know its hard to get back in the routine since we moved further away from campus , but mama is hungers !" She whined. "Same . I'll go shopping in a second " I said. She's right . Since we became roommates we always wanted to move out of the dorms and have our own place and since all of the apartments close to campus were full , we had no choice but to move into a condo 2 hours away. We are lucky enough to not get kicked out for this and we are just on the boundary of not being able to attend university there , but we we are the absolute lucky ones.

I was about to turn to go back into the basement until I heard "Alright babe I gotta go or else my boss'll kick my ass " A male voice said . I turned back to see that guy from last night come into the kitchen pulling his shirt over his body , He kisses Brooklyn with a smile "No worries .. thanks for staying with me" She smiled . "No worries . I definitely will be calling you later " He said to her . he looked at me and smiled "Later" he said before leaving .

Noo way Brooklyn!" I shouted. "Whaat !? he lives towards this way . Besides his friends had left and he had no way to get home" She shrugged "And you didn't tell me you had a quickie with a random man ?!" I scoffed . "Trust me it wasn't a quickie . It was the best 3 hours of my life , we're both single and looking . I have a good feeling about him " She says "You know I tell you everything , why didn't you tell me this ?" I questioned her . "Well I would've told you if I knew where the hell you ran off to " She threw her hands in the air .

Riight about that .. "Umm.." I trailed off . "And what the hell is in the basement?" I knew she was gonna ask that . "I was getting to that .... Okay Brooklyn I'll say .. but pleaaseee  don't get mad at me " I cried out to her . She gave me the look for me to continue . "Harry was at the bar last night . sooo I may or may not have followed him out and when he saw me , I hit him in the head with a crowbar ,stole his car , stuffed him in the trunk of his car and brought him here . I tied him up in the basement and I wasn't gonna tell youuu but then you asked " I said not taking any breaths

Her face read surprised and I already knew what she was gonna say "You're tell me .. that that Harry boy you like is in our basement right now held against his will ? .. Danielle are you crazy--" "See this is why I didn't wanna say anything . You're gonna judge me ? call me a creep ? Look I know what I'm doing is pretty bad but For once I just want him to talk to me , and get to know me as much as I know him .. I want my dreams to be a reality , because I know this could work "I explained . Every word I spoke was the god giving truth and she knew it .

She sighed "Alright Danielle .. You're secret is mine but I have nothing to do with this " She said sternly "But you're keeping my secret " I said with a smirk "Ugh . I hate you dannie!" She smiled walking away . "Love you too Brookie-bear" I yelled back before going back downstairs. I probably kept Harry waiting longer than I should have , but I'm sure he'll understand. I was almost down the steps when I heard his voice. I heard him talking to someone , and was crying. and once again he mentions someone named Zayn.

"You're lying if you're telling me everything is okay !. First they throw this stupid surprise party for me knowing I hate surprise parties, nobody even bothered to call me and tell me happy birthday! and to put the icing on my shitty piece of cake I'm stuck in the basement of this weird girls house and nobody even bothered to ask where I was .. Lets just face it Zayn .. Nobody cares as much as they say they do , nobody listens to me .. and I hope I die in this fucking basement because this is where I'll be for the rest of my fucking life i'm never going back " He said before bursting into tears .

I looked passed the fact that he said I was weird and went back to what he said about nobody caring about him . I care about him . I mean .. he doesn't know that but .. This is the whole reason I put him in my basement. I know it sounds bad but . I just want him to get to know me , the non stalker-ish side of me of course . I continued to walk down the stairs "Harry .. " I said and he looked up from his hands that still remained tied together.

"Are you okay ?"I asked . "I'm fine .. w-why wouldn't I be?" He wiped his eyes quickly as if he wasn't crying .but I just ignored it . "Okay . well .. I need to go to the store for the house , maybe you could come with me , Brooklyn is about to leave for work soon , maybe you'd want some company " I smiled . "No thanks .. " He mumbled . My smile kinda took another direction but I simply nodded , "Oh okay .."  I mumbled back . "I was about to go upstairs to leave until he stopped me "You're not gonna untie me?!" He yelled.

"If I untie you you're gonna run away .. then you'll never get to actually meet me .. you wouldn't understand " I shook my head . He sighed . "I promise I won't run away or anything .. just untie me . My ass hurts, I'm cold , I really need to charge my phone " He said . "but if you charge your phone you'll call someone --" "At least let me smoke a damn cigarette !" He shouted.

I was startled by his voice that I jumped .

He sighed "I'll go to the store with you okay ? .. just untie me please it smells weird down here " He finally said . I wasn't arguing back to get him to go to the store with me , but I'm glad it worked . 

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