Stockholm Syndrome||H.S

Heaven knows what made her fall for the boy in the back of the class. She was convinced she was only there for her studies. But then she saw him . and she had to have him. At this point NOTHING was gonna stop her from getting what she wanted..

©HazzasTeddyBear -2016♥


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||The following story may contain very graphic sex scenes and other things that put you in a trans of imagination, This also contains so much scenes that may give you  emotional stress that your head might explode  . If you cannot handle it or you have heart problems I suggest you click away right now . Also if your one of those people who are MAD that the characters I add ie. One direction are doing things that would never do such as rape , Beating on a girl , or smoking , gang banging (though this story contains none of the sort )  ITS A FAN FICTION ACT STOP ACTING LIKE A FUCKING BABY! ||


~||Dannie's P.O.V||~


There he was. Harry Edward Styles. I should know him by his long legs and his everyday beanie when he would go out to play footie with his friends , I mean I've been watching him for almost a year now and he hasn't got even the slightest Idea about it .. or about me. I wish he would just ask my name , I knew exactly what I was gonna say . I'm Danielle, I'm your future wife DUH!. Okay maybe that's a bit stalker like, But we have all of the same classes , we major in the same thing.

I can tell we're both just as passionate about it so why won't he just talk to me? But it's not like my mom is expecting me to bring home a new Beau after only one year in University anyway. She didn't even wanna send me here "How about that nice community college Danielle , close to home" She would always say to me , yet I had my mind on the actual college experience with parties and young faces like me. I promised her that I would focus on school and only school which she couldn't resist but to pay off my tuition for me to be here. and I would HATE to tell her that my grades have been slipping because I've been waiting and planning for this day. To get what I've wanted for almost a year. 

About 30 minutes later after they played their scrimmage of course they would go back into the locker room to talk about their friday night plans and like loose thread hanging off Harry's shoulder I followed . I would climb on top of the roof of the locker room. I take the metal cover that protected the ducts and I would climb inside and right though the first vent I seen all the boys and Harry , This was the first place I ever got to see him up close . and he was beautiful. He quiets the group down and proceeds with what he was gonna say . With my notepad and pen I wasn't gonna miss it . 

"So I was thinking maybe we could hit up that new bar down the street from campus "Harry suggested . "Of course bro . I mean it is your birthday tomorrow " His loopy friend Niall shouted patting his back and the others followed . "Guyss it's not that serious .. Its only 22 .. " Harry shrugs . How could he say that about his own birthday. I'm thankful of whoever birthed him . "Don't say that man .. You're only gonna get older , You can only be 22 once lets make this night , the best night of your life " His other friend Liam says . He sighs "Alright alright . lets do it " He cheers and the others cheer back . I made sure wrote everyone bit of this down  before I climbed out of the air duct and placed the cover back on . I climbed down with a big smile on my face . Now to tell Brooklyn about the plans as well . 


~||Harry's P.O.V||~

When I walked into my dorm the only thing I could sense was peace and quiet . The guys were right , 22 comes once in a life time. But nobody gets why its so hard for me to grow up. Growing up with nobody who wont even acknowledge my coming of age , and a nervous feeling that I'm gonna grow up and become my father. He was in a gang and was barely ever home .

So many time we had to visit the hospital and I didn't know why , come to find out it was my dad laying in the hospital because because of a shot wound to the arm or even to the face where he could have died. My mom would always force me to do something good with my life , she forced me to go to college and major in something I hate just so I wont end up like him who I felt was coming after me once I was old enough . That's any day now .

 Therefore I struggle with the fact of growing up , and nobody understands me not even my friends , But I knew someone who did "Zayn .. Zayn I need to talk" I called quietly to the whisking air coming out of my open window . I closed my eyes waiting for the answer

"Harry .. " I finally heard back . "Zayn" I sighed "Finally what took you so long ?" I shouted at him . "Well sooorrry . A dead man can't chill once in a while " He scoffed . I chuckled softly . The silence between me and him quickened and he knew exactly what was going on. "I know your birthday tomorrow... You don't have to be so scared you were scared last year , and the year before that " He rolls his eyes . "I know but my dad could be coming around anytime soon now .. my number has been the same since the day he left what if he asked me to join him --" "Then say no don't be a dumb ass ... I'm an example of a dumb ass alright ? . I knew I was stupid to think that the gang life was for me . and look where I am ."   He explained "Don't do what I did .. God literally knows that If I could take this back to be with my best friend who's struggling right now about this I would .. But I'm only able to give you advice .. I'm sorry "  He apologized . " .. Don't apologize .. it wasn't your fault " I mumbled . When I sit here by myself I always talk to Zayn . and Zayn knew me better than anyone and nobody ever understood our relationship, and when he left me and the guys it had to be the worst day of my life. But trust me I'll never forget how he was always real with whatever he said. And nobody has said it clearer today when for the fourth time he says  

"Enjoy your day Haz .. You're only 22 once "





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