Four different people from different times. One deadly connection...

The war of a thousand years has been announced. Gods of all religions are ready. The Horges might lose...unless they find the SECRET. A story about the corrupt society showing how selfish the "supposed" Gods are too. Only one thing can avoid the war...


1. A very brief prologue indeed

Whilst  my countless journeys I have learnt the commonest fate that all beings suffer. It is a rather peculiar fate (or state). On one hand it grants freedom to all beings from misery and pain. But what worth is any freedom if unable to be cherished at all. The higher forms of life argue amongst themselves whether this fate/state is either a blessing in disguise or a curse. The fate/state is commoner than cancer, injuries or even sleep! The state(or fate) is widely known to the sapiens as Death!

Now I do not die (benefits of immortality) so I do not know much in the matter of Death. Death however plays an important role in this ‘Thing’. I would not fancy classifying these thick pages as what you widely call a “Book”. Well sorry this is not a book because it is not capable of fitting into any genres your “Books” are divided into. Or from a certain perspective this can be called a book for the ‘Thing’ can best fit into the genre of non-fiction. The concept of non-fiction is very intriguing and gripping but does not remain so anymore courtesy the myths and fantasies which have been placed into this genre. The ‘non-fictitious’ books are true to an extent but there are many false facts and hypothesis which ruins the fundamental meaning of non-fiction. It would be a shame to place the ‘Thing’ in this genre courtesy the other books ( no offence but truth is bitter). These words my readers are facts. There is not one false word or any incorrect fact.

The first edition of the ‘Thing’ may not be liked  by many and its true meaning would not be understood...yet. My journeys and experiences date back to the Big Bang till the extinction of the Universe(do not worry it is far away). Every incident, every fact I present in the ‘Thing’ may seem unconnected. The deadly connection however cannot be disclosed so soon. It is a game of chess which dates back thousands of years till the present. All the dots and pieces of the puzzle will  make sense in due course as they will connect soon. This is a brief (very brief indeed) summary of my most important journeys. Through these several billion years I have learnt that no amount of knowledge can satisfy the sapiens and no one can master any specific field connected to the game of life. I myself realized (I wish I hadn’t) that I hold no greater a position than that of a pawn in this grand game of chess. No words can satisfy the title of the “Thing”. But the closest word I can refer to is


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